Wizards Hints at Standard Changes Early Next Week • MTG Arena Zone


Wizards of the Coast has made an announcement the place they state that they’re going to replace the format early subsequent week. The seemingly suspect is simply an Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath ban, which gamers have been pushing for for months, so keep tuned and discover out! Other potentialities are Omnath, Locus of Creation or Lotus Cobra, however these being a lot newer playing cards of a set individuals are nonetheless opening, that appears a lot much less seemingly.

Be certain to take a look at our first snapshot of the Standard metagame, heading into the ban announcement subsequent week:

Although one deck is dominating the format proper now, a band-aid resolution might pose additional issues down the road with different highly effective playing cards nonetheless lurking round. This means playing cards like Embercleave and Winota might be potential ban targets too.

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