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(Imoti, Celebrant of Bounty | Art by Ekatarina Burmak)

Hello, and welcome again to a different version of Ultra Budget Brews, the article collection that builds total Commander decks containing no card that prices greater than $1 (commander excluded). It’s additionally the article collection that’s been doing this for 4 years, apparently. Things have modified quite a bit since that first Borborygmos Enraged deck, and I simply wished to take a second to thank all of you for studying and interacting. Life has positively had its ups and downs over the previous 4 years, and it’s been enjoyable having one thing I get pleasure from to pour power and creativity in to. Thanks for protecting me round.

Last time, I requested you to vote for what you’d prefer to to see this month, and that is what you all gave me.

I suppose I’ll have to save lots of my “Ol’ MayaelDonald had a Farm” deck for one more time. Alas.

Also, I’m shocked that that is solely the second time I’ll be writing about an unusual commander, the primary time being only a couple of months in the past when Dargo and Keskit had me all scorching and bothered. It’s virtually like Commander Legends has a plethora of unbelievable playing cards to fiddle with. Who knew?

Our Commander


  • Simic colours are absurdly highly effective
  • Native Cascade is absurdly highly effective
  • Giving different large spells Cascade is absurdly highly effective
  • Naga Druids are… absurd?


  • Dies to the lightest of breezes
  • Encourages a deck full of six-CMC-and-up monstrosities
  • Recasting it a number of instances will get costly in a rush
  • Simic colours might draw the desk’s ire, leading to us getting focused early and sometimes

The greatest deckbuilding problem Imoti presents is balancing payoffs (playing cards with mana worth 6 or extra) whereas nonetheless having a deck that’s capable of forged spells earlier than being unceremoniously booted from the sport by the aggro participant who actually wished that final piece of pizza you simply took. Thankfully, as we’ll see, our shade id provides us entry to the instruments essential to unexpectedly ramp us in to the mid-late sport. Let’s check out our deck!

Our Deck

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Total value (TCGPlayer): $28.02

You may need seen that there have been 101 playing cards within the deck. This is a mistake that has occurred a handful of instances on account of some last-minute deck modifying on my half, however this time, it’s intentional. We’re enjoying old school Companion deck! (Side word: can Companion be thought-about “old-fashioned”? It got here out final yr, however that seems like 5 years in the past, so I’m ruling that sure, Companion is, the truth is, “old-fashioned”)

Our commander is already encouraging us to construct with a a lot increased than regular curve, so why not likely lean into that? As anybody within the Midwest/different snowy hellscapes would let you know, if you happen to lose management of your car, the perfect factor you are able to do is steer into the skid, and that’s exactly what we’re aiming for right here. So, welcome to the workforce, Keruga, the Macrosage! May you carry us endless joyful Hippo power and draw us fistfuls of playing cards.

Happy Hippo - Animal Gifs - gifs - funny animals - funny gifs

If you take a look at the common CMC of our deck, we’re sitting at a gargantuan 4.87. Given that, in response to the EDHRECast‘s behind-the-scenes data, the average CMC of EDH decks nowadays is right around 3.1, it’s protected to say our deck is just constructed otherwise than most. Honestly, if somebody have been to method me and ask me about ideas to enhance their deck and their common CMC is 4.87, I’d take a look at them within the face, take a deep breath, and deal with them respectfully and assist out as finest as I might. Did you assume I used to be going to say I’d look them within the face and snicker? I’m not a monster, you monsters.

4.87 CMC? Do You Actually Intend to Cast Any Spells Before You Die?

The 4.87 CMC is a bit misleading. We included quite a bit of playing cards that both have alternate casting prices or methods to cut back their value. For alternate casting prices, we’re enjoying playing cards with Evoke, Suspend, and Adventure. All of these look far more costly than they really are. Beanstalk Giant prices seven mana, however not earlier than we’ve forged it for simply three to assist us ramp into our different big beaters. Search for Tomorrow prices three mana, however we’re hoping to Suspend it for only a single pip. Aethersnipe is a six-mana card, however we will forged it for 3 in a pinch.

Cards with innate methods to cut back their value are very highly effective usually, however much more so on this deck. The finest instance of this are playing cards with Delve. Treasure Cruise, Become Immense, and Rite of Undoing will virtually by no means be forged for full value, however any playing cards that care about CMC/mana worth will nonetheless learn no matter is acknowledged on the cardboard, regardless of how a lot or how little mana was really paid for it. Into the Story is yet one more instance. We’re virtually by no means casting that for full value, however it’s going to rely as a seven-cost spell.

We’re additionally working a quantity of playing cards that cut back prices in a extra generic means. Kefnet’s Monument and Rhonas’s Monument make their respective shade of creatures cheaper and in addition give us a small reward for casting them. Thryx, the Sudden Storm has flash and makes many of our spells cheaper and uncounterable. Krosan Drover does one thing related, buying and selling uncounterability to as a substitute make our giant creatures even cheaper.

Assorted Tricks and Shenanigans

Our deck additionally features a quantity of methods to forged spells with out paying their mana value. The easiest way now we have of doing that is the bevy of Cascade playing cards we included within the deck. Annoyed Altisaur in all probability solely makes the minimize in additional informal Dinosaur decks, however it’s an ideal match right here. Maelstrom Colossus is large and dumb, however it (hopefully) brings one other equally large and dumb card together with it. Sweet-Gum Recluse has Flash and Cascade and it makes all the things that entered the battlefield larger. Natural Reclamation is overpriced elimination, however has the profit of Cascading in to one thing else as effectively.

We’ve additionally included playing cards to do the fundamental issues that each EDH deck wants to have the ability to do. We are a bit lighter on elimination than I would love, however we’ve included Meteor Golem, Terastodon, and Scourge of Fleets to offer us outs.

Green as entry to a lot of nice ramp playing cards, and we’re enjoying fairly just a few of them, together with the same old crowd (Cultivate, Circuitous Route, Wood Elves) in addition to some playing cards that don’t see as a lot love (Spring, Search for Tomorrow, Omen of the Hunt). Normally, decks with inexperienced don’t dip a lot into artifact ramp, however I made a decision to right here since we needed to forgo all of the same old two-mana ramp that we’d usually play. Besides, we’d like all of the ramp we will get.

Notable Inclusions

Release to the Wind

This is an odd card that can be utilized a quantity of other ways. The commonest use case for it will to be to make use of it to save lots of one thing of ours from elimination, recasting it the following time it appears advantageous. This can be utilized to get one other use out of Cascade triggers or enters-the-battlefield triggers. It may even be used as a strategy to quickly get rid of pesky nonland everlasting underneath an opponent’s management, or to get one thing again of ours that was stolen. This was bulk till only in the near past, so get it earlier than later.

Aminatou’s Augury

A massively splashy spell, this card’s CMC is sort of excessive, which our deck loves. It additionally permits us to forged playing cards with out paying their mana value. If we handle to hit three of the kinds with this card, we’ll have gotten our price out of it. It’s even ramp in blue! Wizards, why do you insist upon breaking the colour pie? Leave inexperienced somefactor! Green clearly wants all the assistance it might probably get!

Omen Machine

This is essentially the most contentious inclusion on this listing, as some playgroups won’t admire what this card does to a sport. In this deck, it makes quite a bit of sense, as we’re usually solely planning on casting one spell with our precise mana on a flip. Players might not be capable to draw playing cards, however they will nonetheless forged playing cards from their hand, so whereas it’s not what I’d name pleasant, it’s additionally nowhere close to one thing like Winter Orb or Knowledge Pool.

Dawnglade Regent

Players are sleeping on this card as a result of of its excessive CMC, however its excessive CMC is what will get it included right here. Monarch could also be my favourite mechanic of all time as a result of of the impact it has on the sport general. Players don’t like attacking to only do harm; they want a carrot, and Monarch supplies that. If we handle to carry on to the Monarch, we’re rewarded by all of our permanents gaining hexproof. Show your playgroup precisely how highly effective this card is.

Chaos Wand

A longtime favourite of this collection, Chaos Wand permits us to freely forged one thing off the highest of a goal opponent’s library. Will it’s helpful? Who is aware of! Will it’s enjoyable? Certainly. If now we have Imoti out and we occur to hit one thing that prices six or extra, we even get to Cascade! It’s worth time, y’all.

Notable Exclusions

As at all times, these are the playing cards I’d look so as to add to the deck if I have been unconcerned with adhering to a strict finances, wished to up the facility stage of the deck, or if I merely had quick access to a replica.

Dig Through Time

By the time that is printed, this will really be a $1 because of its reprinting in Commander 2021, and whether it is, get a replica earlier than it goes again up. Like Treasure Cruise, it will virtually by no means value us the precise eight within the top-right nook, as a result of Delve‘s got our back in the good times and the bad, just like it promised in the vows we made to each other during Khans block. It’s okay; I’m not right here to evaluate. This is an instant-speed strategy to decide the perfect two playing cards from the highest seven of our library. What extra might you need?

Flood of Tears


Bouncing all the things is sweet. Playing one thing enormous and scary at no cost is even higher. Wizards, if you happen to’re studying this, and of course you might be, I don’t care about fetchlands, I simply need Coastal Breach, River’s Rebuke and Flood of Tears to be low-cost. That’s not an excessive amount of to ask, is it?

P.S. Yes we’re enjoying Whelming Wave on this deck. No, we’re not joyful about it.

Apex Devastator

I’ve written a brief haiku to explain my emotions about this card. Ahem:

Truest love is that this

Huge Chimera Cascade Cas

Cade Cascade Cascade

Ghalta, Primal Hunger

If I needed to sum this deck’s theme up in a sentence, it could be “Play large cards for less than large costs.” Ghalta matches proper in with that plan. If you’ve performed EDH for lengthy, you’ve in all probability had your face turned in to a pleasant, easy paste by this thicc dino. Next sport night time, present up with this and simply ranch the one who launched you to Ghalta with a Ghalta of your personal.

Primeval Protector

The +1/+1 counters are unlikely to matter a lot on this deck, however a 10/10 for a handful of mana is sweet, clear Timmy & Tammy enjoyable, and casting this with Imoti out can also be good clear Timmy & Tammy enjoyable. Shocking, I do know! Think of this as a far, far easier-to-cast Gigantosaurus. If casting Gigantosaurus appears like a enjoyable time, Primeval Protector will in all probability get you fired up as effectively.

End Step

What do you assume of the deck? Is the common CMC too excessive? Would you drop Keruga to play extra low-cost spells? Do you’re keen on Cascade? Let me know under. I’ll be again with one other deck subsequent month, however after that, because of some adjustments in my private life, I’ll doubtless be on a bit of a break for just a few months, although I’m hoping to get just a few issues written forward of time. As at all times, thanks for studying! Until subsequent time!

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