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(Manalith | Art by Ryan Yee)

Welcome to Too-Specific Top 10, the place if there isn’t a class to rank our pet card on the high of, we’ll simply make one up! (Did you understand that Replicating Ring is the one mana rock with a transformed mana value of three that may make extra mana rocks that aren’t technically copies of itself?)

In an ever-growing world of EDH optimization, there have been a whole lot of casualties. Seven-mana monstrosities the world over have been taking successful for years, sorcery-speed elimination with upside has been left behind for extra of the identical environment friendly instant-speed solutions you’ll see in Standard or Modern, and basically any card that isn’t an engine or doesn’t have an instantaneous influence is a no-go. Perhaps no card archetype, although, has been as exhausting hit by this energy dash as the straightforward Manalith.

Don’t get me unsuitable. You shouldn’t be taking part in the cardboard Manalith, even on the lowest of energy ranges. There are higher finances choices in actually each course which have extra upside for a similar mana value. But what in regards to the different mana rocks that value three? Sure, there are nonetheless some that see various play, like Worn Powerstone, or the infinite mana machine that’s Basalt Monolith. But there was a spot in nearly each Commander deck for a three-color mana rock that might repair your entire colours and ramp you, suddenly, and that spot isn’t there anymore.

Top 10 Manaliths

All proper then, we’ve established our journey down reminiscence lane. Or have we? What precisely is a Manalith?

As beforehand said, a Manalith shouldn’t simply make mana, it ought to give you entry to colours of mana you don’t already essentially have, as effectively. This instantly reductions playing cards like Pristine Talisman, which solely present colorless mana, and Midnight Clock, which requires a colour of mana to then get the identical colour of mana. That simply leaves the mana rocks which have a longtime colour from the get-go, like Izzet Locket or Savai Crystal. While these can technically repair your mana for you, I nonetheless don’t assume that they “feel” like a Manalith. A Manalith ought to let you’ve got entry to any colour of mana you select, even when that’s simply you actually selecting a colour because it enters the battlefield.

I do, nevertheless, assume that established mana rocks are high-quality playing cards that deserve extra respect. So right here, have a bonus high ten!

Top 10 “Established” Color Mana Rocks With Three CMC

  1. Izzet Locket
  2. Midnight Clock
  3. Dimir Locket
  4. Rakdos Locket
  5. Azorius Locket
  6. Boros Locket
  7. Orzhov Locket
  8. Izzet Cluestone
  9. Boros Cluestone
  10. Dimir Cluestone

Okay, you caught me. I don’t really assume that the assorted Lockets, Cluestones, Obelisks, and Keyrunes of the world aren’t “Manaliths”, I simply didn’t desire a high ten checklist that was half made up of varied Lockets.

Criteria: Artifacts that may create any or a selected colour of mana that even have a transformed mana value of precisely 3. As is custom, all outcomes are ordered by EDHREC rating.

10. Cultivator’s Caravan

(4,327 Inclusions, 1% of 461,157 Decks)

Hi. I’m Doug, and I’m a Brawloholic.

Not at the moment’s Arena Brawl, thoughts you. No, I acquired began with Brawl again when it was really performed as a multiplayer format. Made some gameplay movies that by no means really acquired onto the web, a series of “Brawl Staples” lists on the r/mtgbrawl subreddit, and am at the moment stubbornly making a full cycle of Historic Brawl “Precons” to attempt to introduce of us to the facet of the sport that isn’t simply grinding in opposition to the identical three Omnath decks over and over.

So after I say I’m shocked to see Cultivator’s Caravan on this checklist, know that I say it as somebody who remembers fondly sliding it into each attainable multicolor Brawl deck. I’m absolutely conscious how nice it feels to swing in for related fight harm with a mana rock, or to shock block with it when individuals neglect that it has one other mode apart from tapping for one. With that stated, I’ve solely ever managed to really embrace it in a single Commander deck, ever, the place it acquired reduce a few yr later (Ghalta, for those wondering). Much as I really like the cardboard, it’s simply actually exhausting to discover a slot for it. Crew 3 is a heck of so much, and makes it clunky sufficient that it’s usually extra of a Manalith than a Vehicle, usually while you want the latter most. Still, it’s gotta be a slam-dunk in a Vehicle deck, proper?

9. Skyclave Relic

(4,112 Inclusions, 1% of 461,157 Decks)

If you might be in search of a Manalith that I each like and truly play, nevertheless, then look no additional than Skyclave Relic. For a whole lot of of us, simply the indestructibility of Darksteel Ingot makes it definitely worth the three mana value of admission, however Skyclave Relic offers you all that and a Okayicker that provides you three Manaliths for the value of two. Yes, they’re indestructible, too.

In quick, for those who’re taking part in any card on this checklist with out an enormous synergistic theme tie-in, it ought to most likely be Skyclave Relic as a substitute.

8. Dragon’s Hoard

(5,875 Inclusions, 1% of 461,157 Decks)

Speaking of theme tie-ins, Dragon’s Hoard! Dragon’s Hoard is the kind of card that makes me need to go off on a brewing spree with some Proliferate playing cards and as many variations of Clockwork Dragon as I can discover, earlier than I keep in mind that the logical commanders for such an endeavor are both Korvold, Fae-Cursed King or Ramos, Dragon Engine. Even in your extra typical Dragon deck, nevertheless, Dragon’s Hoard stacks up counters fast whereas ramping you, then interprets them into playing cards within the late recreation. And on condition that I’m already an enormous fan of Izzet Locket and the like, I can heartily endorse Dragon’s Hoard as a greater different for the Dragon-inclined, as you’ll most certainly draw a number of playing cards off of it along with getting a bit of additional mana with a facet of colour fixing. And if that’s not what a Manalith is all about, then I don’t know what’s.

7. Manalith

(6,502 Inclusions, 1% of 461,157 Decks)

You know what I don’t assume Manaliths are all about, although? Manalith. I’d say that I’m unhappy to see that it simply doesn’t reduce the mustard anymore, irrespective of how you want your sandwiches… however that’s simply not true. Manalith has all the time been a boring card in the whole lot however identify, and the truth that it was such a staple in preconstructed decks for thus lengthy actually exhibits simply how unimaginative most preconstructed decks had been. Rust in items, Manalith. For these of you continue to taking part in it, I actually can’t stress sufficient what number of higher and extra fascinating choices there are out on the earth. So right here, here’s a ten-part series from Mr. Megill going over all the options and additional maligning the great identify of this puny rock. It could be the inspiration behind this right here Top Ten checklist, however I’ll by no means inform!

6. Coalition Relic

(9,697 Inclusions, 2% of 461,157 Decks)

After our temporary foray into the Precon impact, then, why not go head-first again towards Manaliths that work effectively with Proliferate? Coalition Relic can stack up an additional flip of mana below regular circumstances, however for those who’ve acquired the likes of an Atraxa, Praetor’s Voice or a repeatable Clockspinning working for you, then you may actually begin producing some mana with this little rock. What did shock me, just looking through the Top Commanders section on Coalition Relic’s page, although, was the quantity of common use Coalition Relic remains to be seeing. Don’t get me unsuitable, it is sensible that Sen Triplets desires entry to each colour of mana, however there are undoubtedly higher choices on the market to try this for those who’re not utilizing any form of counter or untap shenanigans.

5. Heraldic Banner

(9,889 Inclusions, 2% of 461,157 Decks)

Where I’m not confused on inclusions is Heraldic Banner. If white weenie and token decks are nonetheless glad to pay two for Honor of the Pure, then mono-color go-wide decks the world over are ecstatic to pay three to get a mana rock and a pump for the entire workforce suddenly. If something, nevertheless, I’d say that these numbers are nonetheless a little bit mild. There are a whole lot of mono-color decks on the market, and in the event that they care about creatures in any respect then this can be a good selection for them. Heck, even in my two-color construct of Persistent Petitioners, I’m all the time ecstatic to see this factor, and I’m not even planning on swinging!

4. Mana Geode

(10342 Inclusions, 2% of 461157 Decks)

And now… again to the boring. Or is it? Is Mana Geode strictly higher than Manalith? Provided there’s not a Torpor Orb in play, sure. But that doesn’t actually imply that it’s a lot higher, does it? Well, it seems that possibly it’s. The newly printed Eligeth, Crossroads Augur and different variations of scry tribal love this factor, as does color-heavy top-deck tribal, like Yennett, Cryptic Sovereign and Aminatou, the Fateshifter.

Where this factor has actually discovered a eternally house, nevertheless, is in blink decks. Scry 1 will not be blowing anybody’s socks off, however it definitely does extra for you in the long term of a deck the place you’re blinking most of your board each flip than a Signet ever would.

3. Darksteel Ingot

(35,667 Inclusions, 8% of 461,157 Decks)

There isn’t any such limelight for Darksteel Ingot. Sure, there’s the truth that you may play all of the destroy results on the earth and nonetheless hold your additional mana a flip. However, Skyclave Relic enables you to do this now too, and I’m unsure that there was ever that a lot demand for Jokulhaups tribal anyhow. There are additionally some side-cases, like Sydri, Galvanic Genius and Starke of Rath, which have their very own causes for conserving an indestructible artifact round, however that’s nonetheless only a sliver of those 35,000 inclusions. In reality, for those who take all of the inclusions from the 18 Top commanders on Darksteel Ingot’s page, solely about half of which seem to possibly have a half-decent cause for enjoying it, you solely give you 4007.

No, what we’re seeing right here is pure and easy, the Precon Effect. Darksteel Ingot has been printed in each Commander AnthologiesCommander 2017, 2016, 2015, 2013, and the unique Commander set in 2011. Put merely, it’s in a whole lot of decks as a result of it was already in a whole lot of decks, whether or not it had a cause to be there or not.

2. Chromatic Lantern

(69,553 Inclusions, 15% of 461,157 Decks)

Chromatic Lantern, then again, has removed from outlived its usefulness. Grabbing a mana rock that may get you a single pip of mana that you could be not have had earlier than generally is a first rate sufficient impact for 3 mana, however getting that and permitting your lands to faucet for any mana as effectively is totally big. In reality, the place Chromatic Lantern might shine essentially the most is just not in getting access to a whole lot of completely different colours of mana, however quite having a ton of entry to a single colour of mana repeatedly with lands of any sort.

Many engines depend on being able to activate an impact or forged a spell over and over. This is usually achieved by means of some form of infinite loop, however Chromatic Lantern makes going to such lengths pointless, as with it in play your entire lands can faucet for the pip of mana you should activate your potential over and over. Make 37 Hippos with Phelddagrif to feed that Suture Priest, Cycle by means of each land in your deck with Tectonic Reformation, or bounce and forged Flickering Ward over and over to get your entire Enchantress triggers. Where it could be essentially the most ludicrous, nevertheless, is in a deck I can’t imagine doesn’t even seem on its high commander checklist, Kenrith, the Returned King. If you’re taking part in Training Grounds and never Chromatic Lantern, you’re solely doing your self a disservice.

1. Commander’s Sphere

(86,728 Inclusions, 19% of 461,157 Decks)

If you’re simply in search of all-around goodness, nevertheless, then there’s all the time Commander’s Sphere. Sure, it’s most likely not essentially the most environment friendly ramp you can be taking part in, however it does the job simply high-quality, and ditches itself for a card while you want that extra. Where I usually see Manalith as a boring and suboptimal alternative, after I see Commander’s Sphere all I discover myself considering is “that’ll do”. It’s not shiny, it’s not going to take a recreation over (though I’ve seen fairly just a few mana added and playing cards drawn with the likes of Sun Titan), however you’re not likely ever sad with it, both. Early recreation you get a little bit of ramp, then get to attract a card later. Late recreation, you barely sigh, play it down, add a mana again, then sac it to attract a card. In different phrases, you simply Cycled. Nothing to hate about that.

Honorable Mentions

This entire checklist was impressed throughout Joseph’s run by means of all of the mana rocks in Magic, specifically when he got to Manalith at #40 overall. As such, I’d be remiss to not go forward and end out the total checklist in Megill fashion, particularly because the numbers are so manageable.

The Rest of the Manaliths!

11. Cryptolith Fragment
12. Altar of the Pantheon
13. Vessel of Endless Rest
14. Spectral Searchlight
15. Scuttlemutt
16. Alloy Myr
17. Bonder’s Ornament
18. Fountain of Ichor
19. Spinning Wheel
20. Opaline Unicorn
21. Replicating Ring
22. Sol Grail
23. Phyrexian Lens
24. Altar of the Lost
25. Mad Science Fair Project

He additionally made me promise that I’d put in an excellent phrase for Fountain of Ichor, one of his favorite underplayed rocks. Having performed Standard within the days of Chimeric Idol, I do have a gentle spot for artifacts that moonlight as creatures, and I’ve to agree with him that having a 3/Three on demand is price a bit extra credit score than individuals are giving it. Three mana is a complete lot simpler to return by than Crew 3, too!

While I’m giving shout-outs, keep watch over that there new Replicating Ring. It ain’t gonna keep on the backside of the pile for lengthy, I can guarantee you.

Nuts and Bolts

There all the time appears to be a little bit of curiosity in how these lists are made (this looks as if an excellent time to emphasize as soon as once more that they’re primarily based on EDHREC rating, NOT my private opinion), and individuals are usually shocked that I’m not utilizing any particular information or .json from EDHREC, however quite simply muddling my means by means of with some Scryfall knowledge! For your enjoyment/analysis, here is this week’s Scryfall search.

What Do You Think?

Finally, what’s your favourite Manalith? Did you acknowledge the intelligent pun earlier than you learn it thirty occasions (as a result of I didn’t till I typed it about half that many)? Are you planning on selecting up any of those choices?

Let us know within the feedback, and we’ll see you on the barely dearer desk that also, successfully… is a desk.

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