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(Quintorius, Field Historian | Art by Bryan Sola)

Welcome to Too-Specific Top 10, the place if there isn’t a class to rank our pet card on the high of, we’ll simply make one up! (Did you recognize that Restoration Specialist is the one creature that permits you to return each an artifact and an enchantment to your hand, assured?)

So, that new Elephant with the “leaves the graveyard” set off is fairly candy, proper? Let’s do a high 10 record on that!

Top 10 Cards with “Leaves the Graveyard” Triggers!

  1. Syr Konrad, the Grim
  2. Desecrated Tomb
  3. Tormod, the Desecrator
  4. Quintorius, Field Historian
  5. Stonebound Mentor
  6. Fuming Effigy

Oh. Right. This stuff isn’t simply model new to Boros, it’s model new normally. While it’d really feel that Syr Konrad, the Grim has been round endlessly, it’s truly been lower than two years since Throne of Eldraine hit the scene, and simply over three years since we initially noticed this impact for the primary time on Desecrated Tomb.

So let’s attempt a special tack, then. What are the perfect results that set off these playing cards?

Top 10 Cards That Remove Cards from the Graveyard

  1. Bojuka Bog
  2. Eternal Witness
  3. [REDACTED] (On our actual record)
  4. Faithless Looting
  5. Buried Ruin
  6. Mystic Sanctuary
  7. Animate Dead
  8. Finale of Devastation
  9. Reanimate
  10. Ramunap Excavator

Well, that’s not probably the most useful record, both! It’s sort of only a high 10 record of playing cards that say “graveyard” on them, which isn’t actually the data that people who find themselves on this new Lorehold capability need, is it? No, to get there, I believe we’re gonna should get extra particular.

Top 10 “Leaves the Graveyard” Effects (in Boros)

First off, let’s minimize it right down to the colour id wherein Lorehold is a everlasting resident. Sure, there are a whole lot of playing cards that may take away themselves or others from the graveyard in different colours, however you may’t play these beneath the Elephant anyway, are you able to? Which simply leaves purple, white, and colorless playing cards that ought to be contemporary and new for everybody to contemplate for that spicy archaeological brewing endeavor!

Top 10 Boros/Colorless Leaves the Graveyard Effects

  1. [REDACTED] (On our actual record)
  2. Faithless Looting
  3. Buried Ruin
  4. Scavenger Grounds
  5. [REDACTED] (On our actual record)
  6. [REDACTED] (On our actual record)
  7. Elixir of Immortality
  8. Mimic Vat
  9. Karmic Guide
  10. Kozilek, Butcher of Truth

Hmmm. That’s not precisely what I’d name “fresh”. Don’t get me incorrect, there’s a whole lot of nice playing cards right here that may completely go right into a Quintorius construct, however most of those are extra generically good results somewhat than particular to the deck. Faithless Looting, Scavenger Grounds, and Kozilek, Butcher of Truth would make nearly any deck higher, and are unlikely to be playing cards {that a} brewer would miss on their first cross.

To dig a little bit deeper on our expedition, then, let’s see if we will get rid of the colorless stuff fully, and spotlight the purple and white playing cards which might be gonna give us huge, repeatable results. If you actually are having bother discovering the colorless methods, I’d counsel simply looking at the artifact section under Syr Konrad’s EDHREC Page, and as for the remainder, they’re in all probability simply in the top Boros cards in general. So let’s brush proper previous all that and see if we will’t discover some obscure playing cards!

Criteria: Cards within the Boros colour id that help you exile, forged, play, return, or shuffle playing cards out of your graveyard greater than as soon as in an inclusive-to-the-card repeatable style (Note: Repeatable doesn’t imply a number of, as Quintorius solely triggers as soon as per occasion of playing cards leaving the graveyard, not for every card). As is custom, all outcomes are ordered by EDHREC rating.

10. Past in Flames

(8,166 Inclusions, 3% of 244,722 Decks)

In a phrase, no. No, we will’t discover any obscure playing cards. Don’t get me incorrect, I might hold refining issues down to search out the Dawnbreak Reclaimers of the world, however we’d additionally miss nearly each playable you’d truly need within the deck getting there. So as a substitute, we’ll acknowledge the truth that a high ten record successfully devoted to a single commander begins with an especially deep pool of highly effective, recognizable playing cards, and enjoy the truth that stated commander is Boros!

As for Past in Flames itself, Spellslingers will likely be very aware of the would possibly of this card that permits so that you can Flashback a large number of spells with out Flashback from the graveyard, after which has Flashback itself so you are able to do it another time the subsequent flip! The solely twist this time is that if in case you have your favourite Elephant Indiana Jones in play, you may seize a 3/2 Spirit not just for Past in Flames itself whenever you flash it again, but additionally for each instantaneous or sorcery you Flashback with it. In quick, in the event you lean even a little bit bit within the spellslinger course together with your Quintorius construct, that is gonna be an absolute staple of the deck, and it’s in all probability price contemplating even in the event you solely have a dozen or so spells whole.

9. Sevinne’s Reclamation

(8,363 Inclusions, 4% of 202,809 Decks)

Whether or not you construct round spells, nevertheless, Sevinne’s Reclamation goes to be an absolute powerhouse within the deck. On first forged, you’ll get a single Spirit together with no matter you seize again from the graveyard (don’t overlook: it may be a land, all of you of us who say white can’t ramp!), then on second forged you should have a minor cavalcade of triggers as Sevinne’s Reclamation leaves the graveyard with Flashback, and the precise spell and replica may even set off at completely different occasions. In different phrases, along with the common three-for-one card benefit that Sevinne’s Reclamation provides, you’ll additionally get a minimal of 4 Quintorius triggers in the event you handle to maintain him alive all through the method.

In other words, stop complaining that white doesn’t have any means to ramp or get card advantage, mono-white deniers. It absolutely does, and has for a long time now, you just aren’t playing the cards.

8. Mistveil Plains

(8,684 Inclusions, 4% of 229,495 Decks)

Mistveil Plains has at all times been a neat card in the hunt for a deck that truly needs it. Don’t get me incorrect, looking through its EDHREC page, you could find the likes of Djeru, With Eyes Open and Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero within the high three commanders, and also you do get a little bit of a psychological click on as to what you could possibly truly use this capability for.

Still, placing playing cards again within the deck so you may then search them again up together with your commander is a bit clunky, even whether it is efficient. And truthfully, given that each optimize-at-all-costs brewer on the market will likely be throwing Sunforger into their Quintorius construct because the second card whole, Mistveil Plains in all probability would have at all times had a spot in nearly each high-level Boros deck. With that stated, it’s refreshing to see a way more direct use for this odd land, and will probably be entertaining to observe Strip Mines get pointed at what’s normally a reasonably innocuous nonbasic as opponents notice simply how a lot of an issue a two-mana 3/2 a flip is.

7. Daretti, Scrap Savant

(Helms 965 Decks, Rank #140; 7,728 Inclusions, 3% of 240,652 Decks)

My preliminary leaning once I noticed Daretti, Scrap Savant among the many high ten was to contemplate additional tightening the highest ten record to not embody artifact and enchantment deck staples, as we’re all pretty acquainted already with these methods in not solely Boros but additionally mono-red and mono-white as nicely. Ultimately, I made a decision in opposition to it, as Quintorius, Field Historian not solely brings a breath of contemporary air to the archetypes, but additionally as a result of it actually highlights simply how various the builds for this commander are going to be. A Lorehold “leaves the graveyard” brewer has a very, actually deep nicely to select from. Aside from the already-mentioned spellslinger builds which might be going to abuse playing cards like Past in Flames, Dreadhorde Arcanist, Finale of Promise, and each card with Flashback ever, there may even be your optimized good things builds, artifact decks (with distinct tools and Treasure subthemes), and Enchantress decks. And that’s simply what I can consider off the highest of my head, with out even stepping into the super-off-the-wall builds the true hipsters will get into!

6. Goblin Welder

(9,806 Inclusions, 4% of 241,050 Decks)

One card that’s certain to make the deck for nearly all of these above methods, nevertheless, is Goblin Welder. Being in a position to commerce out a random mana rock for a vital engine piece is nice sufficient, however getting a 3/2 everytime you do signifies that you’re not going to care whether or not you need the cardboard in your graveyard or not, you’re nonetheless going to make a commerce each flip to maintain the tokens going. A bit of recommendation on these mana rocks, although: ensure they arrive into play untapped for max effectivity!

5. Emeria Shepherd

(10,079 Inclusions, 4% of 225,850 Decks)

Today I discovered that extra folks play Emeria Shepherd than Goblin Welder, and I… don’t know how you can really feel about that. I’m one of many largest proponents of mono-white recursion decks on the market, and I nonetheless barely play this seven-mana Angel. Sure, it’s superb in Landfall decks that occur to comprise white, however that’s a fairly quick record!

Looking at the EDHREC page, although, I suppose I shouldn’t be that shocked. It’s a lot much less that white normally has picked up this weapon that it will probably’t afford, and way more that there simply are a whole lot of Landfall decks normally on the present second, together with the truth that Angel decks will at all times be very, very fashionable. Still, so far as post-Strixhaven mono-white and Boros go, seven mana is getting much more affordable with the likes of Archaeomancer’s Map, Monologue Tax, and Scholarship Sponsor, so I truly see these numbers getting loads larger, whether or not or not it’s in a Quintorius deck or in any other case.

4. Emeria, the Sky Ruin

(10,118 Inclusions, 4% of 22,580 Decks)

There are precisely three Plains which might be additionally Mountains, and, as such, Emeria, the Sky Ruin goes to be close to unimaginable to tug off in Boros decks. With that stated, the speech I simply gave about Emeria Shepherd applies right here, too. It’s simpler than ever for a mono-white deck to get seven Plains into play, and I don’t see that pattern altering as we enter the “year of white”. Expect to see extra of this card, and count on it to be way more related than you’ve in all probability ever seen outdoors of a Karametra, God of Harvests deck.

3. Underworld Breach

(16,974 Inclusions, 10% of 172,565 Decks)

If you’re searching for the primary scary factor to do with our little Elephant pal, then look no additional than the Escape mechanic, of which the perfect is, with out query, Underworld Breach (though it’s truly nearer than you would possibly assume in terms of Sentinel’s Eyes). If you’ve by no means seen a deck go completely off the rails with this card, then it received’t take an excessive amount of post-pandemic time so that you can see precisely that, because it’s been in print for lower than a yr and already sees play in 10% of the purple decks made in that point. The excellent news? It’s even higher in Quintorius decks, the place you’ll not solely get to recast all the greatest playing cards in your graveyard, however will get two Spirits each time you Escape (for these holding rating, you get one set off on the exile from Escape, then one other when the cardboard itself is forged from the graveyard) together with your commander in play. Even with out Quintorius in play or within the deck, nevertheless, I wouldn’t be shocked to see this powerhouse carry on climbing lists as older decks filter out and newer builds proceed to incorporate it. Don’t be shocked if we return to this record or one prefer it in a yr or two and Underworld Breach is primary.

2. Hall of Heliod’s Generosity

(20,635 Inclusions, 10% of 213,791 Decks)

For now, nevertheless, the variety of decks that see the rampant upside of Hall of Heliod’s Generosity is even higher. If you thought this card would stay an Enchantress staple and never a lot else, that’s quickly proving to be unfaithful. Decks of all types need to get their essential enchantments again, and a utility land is the bottom value of entry there’s within the recreation. Combine the 2 and you’ve got nearly any deck that has entry to white with at the very least a passing curiosity on this card, throughout everything of the facility spectrum. Quintorius is not any completely different, letting you seize an enormous subset of enchantments and getting a Spirit whilst you wait to attract again into them!

1. Sun Titan

(42,107 Inclusions, 19% of 225,850 Decks)

Most of you who noticed the quite a few [REDACTED]s within the intro lists made whereas we have been refining our standards in all probability had a good suggestion of what the highest card on this record was going to be the entire time. Indeed, it’s no shock to see Sun Titan on the high of one more Top Ten record. In reality, I used to be extra shocked on wanting it up that it was solely its third time heading up a high ten, as I had remembered the quantity being a lot increased.

Beyond the navel-gazing, nevertheless, there’s not a lot to be stated about Sun Titan. It’s a lot worth for six mana that its like won’t ever be seen once more, and has been reprinted a lot that it’s nonetheless obtainable for even price range builds. The incontrovertible fact that it’s good in one other deck isn’t actually information, though the truth that it’s higher than ever nicely might be. Regardless, you’re going to be praying for this factor to return off the highest of your deck (or again out of your graveyard) within the late recreation typically, the place it can undoubtedly flip the tide of the sport in an environment friendly method because it has been doing ever because it was printed. What stands out as the most spectacular, although? With all of that play, folks have nonetheless but to get uninterested in this Giant, even permitting him in hipster builds. Impressive, that.

Honorable Mentions

As with any high ten record that requires various whittling right down to get to the meat of the matter, I went by way of a large number of various lists earlier than discovering the one I felt most match my intentions. So, I figured, why not share all of them with you, after which blindly create a Quintorius brew out of simply the contents of these lists and a few primary lands? You know, simply to see how simple it could be to make one thing workable out of one of many first powerhouse Boros commanders we’ve ever seen.

So then, let’s begin with the lists!

Top 10 Graveyard Exile Effects (Exiles/Shuffles Entire graveyard)

  1. Bojuka Bog
  2. Scavenger Grounds
  3. Rakdos Charm
  4. Kozilek, Butcher of Truth
  5. Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre
  6. Tormod’s Crypt
  7. Rest in Peace (If you’re searching for a straightforward minimize….)
  8. Echo of Eons
  9. Timetwister
  10. Relic of Progenitus

Top 10 Boros Recursion Effects

  1. Sun Titan
  2. Buried Ruin
  3. Crucible of Worlds
  4. Hall of Heliod’s Generosity
  5. Underworld Breach
  6. Karmic Guide
  7. Myr Retriever
  8. Reveillark
  9. Trading Post
  10. Scrap Trawler

Top 10 Boros Cards With “Leaves the Graveyard” Mechanics (Flashback, Escape, Delve, and many others)

  1. Faithless Looting
  2. Underworld Breach
  3. Past in Flames
  4. Seize the Day
  5. Adorned Pouncer
  6. Reckless Charge
  7. Impulsive Pilferer
  8. Phyrexian Triniform
  9. Throes of Chaos
  10. Sacred Cat

Top 10 Boros “Leaves the Graveyard” Effects Not Based on Artifacts/Enchantments

  1. Sun Titan
  2. Crucible of Worlds
  3. Underworld Breach
  4. Mimic Vat
  5. Emeria, the Sky Ruin
  6. Emeria Shepherd
  7. Mistveil Plains
  8. Sevinne’s Reclamation
  9. Past in Flames
  10. Spine of Ish Sah

Top 10 Boros “Leaves the Graveyard” Artifact Effects 

  1. Buried Ruin
  2. Myr Retriever
  3. Trading Post
  4. Scrap Trawler
  5. Goblin Welder
  6. Open the Vaults
  7. Daretti, Scrap Savant
  8. Goblin Engineer
  9. Nim Deathmantle
  10. Metalwork Colossus

Top 10 Boros “Leaves the Graveyard” Enchantment Effects

  1. Hall of Heliod’s Generosity
  2. Open the Vaults
  3. Auramancer
  4. Starfield of Nyx
  5. Replenish
  6. Cavalier of Dawn
  7. Restoration Specialist
  8. Tiana, Ship’s Caretaker
  9. Crystal Chimes
  10. Retether

Top 10 Boros “Leaves the Graveyard” Spellslinger Effects

  1. Past in Flames
  2. Charmbreaker Devils
  3. Mizzix’s Mastery
  4. Volcanic Vision
  5. Finale of Promise
  6. Chandra, Acolyte of Flame
  7. Jaya Ballard
  8. Dreadhorde Arcanist
  9. Wildfire Devils
  10. Goblin Dark-Dwellers

Which then brings us to our decklists! We’ve received an excessive lack of focus right here, as one would possibly count on, however in any other case this factor could be a ton of enjoyable to goldfish if it simply had a method to truly get playing cards into the graveyard. But I’ll go away that puzzle for you guys to determine in your builds! (Note: The precise lists and lands solely received us to 91 playing cards, so I stuffed in the remainder with the Boros ramp and card benefit playing cards out of Strixhaven and Commander 2021.)

Buy this decklist from Card Kingdom
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Nuts and Bolts

There at all times appears to be a little bit of curiosity in how these lists are made (this looks like an excellent time to emphasize as soon as once more that they’re based mostly on EDHREC rating, NOT my private opinion), and persons are typically shocked that I’m not utilizing any particular information or .json from EDHREC, however somewhat simply muddling my manner by way of with some Scryfall knowledge! For your enjoyment/analysis, here is this week’s Scryfall search.

What Do You Think?

And lastly, what are your favourite results which have playing cards leaving your graveyard? Are you enthusiastic about Lorehold bringing this mechanic to the Boros colour id? Are you confused about how try to be referring to paint identities all the sudden?

Let us know within the feedback, and we’ll see you on the desk we acquired from the alley out again.

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