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(Outpost Siege | Art by Daarken)

Welcome to Too-Specific Top 10, the place if there isn’t a class to rank our pet card on the prime of, we’ll simply make one up! (Did you realize that Valakut Exploration is the one Landfall card that may technically permit you to play one other land?)

Impulsive draw is just not precisely new to Magic: The Gathering. The first instance of with the ability to exile a card from the highest of your library to later forged it was Elkin Bottle, quickly adopted by Three Wishes. It solely appeared on three extra playing cards, Aerial Caravan, Ornate Kanzashi, and Knacksaw Clique, earlier than then switching up its coloration pie project a bit with Brilliant Ultimatum easing into black earlier than going full Hellcarver Demon.

Guildpact introduced the primary partially pink model of impulsive draw outdoors of the not-really-impulsive-draw Elkin Lair to the sport with Nivix, Aerie of the Firemind. This was rapidly adopted in Theros block with Prophetic Flamespeaker, nonetheless, which then opened the floodgates with subsequent printings of Act on Impulse, Narset, Enlightened Master, Outpost Siege, Commune with Lava, Ire Shaman, and Abbot of Keral Keep. Of all of these choices, although, Outpost Siege was the one one which allowed for simply repeatable “card draw”, and as such quickly rocketed up decklists in every single place as a type of pink Phyrexian Arena. Lately, nonetheless, there have been all kinds of various takes on this precise impact, which actually raises the query: is Outpost Siege nonetheless the best choice?

Top 10 Outpost Sieges

Looking by way of all the brand new choices which have been printed, the very first thing that grabbed me was what number of of those new impulsive choices have been on creatures. This is okay, but additionally doesn’t actually really feel like an Outpost Siege, does it? If you’re making an attempt to place down a way to achieve card benefit over a protracted time frame, you don’t often need to take the possibility of placing the supply of that long-term card benefit on a fragile physique. After all, in the event you’re going to go that route, you may be higher off taking the Sign in Blood of the Phyrexian Arena dialogue and going with Light up the Stage. You definitely wouldn’t be fallacious to take action.

For our functions, nonetheless, I went forward and determined to group the one-time results like Light Up the Stage and Act on Impulse along with the creatures. After all, you usually really feel fortunate to get off a single assault with Etali, Primal Storm! This finally ends up working reasonably properly throughout the board, with the one bizarre nook case being Birgi, God of Storytelling, or extra particularly her horn. Luckily, this finally ends up being a moot level, as Birgi presently sits at #11 on the checklist, so for now at the very least she might be ignored (though I can attest that she’s fairly good, so don’t anticipate that to final perpetually!) Still, these are some spectacular numbers, already touchdown Birgi within the prime ten of creatures that do impulsive draw!

Top 10 Impulsive Draw Creatures

  1. Etali, Primal Storm
  2. Grenzo, Havoc Raiser
  3. Tectonic Giant
  4. Dark-Dweller Oracle
  5. Stromkirk Occultist
  6. Syr Carah, the Bold
  7. Robber of the Rich
  8. Prophetic Flamespeaker
  9. Birgi, God of Storytelling
  10. Magmatic Channeler

More importantly, our transient historical past lesson on impulsive draw confirmed us that forms of this impact have been printed all all through the colour pie, in numerous numerous methods. Including different colours that already draw higher than pink within the dialogue doesn’t actually assist us unravel whether or not Outpost Siege remains to be the cream of the crop, nonetheless, so I believe it could be higher to eradicate them as effectively. Which simply leaves clearly spelling out what we think about impulsive draw to be, and we are able to get on with it!

Criteria: Mono-red, non-creature permanents that repeatedly permit you to exile a number of playing cards from the highest of a library to play or forged both instantly, by the top of the present flip, or the top of your subsequent flip. As is custom, all outcomes are ordered by EDHREC rating.

10. Furious Rise

(1,007 Inclusions, 1% of 152,068 Decks)

If normal use is what you’re searching for, then look no additional than Furious Rise. It’s not a slam-dunk in each deck, however if you’re taking part in some larger creatures, or even when your commander is simply on the bigger aspect, then it’ll be a constant supply of card benefit that’s really sooner than Phyrexian Arena for a similar mana. While I definitely don’t assume it’s one of the best Outpost Siege obtainable, it’s nonetheless a stable selection for a big subset of decks, and it must be seeing extra play than it presently is. In reality, in the event you’re working a extra generic Gruul deck that isn’t closely tokens, then I’d heartily endorse changing your Outpost Siege with this new possibility, particularly in case your commander turns it on.

9. Chandra, Pyromaster

(1,444 Inclusions, 1% of 228,044 Decks)

Then once more, in the event you’re searching for the flexibility to aggro by way of some large creatures, you may do worse than paying an additional mana for the choice to both “draw” some playing cards or eradicate blockers whereas by the way chipping away at life totals. Chandra, Pyromaster suits this invoice properly, even when she doesn’t actually shield herself very effectively. My heartiest endorsement right here could also be that she’s a really ignorable planeswalker, nonetheless. There’s one thing to be stated for silently exiling just a few playing cards or pinging just a few issues till all of the sudden the desk wonders how on the planet she received to the seven loyalty that has you casting three copies of Insult for the win.

8. Vance’s Blasting Cannons

(2,219 Inclusions, 1% of 227,165 Decks)

7. Chandra, Fire Artisan

(3,051 Inclusions, 1% of 217,102 Decks)

Chandra, Fire Artisan does one factor, and one factor solely… in addition to that different factor she does. To be extra particular, for a similar quantity of mana as an Outpost Siege, you may instantly start “drawing” playing cards the flip you forged her. Even higher, if the desk leaves her alone, you then’ll be exiling a full grip very quickly. Even in the event that they don’t, nonetheless, then she’ll nonetheless be pinging them the entire method down! In different phrases, if in case you have any Proliferate or Group Slug tendencies in your deck, then I’d recommend giving this Chandra a strive over the extra typical repairs selection.

6. Valakut Exploration

(3,593 Inclusions, 6% of 62,702 Decks)

If you need to speak about instantly rocketing up the charts, nonetheless, then could I introduce you to Valakut Exploration? Already in six % of the pink decks which have been created or altered since its printing in Zendikar Rising, Valakut Exploration is an absolute monster in any sort of lands matter deck, and it’s nonetheless stable even outdoors of the technique. While it may be a bit clunky in the event you don’t have the flexibility to play a number of lands, the comfort prize of pinging every opponent for not taking part in the cardboard you exiled nonetheless feels fairly good. Combine that with the truth that it solely prices the three mana to start with, and I’d predict that we’ll see the numbers on this selection proceed to develop. While I don’t know if it would find yourself within the primary slot on this checklist a 12 months or two from now, I do assume it would finally overtake Outpost Siege itself given the recognition of the Landfall technique, and I do assume it would find yourself in at the very least the highest three.

5. Possibility Storm

(3,785 Inclusions, 2% of 228,044 Decks)

I struggled quite a bit whereas engaged on this checklist with whether or not to cleverly edit out Possibility Storm. You’ll be aware that it does technically meet our standards, however it additionally wouldn’t have been that tough to tweak issues a bit in order that it could have been eradicated from consideration. I made a decision not to try this as a result of the extra I checked out it, the extra it did really feel prefer it match the letter of the legislation for a purpose. Not simply any deck must be utilizing Possibility Storm, however the ones that may use it to utterly nice impact, and get a ton of benefit out of it. Most of the time that’s extra a mana benefit than a card benefit state of affairs, at the very least in your aspect of the board. Much such as you usually should do in white, nonetheless, discovering the cardboard benefit of Possibility Storm means issues from a much wider view. In brief, in case your opponents can’t actually do the issues that they have been planning on doing, whilst you have stacked your deck or constructed the entire thing round burn spells and the like, then you’re casting related spells and your opponents usually are not. If that’s not card benefit, then I don’t know what’s!

P.S.: Bonus factors for these fellow brewers on the market utilizing this in your Rat Colony and Persistent Petitioners decks. You are actually fellow degenerates.

4. Stolen Strategy

(4,889 Inclusions, 2% of 228,044 Decks)

I additionally thought-about performing some standards work to eradicate playing cards like Stolen Strategy that solely permit you to play your opponents’ playing cards, reasonably than your individual. While they’re card benefit, they don’t actually permit you to plan round your individual technique, which has all the time rubbed me the fallacious method. Ultimately, that’s why I made a decision to depart Stolen Strategy on the checklist, as I didn’t need my private bias to get in the way in which, particularly given simply how standard a card it’s. That doesn’t imply I can’t categorical how overrated a card I really feel it’s, nonetheless! Five mana for an enchantment that doesn’t do something till your subsequent repairs, then solely permits you to forged spells that your deck isn’t constructed round (with out the choice to play lands) simply… has by no means appeared nice. I perceive that people have a look at it as “drawing” three playing cards a flip, which does sound prefer it’s price the price of admission. Still, the variety of instances I’ve seen somebody faucet out to plop this down on a middle-game flip the place you actually must be taking part in threats, solely to have it by the way destroyed earlier than they ever use it have been unhealthy sufficient, however what actually shocks me is how usually I see it flip three irrelevant playing cards. Two lands and a spell you simply don’t need to play is only a very easy flip, solely these aren’t the flips we keep in mind a lot as the large performs. There is one thing to be stated for these memorable moments, although!

3. Chandra, Torch of Defiance

(8,892 Inclusions, 4% of 228,044 Decks)

Alas, my primary Outpost Siege sits merely at quantity three within the precise rankings. I had all the time assumed as soon as Chandra, Torch of Defiance dropped in value a bit of we’d see an enormous spike in play, however right here we’re with a beforehand $40 card sitting round $5, and actually nonetheless about the identical variety of inclusions. With that in thoughts, then, let me attempt to persuade you. Unlike loads of the opposite impulsive draw engines, Chandra can instantly draw you a card on forged as a substitute of getting to attend to your subsequent repairs. If you don’t have the mana for that in the meanwhile, she will as a substitute use her different +1 to get you again half of the mana you used to forged her, kill a related creature together with her -3, or simply use her exile capacity anyhow and deal two to the desk. Really, the one downsides are her being barely extra fragile as a planeswalker than enchantments can be, and the truth that you may’t play lands together with her exile capacity so that you simply should accept the 2 injury with a few of your flips. For all that flexibility, although, these seem to be some fairly manageable downsides from the place I’m sitting!

2. Outpost Siege

(10,215 Inclusions, 4% of 228,044 Decks)

I’m certain a few of you extra skilled pink gamers have been ticking by way of these closing rankings, mentally eliminating playing cards as you go, questioning if Outpost Siege actually remains to be one of the best. I’ve greater than given away that I don’t assume it’s anymore at this level, however it seems that it isn’t anyhow! I do assume I’m too onerous on Outpost Siege at instances, although. Sure, it’s 4 mana and doesn’t do something till your subsequent repairs in the event you select the impulsive draw possibility that it’s greatest identified for… however it additionally has an excellent Impact Tremors capacity that’s extraordinarily related in go-wide or combo decks, and nonetheless greater than sufficient to shut out the late sport even in decks that aren’t constructed round it. That shouldn’t imply that it’s the auto-include in pink decks that it was at one time anymore, nonetheless. If you’re simply seeking to exile and play just a few playing cards in your common pink deck, you then’re most likely significantly better served with the likes of Light Up the Stage or by your present synergies and selecting one of many different choices on this checklist which will suit your technique a bit of higher. If you do have a look at what your deck is doing and that equation comes out the opposite finish nonetheless selecting Outpost Siege, although, there’s definitely nothing fallacious with that. It could also be overplayed, however it received that method for a purpose!

1. Sunbird’s Invocation

(11,065 Inclusions, 5% of 227,165 Decks)

While I may off on an identical diatribe to Outpost Siege in terms of our primary decide, Sunbird’s Invocation, I actually don’t need to. Sure, it’s slower than loads of tables are nowadays at six mana, however even in these locations the place it may be too little too late, it might probably nonetheless crank out some loopy turns that result in memorable moments. Combine that with the decks the place six-mana performs don’t essentially should win you the sport instantly, and this factor is usually a roulette wheel strapped to a machine gun. I don’t know what that metaphor means precisely, however I really feel it nonetheless expresses precisely how I really feel once I get to untap with a Sunbird’s Invocation and a fair midway first rate grip. And in the event you haven’t skilled that, you completely ought to.

Honorable Mentions

While not technically an impulsive draw card, I really feel like I’d be doing a disservice if I didn’t point out this different sort of less-impulsive draw that we’re began to see crop up each every so often. “Exile a card, you may play that card as long as you control this card” is a slight enchancment over the present capacity, and one thing I’d positively prefer to see explored extra. That, and I simply love Lukka, so y’all gotta undergo by way of me mentioning him at each alternative.

Does it make any sense that I don’t like Stolen Strategy, however will completely go to bat for the straight shenanigans that end result out of Chaos Wand while you do really discover the time to sink seven mana into it? No. But I stand by my flawed logic, and may give you a heartfelt speech about spell-slinging wands in the event you so want.

I pulled 4(!) prerelease-stamped Oracle’s Vaults when Amonkhet got here out, and as such have all the time tried to search out excuses to play them. For some time, they have been poor excuses, however actually the extra I’ve performed with this card the extra I’ve fallen in love with it. Sure, you pay loads of mana to get to the purpose the place you’re casting spells totally free, however you then’re doing it on command, and if in case you have untapping results…

Nuts and Bolts

There all the time appears to be a little bit of curiosity in how these lists are made (this looks as if a very good time to emphasize as soon as once more that they’re based mostly on EDHREC rating, NOT my private opinion…), and persons are usually stunned that I’m not utilizing any particular knowledge or .json from EDHREC, however reasonably simply muddling my method by way of with some Scryfall knowledge! For your enjoyment/analysis, here is this week’s Scryfall search.

What Do You Think?

And lastly, how do you’re feeling concerning the choices we’re seeing for extra playing cards in pink, be they wheels, rummage, or impulsive draw? Do you assume that pink is formally “fixed” in Commander now, or that it’s even one of many higher colours?

Let us know within the feedback, and we’ll see you on the Outpost desk, all by itself within the again nook of the shop.

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