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(Toxic Deluge | Art by Svetlin Velinov)

Urza’s Ruinous Blast led to extra than simply the destruction of Argoth and the shortage of Gaea’s Cradles: the consequences have been felt far and past the now Shattered Isles, with modifications to the local weather all over the place from Yavimaya to Tolaria West. At first, it was merely snowfall, a few inches of icy powder bringing pleasure to the youngsters of Dominaria.

But as time went on, Dominaria’s climate turned an increasing number of erratic: Llanowar skilled a Toxic Deluge, inflicting dozens to Languish in despair and filth. A Deadly Tempest beset Jamuraa, and Keld was beset by a Plague Wind.

As Dominaria’s Ice Age drew nearer, it turned an increasing number of essential to prepared oneself in opposition to the storm. To accomplish that, one should know what to anticipate and tips on how to cope with it.

Frightful Weather

Using a board wipe might seem to be raining by yourself parade, however whenever you’re up in opposition to three opponents, a board wipe will be one of the crucial necessary instruments within the arsenal of a Commander participant. In the operating for one of the crucial standard board wipes within the recreation is Toxic Deluge, which sits within the high 5 of all board wipes and the highest 5 of all black playing cards within the format.

For a mere three mana and a variable quantity of life, Toxic Deluge may give a sizeable debuff to the entire creatures on the battlefield, even killing them with a big sufficient fee of life. This methodology of wiping the board dodges key phrase skills resembling indestructible or Protection, giving it a little bit of a leg-up over different board wipes resembling Blasphemous Act.

But the downsides to Toxic Deluge will be game-changers. In conditions the place you lack the life to pay and the need to play this card, it could possibly significantly falter. As a outcome, we’re going to be taking a look at some alternate options that may be kinder to your life complete, your permanents, or your pockets!

Under the Umbrella

Toxic Deluge falls beneath the umbrella of board wipes and basic board management, so for our replacements, we’re on the lookout for black playing cards that may higher fill that slot in sure decks, metas, and conditions.

Black has a various array of effectively costed sorceries which apply a debuff to a number of creatures’ energy and toughness, resembling Golden Demise. These playing cards can apply a smaller debuff than Toxic Deluge with out the life fee, plus some additional bonuses. If you’re in a meta that has a considerable variety of token decks or utility creatures, like Deathrite Shaman, playing cards like Demon of Dark Schemes will be good for our deck.

Dead of Winter might lack the added utility of the aforementioned playing cards, however it could possibly nonetheless be a decent board wipe by itself. Similar to Mutilate, Dead of Winter could make good use of a mana base by the way filled with snow fundamentals or Swamps to fill our Staple’s function. If you’re operating snow lands, you could need to contemplate operating Blood on the Snow, which provides you added flexibility and the utility of a Necromantic Selection.

In a set that was jam-packed with planeswalkers, legendary creatures like Massacre Girl typically go unnoticed. If a single creature dies from the preliminary set off, Massacre Girl is greater than more likely to create a series impact that can lead to her being the lone creature on the battlefield. Many decks contemplate her greater mana value to be nicely price it in alternate for a helpful, simply recoverable physique.

(Dead of Winter | Art by Zack Stella)

Losses in Morale

Force of Despair is the right high-risk, high-reward card. Worst-case state of affairs, it’s a reactive Murder that may be solid for no mana whereas dodging hexproof and shroud, which, by itself, isn’t a nasty card, however when your opponent dumps a handful of creatures onto the battlefield, Force of Despair turns into a blowout.

Board wipes are most helpful to take the main participant down a peg, resetting the board in order that the opposite three gamers have an opportunity to win, however in most of those conditions, Force of Despair can wipe out the main participant completely. This means that you can play a lot faster than you in any other case would, providing you with a gap with which you’ll take over the sport from some other contenders on the desk.

Force of Despair doesn’t work as nicely in opposition to all decks, although. Against slower decks that don’t put out as many creatures in a flip, it’s extra akin to a elimination spell than a board wipe. But there are quite a few decks that may be blown out by Force of Despair, like Lathril, Blade of the Elves, which is weaponizing a few of at present’s replacements under:

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There are dozens of how to manage the board or to wipe it utterly in black EDH decks. Which methods do you favor? What would you will have included had you written this text? Feel free to drop a remark!

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