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Amonkhet Remastered is coming to MTG Arena this week on August 13, including the set-defining 339 cards and iconic mechanics from Amonkhet and Hour of Devastation. It has a concentrate on the Limited play expertise (Draft and Sealed), Pioneer (quickly to return), and continued help for Historic. Forbes continues with the previews, revealing Sphinx’s Revelation, Lord of Extinction, Perilous Vault and the remainder of the Multicolor, Artifact, and Land cards to be included within the set!

Our favourite management card is again, having mentioned farewell to Teferi, Time Raveler, let’s see if Sphinx’s Revelation can revive the management archetype! Wilderness Reclamation can keep banned nevertheless, as it will be fairly absurd with each of them collectively…

Lord of Extinction is a cool inclusion for Historic Brawl.

It’s no Oblivion Stone, and we even have Ugin, the Spirit Dragon for the same impact and much less mana total so it’s laborious to be excited by this card for constructed. Could simply be one other unconditional sweeper impact for Historic Brawl, I suppose!

Here are all the opposite Multicolor, Artifact and Land cards within the set, confirmed by the pre-patch information. The Gods, the three Planeswalkers and the Cyling lands all make their method into the set, so there’s a lot right here to get us excited. You may view the whole card gallery in our dedicated section!

All Multicolor, Artifact and Land Amonkhet Remastered Cards

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