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The full card checklist for Kaladesh Remastered has been spoiled, MTG Arena’s newest Historic-only reprint set coming to us on November 12, 2020. There are a complete of 303 distinctive playing cards within the set, combining the playing cards from the previous units Kaladesh and Aether Revolt, with curated playing cards from the very best of each units to create an amazing restricted (draft and sealed) atmosphere in addition to inject extra playing cards to the Historic format.

Set Breakdown

There are 303 playing cards complete within the set:

  • 105 Commons
  • 96 Uncommons
  • 63 Rares
  • 23 Mythic Rares
  • 15 Basic Lands

Non-Kaladesh Cards

Sculpting Steel is the one additional card included within the set. Given its particular Kaladesh Inventions border remedy, it might be a buy-a-box promo for the set obtained whenever you buy the 45 or the 90 pack bundle.

Alternate Art Cards

There are 12 playing cards with alternate artwork card kinds within the set, some straight from Kaladesh Inventions and some that had their very own promotional model of the cardboard.

  • The Aether Hub card fashion may be obtained if you buy the Kaladesh Remastered preorder beginning on November 5.
  • Ornithopter’s rarity is notably at Mythic Rare.
  • We have no idea as of but how the others may be obtained.

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