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For properly over a decade, Star City Games has regularly sought to offer followers with the best high quality tabletop Magic: The Gathering occasion experiences potential. Now, we want to do the identical for everybody who enjoys taking part in the sport on its premier digital platform!

The SCG Tour Online is a brand new event collection performed on Magic: The Gathering Arena, by which gamers from all over the world will compete for Star City Games retailer credit score and money prizes! All SCG Tour Online occasions can be administered by our Star City Games Organized Play crew utilizing MTGMelee’s top-rated on-line occasion software program.

149 gamers have been invited to take part within the second week of SCG Tour Online Season One Championship Qualifiers. Players who participated within the day by day problem occasions all through the week had been eligible to take part primarily based on the variety of factors, and as such the lots of the prime gamers had been within the occasion. Check out the VOD, metagame and the highest 16 decks of the occasion!



Name# of Decks% of FieldWin %
Bant Ramp3221.4765%53.2258%
Temur Reclamation2919.4631%60.6205%
Mono-G Aggro1912.7517%53.2646%
Jund Sacrifice1510.0671%51.3274%
Simic Ramp96.0403%51.1811%
Sultai Ramp64.0268%44.7368%
Rakdos Sacrifice64.0268%56%
Mono-R Aggro53.3557%50.6173%
4-Color Reclamation53.3557%55.5556%
Mono-B Aggro42.6846%43.6364%
Gruul Aggro32.0134%45.8333%
Azorius Control32.0134%47.2222%
Orzhov Yorion21.3423%42.3077%


Here are the ultimate standings and the highest 16 decklists from the event after eight rounds of Swiss and a prime eight reduce off. You can discover all of the decks from event utilizing the hyperlink beneath, for those who want to delve even deeper.

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