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Yet one other qualifier within the Red Bull Untapped sequence of on-line tournaments befell over the weekend. This time it was United Kingdom gamers to battle it out for the appropriate to advance to the Red Bull Untapped Finals later this yr. 124 gamers enrolled for UK qualifier occasion, which consisted of seven rounds of Swiss resulting in the Top Eight bracket.

Metagame Breakdown

Red Bull Untapped Online Qualifier UK noticed a comparatively small variety of Reclamation decks registered – each Temur and Four-Color variants have amounted to a bit of over 25% of the metagame. Compare it to the Players Tour Finals that befell on the identical weekend – there, the half of the sphere was operating Wilderness Reclamation decks. This distinction may be defined when the stakes of the occasion are considered. In a much less money-heavy occasion gamers are extra desirous to play ‘for fun’ and register the rest however one of the best deck within the format simply to keep away from tiresome mirrors.

The stability within the native meta of this tourney was shifted very a lot in the direction of aggro methods, that have been very current within the subject and carried out significantly better than the so-called ‘Tier 1’ decks (Reclamation and Bant Ramp). It was an important day to sleeve Mono-Green (62% winrate), in addition to Mono-White (56%) and Mono-Red (54%). Probably impressed by Michael Jacobs’s deep run in the Players Tour, Mardu Winota gamers confirmed up on the day with a surprising 60% winrate.

Archetype% of FieldWinrate
(exc. mirrors)
Temur Reclamation15.3226%46.3415%
Four-color Reclamation11.2903%50%
Bant Ramp7.2581%42.5%
Mono-G Stompy4.8387%62.5%
Mardu Winota4.8387%60.8696%
Mono-G Aggro4.0323%43.4783%
Azorius Control (Yorion)4.0323%47.8261%
Mono-Red Aggro4.0323%54.1667%
Mono-Green Aggro4.0323%55.1724%
Sultai Ramp3.2258%41.1765%
Rakdos Sacrifice3.2258%48%
Jund Sacrifice2.4194%73.6842%
Rakdos Jegantha2.4194%45.4545%
Mono-White Aggro2.4194%56.25%
Mono-B Aggro2.4194%30%

Jund Sacrifice has the best winrate within the event. It was carried nearly solely by the insane run of the first place winner Luke Hancock, who completed with 9-1 general report. His record is pretty inventory in each maindeck and sideboard decisions, being skewed in the direction of Reclamation and Bant matchups with 3 Bolas’s Citadels in his 60 playing cards. Hancock run over most of his opponents with a sweeping 2-0’s, however within the finals he needed to combat Chris Arlow’s Four-Color Reclamation record feroiciously to a 2-1 victory. Below is the complete Top Eight bracket:

As you may see, Red Bull Untapped Online Qualifier UK had fairly a various Top 8 – shared between 2 Reclamation decks, Bant Ramp, Jund Sacrifice, Mono-Green and Mono-White. Note the opposite two very spicy lists that made it into the play-offs as nicely – Freddie Barber evoked a blast from the previous together with his Golgari Adventures deck, whereas Joshua Mulligan introduced a Four-Color Planeswalkers construct starring Nicolas Bolas, Dragon God.


Check out 16 highest-placed decks of Red Bull Untapped Online Qualifier UK beneath! (Source: MTG Melee)

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