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102 gamers have participated within the Germany qualifier of the Red Bull Untapped sequence, which consisted of seven rounds of Swiss with a minimize to the Top 8. In this text, you will discover the 32 best-performed decklists of the day, along with the information concerning the match’s meta. (Source: MTGMelee)


Archetype# of decks% of the sectorWin price
Four-color Omnath3332.3529%54.955%
Sultai Control1615.6863%56%
Mono-Red Aggro1110.7843%58.3333%
Dimir Rogues87.8431%51.5152%
Dimir Control54.902%31.8182%
Mono-G Aggro43.9216%46.1538%
Temur Adventures43.9216%53.8462%
Azorius Control43.9216%26.3158%
Gruul Adventures32.9412%22.2222%
Boros Cycling21.9608%42.8571%
Gruul Aggro21.9608%50%

Above are listed all of the archetypes which have had a minimum of two decks registered. Omnath Ramp represents nearly a 3rd of the meta, with Sultai Control and Mono-Red Aggro being the principle heroes recruited to struggle the super-villain. Looking at win-rates, and provided that solely three Omnath decks have made it to the Top 8, one can say it was a fruitful day for these heroes. It was Mono-Red Aggro that has spiked probably the most – 58% win price and three decks put into play-offs is a powerful outcome.

Sultai Control have carried out decently as effectively, exhibiting up with 56% win price right this moment, however propelling solely two decks into Top 8. Thoralf Severin has made it into the finals the place he confronted Ronald Muller’s Omnath Ramp. Four Agoninizing Remorse and 14 maindeck counterspells weren’t sufficient to cease the Omnath nonetheless, as Muller secured a 2-1 win within the ultimate sequence. Note that the winner’s listing runs a full playset of Confounding Conundrum within the 60 playing cards – positively an indication of a really peculiar meta.


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