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1123 gamers have enrolled for yet one more occasion of the Red Bull Untapped collection – a string of tournaments main into the Red Bull Untapped Finals later this yr. Qualifier 4 passed off over the course of two days, with Eight rounds of Swiss play on Saturday, adopted by the Top 64 single-elimination playoff on Sunday.


Standard has been blown extensive open by this week’s unexpectedly radical bans, and the number of archetypes registered within the match is off the charts. The six most represented archetypes – Sultai Ramp, Temur Adventures, Mono Red Aggro, Temur Elementals, Mono Green Aggro and Mardu Winota have accounted for half of the taking part in subject mixed. This is clearly night time and day when in comparison with the state of the metagame of the weeks prior, when the identical 50% quota was designated completely to simply Reclamation decks.

Below are all the 22 (!) archetypes with no less than 10 decks registered, and their winrates (excluding mirrors):

Archetypes% of the sphereMatch Win %
Sultai Ramp18.5218%55.9656%
Temur Adventures11.309%58.6572%
Mono-Red Aggro6.9457%50.3067%
Temur Elementals5.3428%54.7529%
Mono-Green Aggro5.2538%47.619%
Mardu Winota2.9386%46.0993%
Simic Ramp2.5824%39.6694%
Temur Flash2.4043%54.6218%
Simic Flash2.4043%48.4127%
Rakdos Sacrifice2.4043%54.8872%
Orzhov Yorion2.3152%46.1538%
Mono-B Aggro1.959%48.5714%
Temur Midrange1.6919%48.2759%
Gruul Aggro1.5138%50%
Temur Ramp1.1576%51.6667%
Rakdos Knights1.0686%56.0606%
Mono-Black Aggro0.9795%43.1034%
Boros Cycling0.8905%47.3684%
Abzan Yorion0.8905%35.7143%
Bant Ramp0.8905%53.8462%
Azorius Control0.8905%50%
Boros Winota0.8905%59.2593%

It appears to be like like Sultai Ramp has solidified itself because the early frontrunner of the renewed Standard format. Although it did lose Growth Spiral, it was Bant Ramp and Temur Reclamation who’ve suffered a a lot crueler destiny, dropping format-defining staples of Teferi, Time Reveler and Wilderness Reclamation. Sultai have dominated each the Swiss and playoff components of the Red Bull Qualifier 4: finest 4 decks of the Round Robin AND finest 4 decks of the Day 2 are all Sultai Ramp decks.

With Expansion/Explosion now not being a priority, it appears that evidently there’s no deck that may constantly go excessive of what Sultai Ramp can do. Nissa, Who Shakes the World and Hydroid Krasis have returned to their forgotten glory – and hey – Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath is one other super-powerful card that escaped a ban (which is its entire taste factor, so I suppose it’s anticipated). The tournament-winning decklist by Kazune Kozaka runs full playsets of every of these staples, including candy interplay items like Heartless Act, Eliminate and Extinction Event (for creature decks) and Thought Erasure with Casualties of War (for slower matchups).

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