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(Teferi, Temporal Archmage | Art by Tyler Jacobson)

Keep your voice down! It’s the Monday after Christmas, which means the Kaldheim spoilers are going to come back out of hibernation any day now. You know what occurred the final time we woke the spoilers earlier than the content material traps have been made? People have been making spoiler movies on playing cards earlier than they even knew what these playing cards have been, so hush up!

Unfortunately, I nonetheless have a job to do, so we’ll nonetheless have an article the place we rank each planeswalker primarily based on their variety of decks on EDHREC, however you need to think about me talking in a really quiet voice. If you think about me talking too loudly, you’ll startle the spoilers. Got it? Good.

50: Chandra, Flamecaller: 4,820 Decks

I actually wish to like Chandra, Flamecaller. Starting at 4 loyalty means the -X is usually a fairly good Wrath to guard her from all however the largest boys, and the zero is great. It by no means seems the strongest, however it all the time really feel superb when you may ship lifeless playing cards for gasoline each single flip. Very tough to attract lifeless with Chandra in play.

It’s simply the +1 is so ehhhhhhh. Sure, it’s six injury, however it might probably’t get by way of a protection barely stronger than a dust wall. Every time I see the +1 on her activated, it often simply offers just a few factors of injury, then Chandra dies and the sport strikes on.

I’m going to do one thing that may most likely kill any credibility I may need ever had: I’m gonna examine Chandra, Flamecaller to Chandra Ablaze. Yeah, Flamecaller is best than Ablaze, however not for each deck, and actually, I don’t suppose by very a lot. Ablaze’s +1 can really have an effect on the board, whereas the +1 on Flamecaller does little or no. The zero on Flamecaller and the -2 on Ablaze fill related rolls. Ablaze’s -2 is way more situational, however when it goes proper, the celling is way greater than the vanilla wheel on Flamecaller, and whereas Flamecaller can defend itself fairly nicely with the minus, Ablaze really has a final to work in the direction of. Don’t get me fallacious, there’s lot of conditions the place Ablaze does nothing and dies, however when she goes off, I believe she’s usually highly effective in a means that Chandra, Flamecaller can’t be.

Over, Under, or Just Right? Overplayed: I used to be very damaging on Flamecaller, however I nonetheless suppose she’s tremendous. Maybe in decks that may make the +1 have some extra oomph, like Wort, the Raidmother.

49: Narset Transcendent: 4,829 Decks

I discover myself baffled by this collection quite a bit. Like, why is Narset Transcendent this excessive? Looking at her web page, I can see the concept that a few of her talents synergies with totally different decks. “Oh, the +1 can draw me playing cards in Superfriends. Oh, the -2 works nicely in decks with Time Warp.” Like, you’re not fallacious, but in addition, it’s not good?

Seriously, am I lacking one thing? The +1 is gonna whiff 1/Three of the time on lands even for those who’re working no creatures in any respect. More importantly, the Superfriends decks aren’t going to take a lot benefit of the -2, and the spell-based decks aren’t going to guard a ‘walker like Narset so she can do the -2. Like, I guess you’re taking part in Narset in some sorta bizarre taking turns deck that’s additionally pillowfort-esque and in addition needs planeswalkers to double spells particularly?

Over, Under, or Just Right? Overplayed: I don’t get it.

48: Vraska the Unseen: 4,843 Decks

I’m so mad at Vraska the Unseen. That +1 must be unhealthy. It is the other of safety. It does really nothing. What ought to occur 99% of the time is Vraska ticks up and makes an opponent sacrifice two creatures or one thing, after which she ought to die. It seems unhealthy, proper?

So why, my lovely viewer, my beautiful listener, my companion down this pathway of madness, is the +1 on Vraska the Unseen probably the most annoying capacity I’ve ever seen?!

I swear, every time an opponent performs Vraska and ticks up, it appears like I can’t kill it with out dropping half my board, and I’m all the time the one which has to deal with it, too. Opponents often suss out who has the largest board, so after I occur to be the one with a good board state, that’s all the time when Vraska comes down and begins dismantling it by current. It’s not like I can go away Vraska alone, both. She’ll rapidly final and put a loaded gun on the desk. Yeah, possibly you’ll have blockers for the Assassins, however do you wanna likelihood it? Maybe your different opponents would possibly say, , hypothetically, “Hey, Luke, if I kill Joseph’s blocker, then you can kill him with the Assassins, and that would be funny, wouldn’t it?” All since you didn’t suicide your board to kill her. When that occurs, you’ll keep in mind this card. Oooh, you’ll keep in mind this card for a loooooooong time.

Over, Under, or Just Right? Just Right: Ahem. Vraska additionally acquired the Vindicate as a minus for Superfriends decks, so she does have some sensible utility different than simply being tremendous annoying to me

47: Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh: 4,848 Decks

Is Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh really an excellent superb ‘walker? Not actually. His +2 is fairly unhealthy. Even as a beginner Commander participant, I rapidly discovered that Stolen Goods was fairly unhealthy since you usually hit like Cultivate off of it. The different talents are higher, however none of them are actually value 7 mana. If you simply wish to play probably the most objectively highly effective playing cards, Bolas isn’t that.

But you must know by now that not a single soul taking part in Nicky B is apprehensive about energy stage issues. Nicol Bolas won’t ever not be the good factor. When you solid an Expropriate or Obliterate off of the +2, you’ll really feel like a god. When you Mind Rot everybody each flip with the +1, you’ll keep in mind the despair in your opponents’ eyes. When you final Bolas and take out of your opponents any shred of hope that they had left of profitable the sport, you’ll cackle maniacally. How usually will these items occur? Almost by no means, however they may occur, so go forth and take a look at.

Over, Under, or Just Right? Just Right: Did Nicol was once an archer? Unfortunately, he acquired sick of it rapidly. He needed to bow-less.

46: Aminatou, the Fateshifter: 4,949 Decks

(2,364 Decks as a commander, 2,585 Decks as a card)

It’s humorous to look again on Aminatou, the Fateshifter, as a result of the precon deck she was made for was pitched as “Top of Library” issues, however that’s most likely the least spectacular factor about Aminatou. The +1 is cute. You can do cute issues like Entreat the Dead or Oracle’s Vault, however she’s not Yennett, Cryptic Sovereign. The payoffs for Aminatou as a top-of-the-library basic are tremendous, however not value constructing a deck round, and for those who don’t see any of these payoffs, the +1 is simply unhealthy.

No, I all the time discovered it humorous that the -1 is the star of the present. Turns out, Esper by no means had a blink commander to get Gonti, Lord of Luxury and Cloudblazer collectively, and now they do, so individuals ran with that, they usually by no means spoke of the +1 once more. Woohoo!

Over, Under, or Just Right? Just Right: Between that and the Superfriends decks, the place Aminatou can blink ‘walkers and reset their loyalty, she’s made a great area of interest for herself, even when the +1 finally ends up being mediocre.

45: Nissa, Steward of Elements: 5,093 Decks

Speaking of top-of-the-library shenanigans, a Simic Crystal Ball? I imply, the zero is possibly gonna discover one thing neat, however provided that you scry prematurely, and even then you need to get kinda fortunate. It’s most likely protected to imagine that you simply wish to abuse the highest of your library if you’re taking part in Nissa, Steward of Elements. That’s simple, although: Crystal Ball sees play in over 4,000 decks, there’s an enormous area of interest for the cardboard. All we gotta do is locate generals like Jalira, Master Polymorphist or Yuriko, the Tiger’s Shadow that present robust payoffs for Nissa. What options does Simic have?

Rashmi, Eternities Crafter, and… nothing else? Okay, possibly Imoti, Celebrant of Bounty, however Nissa is horrible to Cascade into, and don’t anyone try to inform me Thrasios, Triton Hero is a payoff. That’s kinda an enormous stumbling block for Nissa, isn’t it? Maybe you may department into three colors for her in Intet, the Dreamer or Illuna, Apex of Wishes, however there’s nonetheless just a few commanders that may play Nissa that additionally really need Nissa. I believe if we get just a few extra Rashmis within the Simic shade pie, she’d be a superb ‘walker, however proper now, the nicely is fairly dry.

Over, Under, or Just Right? Overplayed: You can’t even put her in Superfriends. Her final is rubbish.

44: Teferi, Temporal Archmage: 5,155 Decks

(409 decks as a commander, 4,746 decks as a card)

I might write out a pair thousand phrases on Teferi, Temporal Archmage as a commander. Mainly related to the combo he has with The Chain Veil that made him a cEDH basic. Basically, by exploiting the best way The Chain Veil and ‘walkers that are recast being new objects, you activate Teferi infinite times, make infinite mana, and draw your whole deck. I really don’t have the house to do it justice; just read this primer, I’m certain that is the Teferi most individuals see once they see this card.

However, to debate Teferi as a card, , the place most of his play really comes from, I’d want solely three phrases. Good in Superfriends. He’s acquired an excellent humorous final that works nicely with Doubling Season and different planeswalkers. That’s it. That is means much less fascinating, frankly.

Over, Under, or Just Right? Just Right: I really feel like the truth that probably the most fascinating tidbit about Teferi makes up a really small quantity of his precise playability says quite a bit, however I’m unsure what.

43: Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord: 5,226 Decks


Look, I do know you desperately wish to be within the Vampire deck, and also you’re trying, and trying, and trying so onerous, however it’s simply not gonna occur. Vampires don’t, nor will they ever need, a clunky, grindy ‘walker such as you. What are you attempting to promote them on this time? Lifegain? Come on, man, you wanna be a Windbrisk Raptor? What occurred to Sorin Markov, bringer of nightmares? If you retain making these subpar Orzhov ‘walkers in EDH, I’m gonna begin pondering of you as that Sorin from Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice, and that one’s best declare to fame was climbing the facet of a blimp.

Actually, that’s fairly metallic. Forget I mentioned that. Look, the purpose is, it’s time to maneuver on, Sorin! Edgar Markov isn’t calling you.

Over, Under, or Just Right? Overplayed: If you’re out there for a Sorin in a grindy deck the place you should buy him again a pair time like Kethis, the Hidden Hand, then I suppose this Sorin can do some work with the -X. Otherwise, cease encouraging him.

42: Lord Windgrace: 5,247 Decks

(3,360 Decks as a commander, 1,887 decks as a card.)

So I initially had an enormous exploration into Landfall and the way Lord Windgrace was the final word Landfall commander and why he shook the format, however like… it’s Lord Windgrace! He’s inside the high ten most constructed commanders of the previous two years. His each orifice oozes Landfall. You’ve most likely been whooped by him earlier than, otherwise you’re the one doing the whooping, so what? You do the write-up.

Go on. Image the most effective, most complete Lord Windgrace write up. I’ll provide you with a second, simply use your creativeness.

Over, Under, or Just Right? Just Right: Wow! I couldn’t have mentioned it higher myself! Bravo!

41: Tamiyo, Field Researcher: 5,340 Decks

Okay. Pack it up. Everybody can go residence. This collection is over. We discovered the winner of the “Works nicely with Doubling Season” award: Tamiyo, Field Researcher

Remember when all people advised you that you simply aren’t supposed to guage ‘walkers primarily based on their ultimates? You can formally take that concept and chuck it within the rubbish, as a result of the final word is principally the one purpose Tamiyo sees play. Someone would possibly say they play Tamiyo as a result of the +1 works nicely their creatures, or the -2 is a good option to cease aggression towards ‘walkers. They are mendacity. They wish to get an indestructible Omniscience. Oh, and in addition draw three playing cards, as a result of why not? Omniscience sees play in over 11,000 decks, so that ought to let you know that Commander loves this impact. Name a bad MtG combo or a 10-minute-plus flip that resulted in extravagance, and I assure it concerned both an Omniscience or infinite mana, which is principally Omniscience with additional steps. There’s a marketplace for madness.

So yeah, individuals wanna cheat out the final word, and it’s not simply Doubling Season. It’s the one I all the time attain for on this collection, however in contrast to most different two-card combos, you may simply sub it out for Deepglow Skate, Gilder Bairn, Evolution Sage, Inexorable Tide, and even traditional uptick to the final word. Look, it might not be tremendous simple to final in each deck, but when I inform individuals to not play Tamiyo, Field Researcher, I’d be telling myself to not play Tamiyo, Field Researcher, and fairly frankly, I’m not gonna do this!

Over, Under, or Just Right? Just Right: Let’s be sincere, Commander is simply the format for these of us that by no means really needed to study the massive child guidelines. Not the precise recreation guidelines, I imply the accountability guidelines. Running greater than 60 playing cards is unhealthy for consistency, don’t hold dangerous arms, and don’t play ‘walkers only for their ults. All issues I’ve by no means, and can by no means, study.

I Regret Nothing!

Shh! You imagined that one too loud!

Better. Now, quietly let me know what you concentrate on this text within the feedback. Can I lastly escape all of the Black/White Sorins? Is my hatred for Vraska justified? Let me know within the feedback. Until subsequent week.

Joseph began taking part in in Theros Block however determined that the easiest way to play the sport was to study each single card and hope that will in some way make him good at Magic. It hasn’t. He is a university pupil in Santa Fe, New Mexico and in addition enjoys studying and different video games of all sizes and shapes.

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