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Welcome to the Players Tour Finals! Today is the final day of the match and quickly we’ll study the identify of our champion! On this web page we’ll offer you all the information and protection of the occasions and matches of the Top 8. The official livestream protection begins at 9 a.m. PDT.

Top 8 Decklists

Top 8 Bracket

(all pairings have been decided randomly throughout an official draw ceremony that came about July 31)

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Metagame and Winrates

(non-draw, non-mirror, non-bye matches resulting in the Top 8)

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Upper Bracket Round 1

Top eight double elimination bracket kicks off with Riku Kumagai’s Mono Black dealing with Azorius Control piloted by Raphael Levy. Levy’s is sort of comfortable concerning the Round 1 pairing as aggro matchup needs to be far more beneficial than any of the 4 Wilderness Reclamation decks he may’ve confronted at this stage.

French participant has admitted on Twitter himself, that luck was a giant think about his Top 8 placement. His deck selection was closely influenced by one other French professional Gabriel Nassif, who himself didn’t do nicely in opposition to the sphere of Reclamation lists. Let’s see if Levy’s spectacular streak with Azorius Control continues!

Game 1: Both gamers saved 7 playing cards, although Levy’s hand undoubtedly lacked sufficient environment friendly solutions to Kumagai’s early board presence. By flip 4 when Azorius ideally needs to see Shatter the Sky, the most effective play Levy had was as a substitute to bounce Spawn of Mayhem with Teferi, Time Raveler. Luckily for management participant, Riku missed out on the 4th land to slam Rankle, Master of Pranks.

And but, Levy struggled to attract elimination, spinning his wheels with Omen of the Sea and chumping with Shark Typhoon token as Riku’s broad board lastly was capable of push by for the deadly.

Kumagai’s sideboard plan:

The sideboarding right here is fairly simple for Riku. He introduced in an extra hand disruption in type of Agonizing Remorse. His Mono Black construct performs 4 Kitesail Freebooters and 3 Duresses in major, so with a complete of 10 disruption spells after sideboarding Riku has to really feel fairly assured in his skill to dodge Shatter the Sky.

Tymaret, Chosen from Death goes out to make method for flip 2 Agonizing Remorse as his skill to exile playing cards from graveyard is irrelevant on this matchup. Also, provided that in sport 2 he can be on the draw, Kumagai felt assured sufficient to take out a land.

Game 2: After seeing a 6-lander initially, Levy needed to mulligan. Even then his beginning hand wasn’t that nice – in the meantime, Riku obtained off to a powerful begin with early creatures and hand disruption in type of Duress and Kitesail Freebooter. The Japanese participant performed rigorously round flip 4 Archon of Sun’s Grace as nicely, denying Levy a vital path to potential comeback.

Hasty Rankle got here down on schedule this time, and as soon as once more Azorius confronted a dominant board with out an entry to the sweeper. Levy flashed in Brazen Borrower to dam Rankle, however Riku adopted with a Spawn of Mayhem instantly. The French participant caught awkwardly with Omen of the Sun in hand, which was very underwhelming given Mono Black’s presence of flyers. Kumagai closed out the sport very quickly, sending Levy to the underside bracket.

Upper Bracket Round 2

We noticed an unstoppable drive that Kumagai’s deck was in opposition to Azorius Control. In the Upper Bracket Round 2 match, Riku confronted Allen Wu, whose Temur Reclamation efficiently fought off Michael Jacob’s sensational Mardu Winota record within the earlier Round. Interestingly, Kumagai did lose to Wu within the Swiss Round. Allen’s Temur construct is skewed a bit to do higher in opposition to aggro, with two Nightback Ambushers in maindeck serving to to push again in opposition to creatures in pre-sideboarded video games, and a ton of anti-aggro choice obtainable in sided video games.

Game 1: Kumagai’s early attracts have been as soon as once more simply impeccable. Knight of the Ebon Legion, adopted by Kitesail Freebooters to remove Wu’s Wilderness Reclamation and Mystical Dispute put Temur deck into a really unfavourable place. A Nightpack Ambusher on flip Four simply was not sufficient to carry off Riku’s broad board. The Japanese Pro closed the sport rapidly along with his trademark quick Mono Black begin – so many instances already we’ve seen this situation unfold.

Wu’s sideboarding plan:

Allen Wu could be very well-prepared to battle in opposition to aggro of any colour, together with Mono Black. Elder Gargaroth is an final show-stopper for any type of low-to the bottom deck, and Temur can get to solid it fairly quick because of all of the ramp spells. Scorching Dragonfire, Flame Sweep and Storm Wrath are all fairly vital elimination spells, whereas Brazen Borrower can commerce decently into Mono-Black’s 3-mana and 4-mana creatures.

Trimming a single copy of Expansion/Explosion and both Shark Typhoon or Wilderness Reclamation is a well-liked transfer with Temur as these are the playing cards that you simply don’t need to see in multiples early.

Game 2: Wu saved a 2-lander with 2 copies of Growth Spiral in hand and a single Uro. He had no entry to paint crimson, however with this a lot of ramp and biking he was set fairly nicely to seek out it. However, Temur participant obtained fairly unfortunate as he by no means managed draw that crimson supply to resolve Flame Sweep. Meanwhile, Riku’s Mono Black practice saved working straight on the opponent with none stops – Kumagai smashed for deadly on flip 4.

Lower Bracket Round 1

In the decrease bracket, you don’t have any wiggle room – a loss eliminates you for good. Raphael Levy fought for stying alive within the match in opposition to Michael Jacob’s Mardu Winota – the 2 did meet throughout Day 2 Swiss. Azorius dispatched Jacob’s spicy creation fairly simply then as go-wide Winota deck folded to Levy’s sweepers at all times arriving on time. How will it develop this time, when a lot is on the road?

Game 1: Jacob obtained off to a reasonably stable begin: flip 2 Raise the Alarm into flip 3 Venerated Loxodon might be pretty much as good because it will get. Followed by Judith, the Scourge Diva, Mardu aggro begin pushed a variety of injury initially previous Levy’s lonely wall created by Birth of Meletis. Jacob slammed Winota down on flip 5, although his triggers have been fairly disappointing – Kitesail Freebooter was the one creature to supply worth. It was nonetheless sufficient to get the job carried out although!

Levy’s sideboarding plan:

The plan for Azorius right here is two-fold: board in additional solutions to Winota, Joiner of Forces, and max out on sweepers. Aether Gust, Disdainful Stroke, Giant Killer and Brazen Borrower are all capable of maintain off the linchpin of Michael Jacob’s deck mana-efficiently.

Sky Tether and Glass Casket are all further methods to cease the bleeding, although spot elimination will not be that nice in opposition to playing cards like Raise the Alarm and Lazotep Reaver. Shatter the Sky is the one greatest card to take care of Mardu Winota – except they have been capable of stick Basri’s Lieutenant with a bunch of counters that’s.

Game 2: This time Levy managed to get Shatter the Sky in his beginning hand, whereas Jacob went down to five on the draw. His hand contained Winota in it, however wanted to attract two lands in a row to maintain the curve going. The topdecks delivered, however Jacob’s try and resolve Winota was denied by Aether Gust. Shatter the Sky adopted as soon as Azorius untapped. Another wave of creatures from Mardu deck rose rapidly; finally Jacob was capable of get one set off of Winota – and whiffed!

On the second strive it labored a lot better although – Basri’s Lieutenant was the very best creature to hit, and Jacob’s board pushed previous Archon of Sun’s Grace and his Pegasus token. Next flip, Levy’s hopes have been hanging on a Brazen Borrower bouncing a creature. It did assist delay the issues for a bit, however Azorius’s hand state at that second was simply not geared up to take care of the overwhelming board. Levy’s run within the match ended proper there, with out even a single sport win in Top 8.

Lower Bracket Round 2

Defeating Azorius Control convincingly impressed Michael Jacob on his method by the decrease bracket. In Round 2 he needed to face Christoffer Larsen’s Jund Sacrifice, which isn’t within the least a better matchup for Mardu Winota. Mayhem Devil’s pings do horrible issues to the opponent’s board, so Jacob needed to dodge that risk – or outpace it. Winota deck runs nearly no elimination or interplay, so there’s only a few methods approach to take care of that engine as soon as it’s on.

Game 1: Both gamers needed to overcome some hurdles early: Larsen mulliganed to six however nonetheless by no means noticed any Mayhem Devils, whereas Jacob did not develop any two drops. However, Woe Strider into an enormous flip Four with one more Strider and Venerated Loxodon arrange fairly properly for Winota. Larsen’s two Trail of Crumbs and two Gilded Gooses have been of no assist to him when Winota triggered 6 instances, ending the sport on the spot.

Jacob’s sideboarding plan:

Sdeboarding on this matchup fully revolves round the specter of Mayhem Devil. Michael Jacob sided in all of the elimination choices he had – Eliminate and Noxious Grasp, in addition to two copies of Devout Decree. Mardu Winota deck has a linear gameplan and the hazard of the over-sideboarding is actual, so you may’t go too wild right here in constructing your 15.

Game 2: Once once more, Jacob was capable of pull off a powerful Venerated Loxodon begin – Larsen matched it barely with double Priest of Forgotten Gods into Mayhem Devil setup. On flip 4 Mardu Winota had 24 energy on the battlefield with one more Loxodon convoke – Jund’s state of affairs was wanting very grim. Even with out Winota, Joiner of Forces, the assault that adopted was fairly devastating and compelled a variety of disagreeable chump blocks on Larsen’s half.

Mayhem Devil did a variety of face injury pinging down Jacob throughout that very same fight section, and Larsen even tried to push an assault by on his personal flip. After what appeared like an unbeatable early sport draw by Jacob, Jund because of Larsen’s wonderful piloting managed to remain within the sport for for much longer than anticipated. He even had an opportunity to win within the final flip given the suitable topdeck!

Unfortunately for the Norwegian, he didn’t hit his out, and the uncooked energy of Mardu’s double Loxodon board knocked him out of the match. An extremely shut sport that resulted in a really dramatic trend!

Lower Bracket Round 3

It was Allen Wu who despatched Michael Jacob into the decrease bracket, and Mardu Winota was wanting to get the revenge on Temur Reclamation. Given how insane the attracts of Jacob have been throughout the previous couple of rounds, he was fairly well-set for that!

Game 1: Turn 3 Venerated Loxodon, adopted by one other elephant on the flip after that, and Jacob was lacking solely Winota to name it a nuts. Meanwhile, Wu discovered himself on a triple Wilderness Reclamation hand, however with out Expansion/Explosion to utilize all of the mana. Two Shark tokens roadblocked Mardu Winota for a flip, Blast Zone did put in some work as nicely, however Jacob’s board sprawled simply too broad at that time.

Jacob’s sideboarding plan:

Game 2: Jacob was fairly comfortable to see two Raise the Alarm and a Venerated Loxodon within the beginning hand. Landrops all hit the battlefield on schedule as nicely, so Wu undoubtedly felt a ton of strain – he even discovered it essential to Dispute one of many 2-drops. Temur participant had no counters ready for Loxodon although, so the board obtained out of hand as soon as once more.

Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath escaped in time to stem the bleeding – Jacob had no clear reply and needed to simply maintain powering by. Wu saved scrying with Castle Vantress and managed to seek out Storm’s Wrath within the final attainable second – Jacob conceded instantly as soon as the sweeper had resolved.

Game 3: Early Kitesail Freebooter cleared the best way for a Venerated Loxodon on the following flip. Meanwhile, Wu had no ramp to get to that Elder Gargaroth chilling in his hand quick, and he didn’t not discover a single Scorching Dragonfire for early interplay both. The sport was over in a matter of minutes, identical to that!

Upper Bracket Round 3

The winner of this match would advance to Grand Finals, whereas the defeated participant would nonetheless get another shot to make it proper within the decrease bracket finals in opposition to Michael Jacob.

Game 1: Kumagai began the match being on the play, which usually skews the matchup in his favour considerably. Gutterbones, Knight of the Ebon Legion and Spawn of Mayhem created a threatening board presence for Riku’s facet, however Prinz was capable of stall with Teferi and Brazen Borrower bounces for some time. Hunted Nightmare got here down quickly to create big issues for Reclamation deck, and chumping with Shark tokens wasn’t the reply. Prinz was scrying desperately for a approach to come again, however saved drawing lifeless playing cards like Dovin’s Veto till the very finish.

Prinz’s sideboarding plan:

Game 2: Riku missed his third land drop, whereas Prinz did get a reasonably good opening hand with a variety of crimson elimination. Mono Black was late to the board, however saved annoying Temur with hand disruption. However, on this conflict of assets and with no board presence, Kumagai was doomed going in opposition to the Four Color Reclamation. Prinz finally ran away along with his card-drawing spells to equalize the sequence.

Game 3: Kumagai was on the play as soon as once more on this sport, however his mulligans have been too unmerciful – he needed to go down to 5. He rushed in extraordinarily agressively, selecting to pump Knight of the Ebon Legion on flip Three as a substitute of creating a 1-drop. Kitesail Freebooter took away a single copy of Justice Strike and Prinz was sweating beneath the strain.

However, a clutch Expansion on Riku’s Murderous Rider allowed Prinz to take away a Spawn of Mayhem; then subsequent flip a Justice Strike on pumped Knight of the Ebon Legion led to it killing itself as a result of deathtouch key phrase. Prinz stabilized his life complete because of an escaped Uro and Mono Black had no instruments anymore to claw again into the sport at that time. Kristof Prinz superior to the Grand Finals!

Lower Bracket Round 4

The gamers right here on this pairing in all probability had very tough thought how this explicit matchup would go. Both Mono Black Aggro and Mardu Winota are anti-Reclamation decks, and very rogueish decks at that. Michael Jacob and Riku Kumagai needed to battle right here of their battle of rogues for the suitable to present Kristof Prinz and his Four Color Reclamation deck a ultimate stand within the Grand Finals.

Game 1: Both gamers have been on their greatest begins. Riku curved Knight of the Ebon Legion into Kitesail Freeboter into Rankle, Master of Pranks. Jacob’s good begins might be even higher than Kumagai’s – double Loxodon board by flip 4 is Mardu Winota’s true win situation apparently, and not Winota herself. It was nonetheless not fairly sufficient to race Mono Black’s fliers although – Rankle dealt a variety of injury over the course of two turns, and Jacob couldn’t work together with the flying threats in any respect.

Jacob’s sideboarding plan

Game 2: Both gamers began the sport with a variety of reactive playing cards of their fingers – a number of Cry of Carnarium’s for Riku; Devout Decree’s for Jacob. Kumagai saved drawing elimination (Noxious Grasp, Heartless Act) and for some time didn’t let any of Mardu creatures stick with allow a Loxodon. Mono Black Aggro basically reworked into Mono Black Control with Knights of the Ebon Legion main the assault. It wasn’t lengthy earlier than Riku fully exausted Jacob out of assets and sealed the victory within the sequence!

Grand Finals

Riku Kumagai got here again from the decrease bracket to strive and steal the win from the clutches of the Four Color Reclamation. The Grand Finals are performed as a best-of-Three sequence of matches, and every of these matches are best-of-Three video games as nicely. Buckle up!

Match 1, Game 1: Perfect draw for Prinz within the opening sport: Growth Spiral into Wilderness Reclamation flip 3, an Expansion/Explosion for X=6 on flip 4. Meanwhile, Kumagai did not slam that very essential Knight of the Ebon Legion flip one, so Kristof wasn’t even beneath any type of noticeable strain. Utilizing its mana benefit, Reclamation deck rapidly ran away with the sport, and Uro made certain to maintain Prinz’s well being out of attain for Kumagai.

Match 1, Game 2: Once once more, no Knight for Riku, however hand disruption spell not less than took care of Rec’s interplay. Hunted Nightmare caught onto the board, blanking a Justice Strike in Prinz’s hand. Two Wilderness Reclamations on the board for him have been of little assist as Kumagai equalized the rating.

Match 1, Game 3: Prinz mulliganed to six, saved a 2-lander with a Growth Spiral, however nonetheless did not hit his third mana-source in time. His land-development was very gradual as he saved drawing completely tapped sources – the value to pay for taking part in 4 colours. Meanwhile, it was enterprise as common for Kumagai – two Knights and a Hunted Nightmare pressured opponent’s life complete till it was all carried out and dusted.

Match 2, Game 1: Prinz’s early sport was extremely awkward for some time as he saved drawing solely Growth Spirals and lands. Eventually he ripped an Expansion/Explosion along with Wilderness Reclamation and stuffed his hand with gasoline. It was at this level when the Rec deck often turns the nook – pure quantities of mana and biking will let it reply every little thing an opponent is ready to throw at it.

Match 2, Game 2: Once once more it regarded like Four Color Reclamation can be combating in opposition to its personal manabase on this sport. However, a fortunate Stomping Ground off the highest solved all Prinz’s issues immediately and Riku had now an opponent to take care of who performed an precise deck that features. Kumagai’s plan was easy and trusted: pumping his Knights, fishing for elimination with hand disruption, and focusing on Uros and Sharks with Heartless Acts.

That was working swell till Prinz topdecked a fortunate one-of Deafening Clarion to clear the board. Riku adopted up with a Rankle off the highest of his personal library, however with one other Uro getting into the battlefield the sport was quickly out of attain for the Japanese participant.

Match 3, Game 1: A sketchy maintain by Prinz with none inexperienced sources – it regarded like Reclamation began issues off simply too slowly. But after one more lucky Stomping Ground draw Kristof finally obtained there to resolve Wildreness Reclamation on flip 4. The German participant did get to solid a giant Explosion after that, although needed to go to 2 life on the next flip throughout Riku’s huge assault. Uro helped get again a few of that life and get although only one extra flip till one other Explosion pointed at Kumagai’s face sealed the sport for Prinz.

Match 3, Game 2: Kumagai lastly obtained to play out his sport plan – spammed the board with low cost creatures and turned them sideways just a few instances. Meanwhile, Prinz’s attracts have been all simply lands, and Riku took the sequence to the final one, the final word and decisive sport.

Match 3, Game 3: Knight of the Ebon Legion was doing its favorite factor as soon as once more – hitting face for Four injury on flip 3 and rising, and getting counters. However, Prinz managed to seek out Wilderness Reclamation on flip 5 to allow a key Explosion. The draw from that spell was all lands sadly, and Kristof needed to rely solely on escaped Uro to get him out of this.

Riku didn’t have a elimination to take care of the titan and had no selection however to bruteforce his method, placing Prinz at two life. Kristof saved drawing and scrying lands off of the highest till he lastly discovered Brazen Borrower to bounce Kumagai’s Hunted Nightmare and keep alive. He went from there to show the nook, stabilize with Uro – and finally resolve a championship-winning Expansion/Explosion.

Kristof Prinz piloting Four Color Reclamation is your Players Tour Finals champion!

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