Now that all of M21 has been revealed, can you go through your teaser and tell us the card or cards each hint was?,


The new core set has a lot of exciting new cards, including:• A brand new planeswalker (from a plane we’ve visited) – Basri Ket (from Amonkhet)• A card that lets you draw half of your library. – Peer into the Abyss• A +1/+1 tribal lord for a creature type that’s never had one. (A creature type with over fifty cards already in print.) – Pack Leader• A character with a Vanguard card and a legendary creature card gets a second of the latter. – Barrin, Tolarian Archmage• A card with thirty-one different options. – Sublime Epiphany• A card that gains all activated abilities of a certain subset of cards in a place it’s never done it before. – Conspicuous Snoop• A card that uses a nonevergreen named ability over twenty years old. – Teferi, Master of Time (phasing)• A card with the words “battlefield”, “cast”, “creature”, “converted mana cost”, “end of turn”, “exile”, “graveyard” and “mana cost”. – Idol of Endurance• An aura inspired from a cycle from Urza’s Sagablock – Demonic Embrace• A nonevergreen enchantment subtype returns – Shrines with Sanctum of Tranquil Light and company Core 2021 also has a number of fun reprints, including:• A popular character first introduced in flavor text. – Ugin, the Spirit Dragon• A French Vanilla mythic rare. – Baneslayer Angel• A popular aura that started as part of a cycle. – Faith’s Fetters• A card with a unique protection. – Runed Halo• Two cards played in tournaments that have been reprinted over twenty times with at least five different pieces of art – Duress & Shock• A card that’s never previously appeared in a premier set. – Grim Tutor• A card that’s never been reprinted before which has a 2, 3, 5 and 6 all appear on the card. – Massacre Wurm• A Human Monk. – Azusa, Lost but Seeking• A card from the Time Spiraltimeshifted sheet. – Tormod’s Crypt


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