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(Veteran’s Armaments | Art by Alan Pollack)

Welcome again to this collection the place we rank each Equipment based mostly on their variety of decks on EDHREC. The eagle-eyed amongst you would possibly discover that we’ve been tackling extra Equipment per article than we did in collection previous. I usually shoot for 10 playing cards an article, however for this collection I’ve been doing about 15 an article. That was simply so I may discuss extra cool playing cards after we had a number of chaff to undergo, however as we transfer in direction of playing cards that see extra play, there’s only a greater density of fascinating stuff, so beginning with this text I’m gonna be pulling again on it a bit. I’ll most likely do about 11-13 playing cards an article, however generally, we’ll get again to our common workload fairly quickly.

Why am I doing this now? Partly as a result of we’ve ranked about 100 Equipment at this level, however partly as a result of I needed some extra time to work on an excellent secret shock that’s actually actually cool, and also you now have to learn the entire thing to discover out what it’s!

Is it clickbait whenever you already clicked on the article? I assume it’s “readbait.” I’ve resorted to readbait. There you go.

175: Brawler’s Plate: 363 Decks

So I’ve talked about that Trample is a fairly overrated way of evasion; I ought to most likely again that up a bit. I have a tendency to see a number of Primal Rage-type playing cards in Commander to assist dorks get by means of and that’s not, uh, good.

Trample isn’t a nasty mechanic, per se. When you’ve acquired huge dumb dorks, it feels unhealthy to have them stopped by pretty bugs. It’s higher to have trample than to don’t have anything, however for my part, it’s the worst evasive possibility by so much. Evasion exists not solely to get by means of injury but in addition to assist assault safely. Trample does none of that. Sometimes the inexperienced deck has 10/10s, and placing a Brawler’s Plate in your 4/Four does mainly nothing towards that. At its worst, trample will do nothing as your creatures run valiantly into Borborygmos and die.

See, the factor is, you could have a selection of which evasion to play. You can play an Equipment like Brawler’s Plate which provides trample, or you’ll be able to play a card that offers flying, Shadow, intimidate, Skulk, Protection, freaking Horsemanship even. If the selection is “trample or no trample”, then you definitely decide trample each time, however that’s simply not true. You shouldn’t search to play playing cards primarily to give trample. Even the mass trample with upside, like Nylea, God of the Hunt, typically simply pails as compared to playing cards that truly grant evasion, like Siege Behemoth and even the riskier Bedlam. You don’t want this, so don’t limit your self to it.

Over, Under, or Just Right? Overplayed: I didn’t even point out the Equip Four on this card. That alone makes the cardboard fairly icky.

174: Veteran’s Armaments: 365 Decks

To reply your first query: here’s all your legendary Soldiers, and there are a number of interesting choices for Veteran’s Armaments to Equip to. Whether they encourage making a number of tokens to assault with, like Darien, King of Kjeldor & Jirina Kudro, or as a result of they need to rumble, like Tajic, Blade of the Legion & Anafenza, the Foremost, or they’ve each these issues, like Odric, Lunarch Marshal, & Saskia, the Unyielding. That’s solely a small survey of the out there choices. The auto-Equip on Armaments signifies that it’s a good possibility for mainly any of those creatures as a result of it would typically be a minimum of three or 4 energy and will get downright ludicrous.

But let’s simply ignore the auto-Equip on this factor for the second, as a result of even when it by no means auto-Equips, the cardboard remains to be fairly good. I convey up Valduk, Keeper of the Flame for nearly each Equipment, however this one appears legitimately superb with him. He makes his personal tokens for this! Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin and Xyris, the Writhing Storm additionally appears nutty with this factor. Make your individual self-perpetuating machine that simply spins and spins perpetually. You get the concept. Even if in case you have no Soldiers in your deck, Veteran’s Armaments remains to be an enormous energy increase in the fitting deck for little or no price.

Over, Under, or Just Right? Underplayed: This is a wonderful Equipment in a number of decks, and I believe that is criminally underplayed.

173: Kitesail: 369 Decks

This is principally only a case of there being significantly better stronger Equipment that give flying. Kitesail isn’t a horrible charge, however being two to Equip doesn’t justify the one energy increase right here. I suppose should you’re taking part in it, it wouldn’t be the worst factor, however even Raven Wings is extra accessible, so I’d count on to see that card first.

Over, Under, or Just Right? Overplayed: It’s not an abomination. There’s simply no cause for you to search this out

172: Trusty Machete: 372 Decks

You stand on the battlefield prepared to face the enemy planeswalker. You summon your connection to nature and take into account the very best technique to dismantle your opponent standing earlier than you: chilly, methodical, lethal severe. You smirk, predicting a quick combat as you dismantle this do-nothing upstart earlier than you hear a small buzzing within the distance. You squint to see a transferring blur on the horizon. It’s too far-off to outline the form, however you’ll be able to inform it’s transferring nearer at a quick charge. Your opponent appears you within the eye and offers a realizing smirk, mocking your ignorance. You put together your self from no matter offensive is coming earlier than you, however nothing can put together you for the monster that slowly resolves into focus. You shudder earlier than the sight as you make out what has been despatched earlier than you:

A Thopter with a Trusty Machete! 

Over, Under, or Just Right? Overplayed: Such power is clearly an excessive amount of for you to deal with, and also you flee the battlefield barely together with your life. The cursed buzzing will hang-out your nightmares perpetually.

171: Shield of the Avatar: 373 Decks

Hmm. I kinda dig Shield of the Avatar, however I don’t know why. There’re so many token decks, like Ghired, Conclave Exile, and it looks like placing this on a dork like him means he ought to mainly by no means take any significant quantity of injury once more. That’s neat, I assume?

I imply, the query is do token decks need an Equipment model of Dawn Elemental? It will get round a number of the most performed wraths, like Blasphemous Act, so it does have utility, however that’s clearly not gonna be pretty much as good safety as even a derpy card like Indestructibility. On the opposite hand, you’ll be able to transfer Shield of the Avatar round, so it may be safety for a number of creatures. Hmmmmmmm.

Like I stated, I’m kinda into this one, however I can’t level to any explicit use for it. It simply appears so low-cost to solid, and so distinctive that I can’t dismiss it utterly, even when it doesn’t appear helpful. Maybe you’ll be able to go utterly off the deep finish and run your individual injury playing cards, like Powerstone Minefield, to make this good.

Over, Under, or Just Right? Underplayed: It’s additionally fascinating with stuff like Kemba because it’s not solely synergy however helps them swing in as properly.

170: Harvest Hand: 382 Decks

You is likely to be questioning why what appears like a subpar Equipment is seeing a lot play, and the reply is it isn’t. Harvest Hand is barely seeing play as a result of it’s a Scarecrow, and Reaper King is a silly Magic card. I don’t really suppose you want this card in King anymore with the excessive variety of changelings printed not too long ago, however killing folks with Scarecrows is simply humorous, so, y’know, I’m into it.

Over, Under, or Just Right? Just Right: In conclusion, this card I’m calling an Equipment is seeing play as a result of it’s on no account an Equipment, and I’m a fraud.

169: Leonin Scimitar: 389 Decks

167: Honed Khopesh: 412 Decks

Hey! We lastly reached some precise Short Swords! Granted, Leonin Scimitar and Honed Khopesh got here out first, so, technically, ought to we be calling Short Swords Leonin Scimitars? More folks personal Short Sword, although, so I don’t suppose folks would know what I’m speaking about if I did this. Wait, do folks know what I’m taking about within the first place? Hmm.

Over, Under, or Just Right? Overplayed: I’ll save the complete dialogue for the namesake card because it sees a good bit extra play, however we’ve mainly talked about the makes use of of those playing cards. You acquired Equipment synergies? Playing these dorks is a straightforward approach to get that, however you are able to do significantly better.

168: Stormrider Rig: 395 Decks

Oooh. I haven’t precisely been an enormous fan of the Short Sword-esque stuff that we’ve been seeing over the course of this record, however Stormrider Rig is the very best components of these playing cards ramped up to eleven! In reality, you’ll be able to mainly deal with this as a write-up for Sai of the Shinobi as properly (approach greater on this record, so I didn’t need to pull the double write up), as a result of these two playing cards are each a robust argument for not taking part in Short Sword ever once more.

Basically, you pay the upfront price on Stormrider Rig, and in concept, you’ll by no means have to Equip it once more. That’s insane! Get Valduk or Koll going as quickly as they enter play. Make Halvar apply to no matter creature you need. Make Reyav begin hitting onerous when he hits the sector. It’s like taking part in a card that claims “your commander is always on.”

Plus, there’s simply basic degeneracy right here. I did simply point out Koll, and if there’s an infinite combo, it most likely works with this card. I’ve additionally been wanting to abuse Stone Haven Outfitter because it got here out, and this appears like a step in direction of doing that. I actually suppose after the thousands and thousands of unhealthy low-cost Equipment we’ve seen, you’ll be able to throw all of them within the rubbish and play both Stormrider Rig or Sai of the Shinobi as a substitute.

Over, Under, or Just Right? Underplayed: I’m slamming this in my Wyleth, Soul of Steel so quick.

166: Banshee’s Blade: 413 Decks

Okay, right here’s what you do with Banshee’s Blade: put it on Tahngarth, First Mate, Karona, False God, or another creature that will get tossed round to your opponents. Then your Banshee’s Blade will get 4 cost counters a flip! I’m actually shocked I haven’t seen this degree of dumb enacted earlier than.

Over, Under, or Just Right? Overplayed: I don’t know what else you do with this. It prices two and doesn’t give something till you hit opponents. Proliifrate is what you need to use this for, however that’s fairly underwhelming.

165: Mask of Immolation: 427 Decks

Colored Mortarpod with 100% much less creep issue, however no extra fascinating. You can do significantly better by way of sac retailers.

Over, Under, or Just Right? Overplayed: That being stated, I additionally see Torbran is taking part in this? I really feel like he’s far too scary to want this.

164: Chitinous Cloak: 438 Decks

There’s really not many good Equipment that grant menace. I imply, there’s Lucille, however that’s a can of worms you most likely don’t wanna open, and past that, there’s mainly nothing. Now, there are a few more Auras that give menace, however a number of these have coloured mana prices, and Auras are naturally worse than Equipment, so Chitinous Cloak is likely to be the very best card to fulfill its position.

It’s a wholly completely different query if any decks really need menace. It’s not really that nice evasion, so that you’ll want an precise cause to search it out over even stuff like intimidate. Odric, Lunarch Marshal is an effective one since that is three mana to give every little thing vigilance. Tahngarth, First Mate is one other good selection because it mainly makes him unblockable so he can smack whoever his present controller desires to smack. Anything else? Maybe Balan, Wandering Knight since they will swimsuit themselves up with this. Uh, that’s about it. It’s not the worst; I believe that’s sufficient random utility, nevertheless it’s not a versatile all-star we acquired right here.

Over, Under, or Just Right? Just Right: I believe I’ve linked each article Trent has ever written on this collection. Wait, I missed one: Banding!

Have Fun with All the Email Notifications, Trent!

So right here’s the particular announcement I teased you all with up on the high: I’m really gonna be placing this collection on pause for a couple of month, as a result of I hate you all, and I’m working to dwell within the desert perpetually.

Checks Notes

Whoops, misinterpret that one. Actually, we’re taking a break from this collection as a result of I owe you all some 2020 retrospective lists! Yeah, I put them on hold originally as a result of Commander Legends had simply launched and I needed to give these playing cards a while to be put into extra decks, however now that they’ve kinda settled down a bit, I believe it’s about time to overview the Lands, Mana Rocks, and planeswalkers of 2020!

I’m hopeful that I received’t have to take every week off to do this, however I even have to replace knowledge for about 1,000 Magic playing cards, so we will see.

In the meantime, what do you consider this batch of Equipment. Was I too onerous on trample and menace? Are you a fan of Stormrider Rig? Let me know within the feedback! Until subsequent month, I suppose.

Joseph began taking part in in Theros Block however determined that one of the simplest ways to play the sport was to study each single card and hope that may one way or the other make him good at Magic. It hasn’t. He is a school scholar in Santa Fe, New Mexico and likewise enjoys studying and different video games of all styles and sizes.

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