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Welcome to a different superior week of MTG Arena updates! So much has occurred prior to now week.

First, we expanded the listing of appropriate cellular units and welcomed iOS customers into the fold. Want to be taught extra? Don’t fear—we have now all the data you want on this helpful set of Mobile FAQs. And to rejoice, from now via April 30, you’ll obtain a brand new Thopter pet the primary time you log in on an Android or iOS gadget through telephone or pill.

And have you ever seen the brand new video?

We additionally revealed extra about Strixhaven: School of Mages coming to MTG Arena, and you may jump in right now with the Kasmina and Professor Onyx preorder packs. Each pack options its personal content material, together with some new sleeves and the most recent pet, Codie! Check it out:

Professor Onyx Sleeve
Codie the Codex Pet

Oh, and don’t neglect that Historic Anthology IV is offered for a short time longer.

The huge subject this week is the Mystical Archive. There has been quite a lot of dialog occurring, and we needed to clear a couple of issues up:

The Mystical Archive brings 41 new-to-Historic playing cards to the format, and a few of them are clearly so highly effective that we knew they’d warp the format round them. This runs counter to our objectives of constructing the format in a enjoyable, balanced method, so we’re banning them from the beginning.

The following Mystical Archive playing cards are banned in Historic:

  • Channel
  • Counterspell
  • Dark Ritual
  • Demonic Tutor
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Natural Order
  • Swords to Plowshares

For the remainder of the Mystical Archive, we wish to let gamers discover the highly effective interactions and show they’re issues for the metagame reasonably than prejudge. We’ll be watching this all rigorously, and the place we see threats to enjoyable, steadiness, or range, we’ll step in to repair them. The tempo of response right here could have to be sooner than normal, or we could possibly watch and wait as issues develop. Either method, we’re ready to reply correctly.

Historic will probably get a bit loopy for a short time, however that is what you’ll count on from all of a sudden having access to a few of the Multiverse’s biggest spells. Wield that energy rigorously.

Will Mystical Archive playing cards be in each retailer packs and Limited packs on MTG Arena?

Yes, and each utilizing the identical distribution as tabletop’s Draft Boosters. It can be a devoted slot, changing a standard for the shop pack, and is the 15th slot within the Limited pack (often a land in most units).

Does this imply I may get two rares and even two mythic rares in a Strixhaven MTG Arena retailer pack?

Yes, all the time one from the primary Strixhaven set, and presumably one from the Mystical Archive.

Will uncommon and mythic uncommon Mystical Archive playing cards in retailer packs be duplicate protected?

Yes. If you get a uncommon or mythic uncommon Mystical Archive card in your retailer pack that you have already got 4 copies of in your assortment, will probably be changed with one other Mystical Archive card of the identical rarity if you happen to don’t have already got 4 copies of that card. If you’ve got 4 copies of all of the Mystical Archive playing cards of that rarity, will probably be changed with 20 gems if uncommon or 40 gems if mythic uncommon. (Uncommon Mystical Archive playing cards that you have already got 4 copies of in your assortment will add Vault progress.)

Can duplicate safety convert a daily Strixhaven uncommon or mythic uncommon right into a Mystical Archive uncommon or mythic uncommon or vice-versa?

No. Mystical Archive is dealt with individually for duplicate safety functions than the primary Strixhaven set.

How are the Historic banned Mystical Archive playing cards dealt with in retailer packs?

You won’t open a Historic-banned Mystical Archive card in retailer packs till your assortment has 4 copies of each unbanned Mystical Archive card of the identical rarity. This is true when making use of duplicate safety substitute as effectively.

Do Mystical Archive playing cards change the chances of a Wildcard showing in my retailer pack?

No. The Mystical Archive slot won’t ever get replaced with a Wildcard. Only the playing cards in the primary Strixhaven set might be changed with Wildcards.

Are Mystical Archive playing cards in particular person card rewards (ICRs)?

They are within the Historic ICR pool, although not the Standard ICR pool. As is usually true for ICRs, banned playing cards usually are not included.

If I draft a Mystical Archive card, obtain one in my sealed pool, or obtain one as a person card reward and have already got 4 copies of it in my assortment, what occurs?

The identical as would occur to every other card of that rarity. You’ll obtain Vault progress if it’s unusual, 20 gems whether it is uncommon, or 40 gems whether it is mythic uncommon.

Before you ask, no there received’t be a particular, limited-time occasion on Thursday. Nope. Definitely not.

Why? Because Arena Cube returns April 2! From April 2–14, each Best-of-One and Best-of-Three Arena Cube Draft occasions can be accessible.

Check out the updated Arena Cube details for the total listing, occasion particulars, and extra!


April 2–6: Battle Historic, win prizes, and get a Thopter Pie card sleeve only for taking part in!

Thopter Pie card sleeve


  • April 2: Artisan
  • April 9: Omniscience


  • Now–April 2: Kaldheim
  • April 2–April 16: Throne of Eldraine

That’s all we have now for now. Keep a watch on our forums and @MTG_Arena on Twitter for information and different updates!

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