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The new Strixhaven: School of Mages set releases on April 15, so faculty will quickly be in session. Get prepared for a brand new aircraft, a number of new mechanics, and a library full of historical and highly effective spells. Like each new set, it additionally brings new packs to the retailer, new Draft and Sealed codecs, and thrilling new occasions.

Strixhaven is understood for its 5 schools: Silverquill, Witherbloom, Quandrix, Prismari, and Lorehold. You can learn extra about them in this introduction, take a quiz to search out out which one matches you greatest, or simply study the fashion of every faculty as you see them on the battlefield.

Choose no matter technique you favor, however it would be best to decide your favourite faculty in the first few weeks as a result of The College Cup is coming!


The schools of Strixhaven have all the time competed fiercely, and some weeks after the set launches, this competitors will come to MTG Arena. A collection of occasions will problem gamers to compete in varied codecs and characterize their faculty of alternative.

There will probably be 3 ways to attain factors to your favourite faculty throughout these occasions: including sleeves in your deck (faculty sleeves can be found from the quiz above), utilizing an avatar out of your faculty (accessible from the Mastery Web), and bringing the tome out of your faculty (the pet accessible via the Mastery Pass). The extra gadgets you convey, the extra factors your faculty will rating.

At the finish of the competitors, all gamers will obtain a reward commemorating the victorious faculty: ensure to compete, characterize your classmates nicely, and push your faculty to victory.


The College Cup isn’t the solely competitors coming with the launch of Strixhaven–we’ll even be working one other Arena Open on May 8–9, and identical to final time, this one will probably be utilizing the Sealed format. We noticed an unbelievable response to Kaldheim‘s Sealed Arena Open, and we predict Strixhaven: School of Mages and its Mystical Archive will make for an much more thrilling Sealed setting.

Similar to Kaldheim, we will probably be working our regular Best-of-One Sealed occasion a bit longer, proper up till the Arena Open, so gamers have a great venue to follow. Expanding on what we did in Kaldheim, we will probably be beginning Best-of-Three Sealed proper alongside Best-of-One, and it’ll additionally run till the Open. We noticed a promising response to Best-of-Three Sealed with Kaldheim, and we’re inquisitive about providing it for longer to see if that holds up.

Whichever mode you favor, you should have the proper occasions accessible to present you the follow and expertise to enter the Arena Open with confidence.

As one of the most prestigious faculties of magical thought in the Multiverse, Strixhaven has a number of new issues to show us. You can examine up on all the new card mechanics in detail, however learn on for some notes on how these will play out on MTG Arena.


“Mana value” is a brand new time period however a well-recognized mechanic. It means the very same factor that “converted mana cost” all the time has, and actually, all the playing cards that used to say transformed mana price (like Elspeth Conquers DeathDrown in the Loch, or Fatal Push) now say mana worth.


Learn is a brand new key phrase motion that allows you to discard a card to attract a card or, extra apparently, reveal a Lesson card out of your sideboard and put it into your hand. Lesson is a brand new card kind in Strixhaven, they usually present all kinds of results which you can name on when it is advisable.

This new mechanic has prompted two essential adjustments in MTG Arena. First, now you can view your sideboard mid-match to test which classes (or different playing cards) you could have accessible there. Just click on in your library, and you will see a button to change to viewing your sideboard. Second, there are extra adjustments coming detailed beneath.


Starting with the Strixhaven launch on April 15, Constructed Best-of-One matches will use a 7-card sideboard. Best-of-Three matches will proceed to make use of 15-card sideboards.

Why are we making this transformation? Well, playing cards in sideboards principally have two makes use of. One is to vary your deck between video games in a Best-of-Three match to higher configure it towards the deck your opponent is enjoying. The different, utilized in each varieties of matches, is what’s regularly known as a “wishboard,” a bunch of playing cards that may be introduced right into a sport from outdoors of it with playing cards which have that sort of means.

Learn in Strixhaven is a good instance of this. In a Best-of-Three match, gamers utilizing playing cards with study are pressured to determine tips on how to divide their fifteen sideboard slots between Lessons and playing cards that enhance their deck towards sure matchups. In a single-game match, just one use is relevant, so there could be no cause to not use all fifteen sideboard slots on Lessons. This is greater than could be anticipated in a Best-of-Three match. To alter for this distinction, the Play Design and MTG Arena groups arrived at the resolution to restrict the sideboard in single-game matches to seven slots.

Players can nonetheless use the identical decks as they do in the present day for each varieties of matches, however solely seven playing cards will probably be in the Best-of-One sideboard. By default as we convert to this transformation, it will likely be the first seven playing cards listed, however of course you may edit your decks to make it whichever playing cards you need, or solely have seven playing cards in your sideboard if you happen to’re simply planning on utilizing your deck for Best-of-One. The deck builder will extra clearly present which playing cards in the sideboard can be utilized in every kind of match, as proven beneath:


Ward is a brand new key phrase that represents a triggered means to counter hostile spells or talents. When a creature with ward is focused by a spell or means an opponent controls, that opponent should pay an additional price (often however not all the time mana), or else the spell or means is countered. Ward can be an evergreen key phrase, which suggests you may count on to see it come again in future units.

On MTG Arena, creatures with ward can have distinguished visuals on the battlefield, much like hexproof or indestructible. Since ward is a triggered means, not an elevated price to focus on, the auto-tapper won’t take it into consideration. Instead, everytime you goal a creature with ward, you’ll get a affirmation pop-up permitting you to resolve if you’re snug paying the value.

One nuance value noting: although failing to pay the ward price leads to a counter to a spell or means, in case your spell or means can’t be countered, you may safely ignore it. You will nonetheless be provided the probability to pay the ward price in case you need to (possibly you need to pay life to spice up your Death’s Shadow, or simply for enjoyable? We gained’t choose you).


For the full course on how the mechanics in Strixhaven play out on MTG Arena, in addition to some notes on particular person playing cards, now we have more information here.

One of the most putting options of the Strixhaven campus is the Biblioplex. It is alleged that inside you could find a replica of each spell ever forged in Magic, with the most harmful and highly effective locked away in the Mystical Archive.

All Strixhaven packs, each 15-card Limited packs and 8-card retailer packs, can have a particular slot with a Mystical Archive card. The 15-card Limited packs work simply as they do in tabletop Magic, with a devoted slot for the Mystical Archive card. In the 8-card retailer packs, it can exchange a typical.

In both pack, this slot could be both unusual (67%), uncommon (24.6%), or mythic uncommon (6.6%). This means you may open multiple uncommon and even mythic uncommon in a single pack (be careful for this if you end up first opening your sealed pool—it can nonetheless present six rares or mythic rares like regular however can even let you know what number of you opened in whole).

You can discover extra details about buying the Mystical Archive playing cards in MTG Arena here.

The Mystical Archive playing cards are additionally accessible as particular Japanese alternate-art variants:

On MTG Arena, these can be found as types, and they are often present in the standard locations, like occasion rewards or retailer bundles. Today’s weekly article has extra information on the place you could find what.

On MTG Arena, these work like the Phyrexian fashion for Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider. When you see them in your hand or assortment, they present in the styled model, and whenever you mouse over them (or faucet and maintain on cellular gadgets) or see them on the stack, they’re proven in your regular language. In a brand new UX enchancment, whenever you’re viewing these playing cards in Inspect mode, the “Printed Card” possibility will put it again in the styled view, so you may see the styled model in the bigger measurement.


Cards from the Mystical Archive won’t be Standard authorized (until they already have been), however nearly all of them will probably be Historic authorized. Let’s speak extra about “almost.”

History in Context

As MTG Arena‘s non-rotating format, Historic operates at a a lot increased energy degree than Standard. But in the broad context of Magic, there are numerous codecs (Modern, Legacy, and many others.) which can be increased powered than Historic. Unlike most non-rotating codecs in Magic, which usually embody all the playing cards after a selected set, Historic is a curated format. This means the playing cards it consists of are chosen intentionally. There are many targets we contemplate on this course of, however the core goal is to create a enjoyable, balanced, and numerous format that may steadily develop each ahead and backward—including new playing cards from Standard units, but in addition extra playing cards from Magic‘s historical past.

When pulling in older playing cards, we strive to decide on very rigorously to keep away from upsetting the stability of the format. Adding only a handful of playing cards which can be considerably extra highly effective than the relaxation of the format would warp the format round simply these playing cards, in the end limiting the pool of viable decks.

Mystical Decisions

The Mystical Archive brings 41 new-to-Historic playing cards to MTG Arena, together with some extraordinarily highly effective playing cards. Some of these are highly effective sufficient that we all know they’d warp the format, so we’re banning these playing cards from the begin.

That listing is:

These playing cards will all be authorized and seem usually in Strixhaven Draft and Sealed, however they won’t seem in 8-card retailer packs till you could have collected 4 copies of all the different rares or mythic rares in the Mystical Archive (as is regular for banned playing cards).

All these playing cards have an influence degree that places them clearly above different choices in Historic. If they have been authorized, the Historic metagame would shortly warp round them. This runs counter to our targets of constructing the format in a enjoyable, balanced method, and it will be an enormous leap ahead in phrases of energy degree reasonably than the measured progress that retains the format wholesome.

There are many playing cards in the remaining 34 new-to-Historic playing cards that could possibly be too highly effective for the format as nicely. We are taking an strategy right here much like the launch of Pioneer—apart from the playing cards above, we aren’t predetermining what is just too sturdy. But we do count on that there will probably be new decks and interactions found that can turn out to be problematic. With the playing cards above, we really feel like their energy degree and risk to the format is obvious. For the relaxation of the Mystical Archive, we need to let gamers discover the highly effective interactions and show they’re issues for the metagame reasonably than prejudge the consequence.

This might imply that we have to act shortly to right some new deck that dominates the metagame, or issues might develop in a extra naturally balanced kind. In both case, we won’t let threats to enjoyable, stability, or variety persist in the format.

And, in case you’re in search of an outlet to play these banned spells regardless of their hazard, there will probably be an upcoming FNM that permits inflicting some chaos with them.

Rounding out our large information, MTG Arena is now accessible on telephones and tablets, and the participant response there was unbelievable. One of our core targets for MTG Arena is to “get extra individuals enjoying extra Magic,” and now that everybody can play each time and wherever they need to, we’re positively seeing that!

Putting the full depth and complexity of Magic onto cellular gadgets is a problem, however that’s and all the time will probably be our plan. We won’t be simplifying or decreasing any side of Magic gameplay. Sometimes the interface or format might have to shift a bit for various gadgets, however we’re dedicated to making sure that gamers on any system can play what they need wherever they’re.

We have made a number of enhancements on cellular already since our early entry, comparable to including the means to maneuver playing cards to your sideboard whereas drafting on cellular, enabling social options, and bettering efficiency to assist a wider vary of gadgets. We are persevering with to iterate on cellular UI with the Strixhaven launch, together with enhancements like shifting the opponent’s pet to the right-hand facet of the battlefield to clear up views of the opponent’s lands. One of our subsequent targets right here is enabling the horizontal deck builder format on cellular, and extra enhancements will comply with.

We have had over 50 million video games from gamers on cellular, and the launch of Strixhaven is nice time to affix in. If you log in on a cellular system any time earlier than the finish of April, additionally, you will obtain a particular Thopter pet. There’s by no means been a greater time to discover a new solution to play Magic anytime and wherever you’re.

That’s it for the Strixhaven State of the Game—new set, new mechanics, and new platforms to play on the go. We will probably be again with one other State of the Game for Adventures in the Forgotten Realms in mid-July, or each time now we have large information to share. To sustain with all the MTG Arena information in the meantime, take a look at the newest of our weekly posts arriving every Wednesday. They will hold you updated on all the occasions, retailer choices, and some other well timed information. Until then, might your Lessons be simply realized and all of your wards maintain true.

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