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The Magic: The Gathering Finance Reddit community has discovered a neighborhood gaming retailer that inadvertently posted the paper Kaldheim merchandise sooner than anticipated on their on-line retailer. Some of those have been leaked beforehand, however the picture high quality is healthier and we’ve got the small print of the 2 Commanders from the 2 Commander Decks Elven Empire and Phantom Premonition as effectively.

We already know that Kaldheim is a world impressed by Norse Mythology and Vikings, and these product photographs give an excellent indication on what themes and characters we are able to anticipate from the upcoming set in January 2021. You can try our Kaldheim info hub the place we are going to publish all related info, together with spoilers!

Kaldheim Draft Boosters and Bundle

The basic draft boosters of the set, that includes Kaya as one of many major characters within the set! The bundle comprises:

  • 10 Draft Boosters
  • 20 foil primary lands (common body)
  • 20 primary lands (common body)
  • 1 alt-art card
  • 1 outsized spindown
  • 1 card storage field

Kaldheim Set Booster Box

Kaldheim Set Booster Box

The Kaldheim Set Booster product provides off sturdy snow vibes, and there’s little doubt that the Snow mechanic may make its method again, making its debut look on MTG Arena!

Icehide Golem

A set booster from Zendikar Rising contained the next:

  • Up to four rares
  • 1 foil in each pack
  • 1:four packs include a card from The List (which we’ll be revealing in full subsequent week)
  • There are some cool alternate frames, too (detailed under within the Draft Booster part)
  • 1 artwork card (1:20 are foil-stamped)
  • 1 token/advert card
  • 12 recreation playing cards whole

The Set Booster Box comprises 30 packs, and features a Buy-a-Box promo. The contents may change with Kaldheim.

Kaldheim Collector Booster and Collector Boosters

Kaldheim’s Collector Booster seems to be a continuation of the lately revealed Secret Lair Party Hard, Shred Harder with an identical font and artwork model:

A Collector Booster contained loads of totally different high-end playing cards in Zendikar Rising, from foils to showcase playing cards to expeditions. A show comprises 12 packs.

Commander Deck: Elven Empire

Commander Deck: Elven Empire

Elves in Kaldheim look to be aligned to the Golgari colours (Dark Elves), and hopefully we get to see some extra tribal assist just like what we had for Goblins! However, Commander Decks are a supplemental product and the playing cards are unlikely to be out there on MTG Arena because the format isn’t supported but. As for the cardboard itself, a tough transcription of what we are able to make out by u/b7XPbZCdMrqR:

Larhril, Blade of the Elves –

Legendary Creature – Elf Noble – Rare


Whenever Larhril, Blade of the Elves offers fight harm to a participant, create that many 1/1 inexperienced Elf Warrior creature tokens.

, Tap ten[???] untapped elves you management: Each opponent loses 10 life and also you acquire 10 life.


Speaking of Golgari Elves, Shaman of the Pack was one in all my favourite playing cards, and although the cardboard’s theme doesn’t match into the set we hope to see it launched to Historic sooner or later!

Shaman of the Pack

Commander Deck: Phantom Premonition

Commander Deck: Phantom Premonition

Ranar the Ever-Watchful

Legendary Creature – Spirit Warrior – Rare

Flying, vigilance

The first card you foretell[?] every flip prices {Snow}[?] to predict.

Whenever you exile a number of playing cards out of your hand, and/or permanents from the battlefield, create a 1/1 white Spirit creature token with flying.


The key phrase and the mana value is a bit onerous to make out, and it may work just like the outdated Forecast mechanic or like Tetzimoc. Spirits appear to be the Elves’ rival tribe getting some love in Kaldheim, persevering with with their theme of exiling issues and getting continued assist with sturdy playing cards comparable to Skyclave Apparition!

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