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Nexus of Fate wandered into a brand new Banned and Restricted announcement and again in time. True to kind, it it allowed you to obtain an additional Wildcard grant (versus an additional flip).

. . . We hope you respect the irony as a lot as we do.

Simply put, gamers who had beforehand obtained a Wildcard grant for Nexus of Fate when it was banned in finest-of-one Standard discovered themselves receiving a further grant this morning when the Historic ban was carried out. This is a bug, and shouldn’t be anticipated when a card finally ends up banned in a number of codecs at separate instances. Players will solely obtain Wildcards as soon as for every Standard and/or Historic banned card of their assortment. If you acquire further playing cards in-between bans in these codecs, any subsequent grants ought to solely cowl the distinction.

Collection error in your favor, we is not going to be placing these Nexus of Fate-turned-Wildcards into the graveyard. Players who obtained them will discover them shuffled into their wildcard pool as a substitute.


Speaking of including issues to your wildcard pool, Burning-Tree Emissary granted unusual Wildcards when it entered our Historic Suspension record. Again, this was a bug, and isn’t typical nor anticipated when a card is suspended. Players ought to solely count on to obtain a Wildcard grant when a card is totally banned.

Unlike the mana pool, you don’t lose unspent Wildcards as steps and phases (or scheduled upkeep) ends. Players who obtained these unintended Wildcards will be capable to maintain them, and use their refined powers when crafting.

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