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Wizards of the Coast has launched their Banned and Restricted Announcement in the present day, making modifications to just one format this time! There might be an Arena replace in the present day, with the ban going dwell then.

Cards are ordinarily suspended in Historic, however Wizards has skipped the step of re-suspending Field of the Dead – it’s banned completely.

Note that when you’ve beforehand been refunded wildcards for Field (corresponding to when it was banned in Standard), you gained’t be refunded once more. However, anybody who doesn’t have already got 4 Fields ought to get on the market and craft them proper now, because the patch may very well be very quickly and also you gained’t have the possibility to take action after it’s already out!

Read under for our commentary and the official clarification for the ban. You may take a look at the official checklist of all banned and restricted playing cards, by format, here.


Field of the Dead proved an issue early in Historic’s lifespan, being a part of its very first suspension announcement. This was no shock, since Field had already dominated a Standard atmosphere and earned itself a ban there by then. There, it’s even credited with having stored in examine probably the most notorious playing cards in latest reminiscence, Oko, Thief of Crowns, and that ought to actually show its energy since Oko was among the finest playing cards ever printed right into a Standard atmosphere and had beforehand unseen ranges of format dominance and illustration! The Oko decks, for all their absurd energy, truly had a foul matchup towards Field, so the floodgates opened and let free all method of horrors when Field was banned. While its companions within the first suspension announcement moved from suspension to being outright banned, Field stunned everybody by being allowed again into the format. Since then it has been a part of lots of the high decks, of each good ramp deck and many who aren’t fairly so aggressive!

Simply put, Field is likely one of the strongest lands ever printed, offering gamewinning late sport for the straightforward price of together with some colourless taplands and developing your deck to have loads of lands with completely different names in it, a small funding for a lot of decks – particularly ramp decks, however Field has featured in all kinds. Lands are the toughest everlasting kind in your complete sport to destroy, they’re nonetheless helpful early sport since they’ll faucet for mana and beef up your land rely, whereas utility lands like Field concurrently forestall flood, and Field helps mitigate its personal stipulation since Field will at all times fulfill one of many seven you want. Once energetic, the incidental worth supplied by Field for no mana or repairs price in any respect makes these decks ludicrously highly effective towards Control and creature decks alike – no deck combating a gradual sport can sustain, as a result of Field requires no mana or card funding: the decks it’s in can merely use their mana on different issues whereas at all times having a board and blockers accessible.

The topic of whether or not Field needs to be banned has beforehand polarised the Magic neighborhood and been the topic of nice controversy. The central arguments towards Field have been the polarising matchups towards slower decks, however loads of folks argue that the ramp decks constructed round it are too gradual for Historic anyway, and are routinely crushed by all of the quick decks. Before Amonkhet Remastered introduced Hour of Promise into the fray, this argument had some advantage and Field decks total weren’t doing that nicely. However, it’s price noting that Field comprised a helpful a part of the final banned deck, Temur Reclamation (take a look at the last ban announcement here for more information!), being primarily free to incorporate (which actually is a significant a part of the issue with Field, that it doesn’t limit your deck all that a lot…) and shopping for it numerous time to arrange/soften them up for that gamewinning Expansion/Explosion.

Unfortunately Hour, in its potential to go looking up two copies of Field of the Dead and instantly assemble an enormous board, has revitalised the deck and made it a lot quicker and extra constant. Before its ban in the present day, the Field decks had been simply maintaining with the quicker decks, whereas having the identical impact on the format – the Control and midrange methods that will ordinarily spring as much as counter the aggro meta had been wounded by its presence and recognition, to a level the place they nonetheless weren’t price taking part in even when they had been in a position to beat the quicker decks. This is compounded by the boring playstyle of the Field decks – because it seems, the technique of incorporating numerous ramp and casting that ramp within the early turns of each single sport, after which profitable each late sport just by attacking along with your horde of zombies again and again, doesn’t result in probably the most attention-grabbing or dynamic gameplay, both to play with or towards. This has been an issue with ramp decks earlier than, so the place Field gave these over the format, being by far probably the most performed technique in best-of-three, has left video games feeling unfun and unsatisfying for lots of people.

As such, it appears like Wizards has lastly felt able to act, as evidenced by the truth that they skipped the step of re-suspending Field and moved straight to banning. That may sign a pattern the place they gained’t droop playing cards twice, or extra seemingly merely will transfer straight to banning playing cards when they’re sure that these specific playing cards are issues and don’t want to collect extra knowledge first. Don’t anticipate ramp decks to go anyplace although, as Historic nonetheless has loads of incredible enablers and ludicrous payoffs for that technique working round!

Personally, I believe the Field ban is a significant constructive, vastly enhancing the format’s long-term well being whereas inspiring a resurgence in short-term brewing and innovation. Even if as folks declare, management, midrange, and different slower decks nonetheless gained’t be adequate to maintain up with aggro, ramp, and combo decks even with out Field, I’m definitely prepared to present them a shot – in any case, they put up respectable leads to extra highly effective codecs like Pioneer, the place Field is already banned! I’d argue that if these decks aren’t allowed to thrive, the format might be worse for it, and that steps have to proceed being taken to make sure format range.

Field of the Dead has been a robust drive in Historic for a lot of the format’s life. While its total win price isn’t on the high, its matchups are extraordinarily polarized. In specific, its excessive win price towards slower decks has made the format as a complete lean extra towards aggressive methods. This impact scales with the ubiquity of Field of the Dead decks, and up to date units have given the deck a number of highly effective additions, together with CultivateExplore, and, most just lately, Hour of Promise. As a results of this now we have seen each the recognition and win price of Field of the Dead decks steadily climb, and it’s presently probably the most performed Best-of-One decks and, by far, the preferred Best-of-Three deck.

Having watched the progress of this deck carefully, we really feel that this pattern is unlikely to alter. We additionally really feel that Field of the Dead is unlikely to be a wholesome a part of the format anytime quickly, so suspension is the flawed method. In order to carry a higher range to the Historic meta, Field of the Dead is banned.


  • Do you agree with the Field ban? Why or why not?
  • Are there every other bans you had been hoping for/want to see?
  • Are you excited for the Historic format going ahead?

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