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(Lathril, Blade of the Elves | Art by Caroline Gariba)

Welcome to the primary installment of Family Feud! In this collection, father and son (Mark and Max, respectively) will playtest the brand new Commander preconstructed decks towards one another (each in 1v1 and in multiplayer video games) and report their observations. They will then improve their decks and repeat the method.

Elven Empire – Mark

I selected the Elven Empire deck, commanded by Lathril, Blade of the Elves.

This deck has the makings of a robust Elf tribal deck with a improbable commander on the helm.

Deck Contents

The 99 contains the next:

Card Advantage10
Targeted Removal9
Board Wipes1 (and never an excellent one)
Graveyard Recursion5
Graveyard Hate0

Overall, it’s a fairly good unfold among the many totally different classes aside from board wipes: there are 39 creatures on this deck (lots of which have nice skills that work together with the board, by the way in which), however even in creature-heavy decks like this one, board wipes are nonetheless crucial. Also lacking is any graveyard hate; why not at the very least Bojuka Bog?

Recursion is on the heavy aspect for a deck like this one. As with many Precons, there isn’t any safety for our commander, and there’re no tutors, though I wouldn’t count on the latter. The remaining 11 playing cards embrace combat-related results that pump our Elves, present deathtouch, and so forth. In addition, there are token-generators, lots of which develop our present token base. Some general stable playing cards included within the deck are: Beast Whisperer, Elvish Archdruid, Harvest Season, Timberwatch Elf, Wolverine Riders, Elven Ambush, Elvish Promenade, Rhys, the Exiled, and Ruthless Winnower.

This deck desires to get Lathril, Blade of the Elves out early and swing away together with her menace, create a crucial mass of Elf Warrior tokens, create extra tokens, then swing in, both pumped for fight injury, tapped with Lathril’s second potential, or each!

So… how does the deck play out of the field? In 1v1 towards the Phantom Premonition deck, I obtained completely smoked by Junior. With so few one- and two-drops, this deck was simply too sluggish. Too many video games I couldn’t get a card out till flip three, so ended up saying, “Forest, Pass; Swamp, Pass” on flip one and two, respectively. Typically, by the point I obtained my commander on the board, Max both had a number of tokens to dam Lathril, Blade of the Elves or simply dealt together with her utilizing some kind of focused removing, like Curse of the Swine. I had no solution to shield Lathril, Blade of the Elves from such spells. When I did get my Elf Warrior tokens on the board, they have been ineffective in blocking Phantom’s military of flyers. He was additionally in a position to successfully blink his creatures to supply pseudo-vigilance, and his deck additionally had board wipes, which actually set me again after I didn’t have a stable recursion choice on the board.

I did additionally playtest the deck in multiplayer, the place it fared a lot, a lot better. More gamers allowed for extra time to arrange and get Lathril, Blade of the Elves out. Once out, it was simpler in a four-player recreation to search out an open goal and begin constructing the token base. Once I had this base, a card like Elven Ambush allowed me to double my tokens and actually get the engine rolling. Elderfang Venom was additionally efficient, giving my Elves deathtouch and forcing painful blocking choices for my opponents. In one recreation I used to be truly in a position to greater than maintain my very own for properly over an hour in a four-player pod towards opponents with tuned decks. Midway via this recreation, I used to be truly THE risk on the board with the opposite three gamers all ganging up on me.

Overall Thoughts

While the deck is fairly centered on the skills of this commander and is pretty balanced, this deck is just not well-constructed, particularly for 1v1 out of the field. Specifically:

  • The mana curve is terrible, with nearly no one- or two-drops. In normal, at 3.63 CMC, this deck is means too high-costed for an Elf tribal that wishes to run lean and imply. While the deck has loads of ramp, a lot of it’s too costly.
  • The interplay, for probably the most half, is sluggish, clunky, and ineffective.
  • Too a lot recursion for a deck like this, an a few of it’s contradictory (e.g., do I wish to exile a creature when it dies to play it later with Serpent’s Soul-Jar, or do I wish to put it into my grave and create a 1/1 token with Prowess of the Fair)?
  • While there are ample sources of card benefit, lots of them are clunky and situational.
  • Sometimes you simply want a card and also you want it now, not perhaps on my subsequent flip! Many video games stalled out with just one or two playing cards in my hand, often lands.

The Good News

This a enjoyable, aggressive deck to play, and it’s obtained numerous potential. It’s a wonderful first Commander deck for a lot of because it performs pretty simple. It’s additionally an awesome deck for the established participant that ought to have lots of the logical upgrades already of their assortment. As with the entire latest Commander Precons, this represents an awesome worth: with a purchase order value round $20, you get about $60 value of playing cards. The commander is stable, and her second potential may be very highly effective and straightforward to construct round. There are so many nice, cheap Elf tribal playing cards and higher interplay/ramp/draw choices available that this deck is definitely upgradable to compete at your native recreation retailer. I can’t wait to improve it and get my shot at revenge towards Max!

Phantom Premonition – Max

I selected the Phantom Premonition Precon as a result of I believed that Foretell and blink would make for an fascinating and distinctive deck. For these not acquainted, Foretell is a brand new mechanic within the Kaldhiem units. Similar to Morph, it offers a component of shock as to what precisely is face-down that helps maintain opponents off-balance. The commander of the deck is Ranar, the Ever-Watchful.

A guidelines verify confirms that if you happen to exile two creatures on the identical time or exile two or extra playing cards out of your hand, you’ll solely create one Spirit token, so one other efficient choice is to exile one in all your opponent’s creatures to create a token when your commander is on the battlefield.

Deck Contents

An in depth have a look at this deck reveals the next:

Card Advantage10
Targeted Removal8
Board Wipes2
Graveyard Recursion3
Graveyard Hate2

Overall, this deck’s stats are very stable. A tutor or two could be good, however I’m not complaining. For a Precon, this is superb.
Now, let’s have a look at the synergy within the deck:

  • 10 playing cards with Foretell, which is fairly good for a brand new mechanic (additionally, Ethereal Valkyrie can provide playing cards in your hand Foretell)
  • four playing cards that care about Foretell
  • 14 creatures with ETB results
  • Eight playing cards that blink creatures
  • 7 playing cards that make tokens
  • four playing cards that pump tokens, two of which solely pump flyers

The finest playing cards within the deck are Brago, King Eternal, Day of the Dragons, Storm Herd , Ethereal Valkyrie, Angel of Serenity, and Synthetic Destiny.

In 1v1 play, this deck was unimaginable, simply dealing with Dad and his military of Elves. In normal, it’s a extremely good Precon out of the field in 1v1 as a result of the flying tokens are laborious to cope with for many decks, particularly different Precons with restricted interplay. The deck can even simply plain outvalue the opponent in 1v1. When enjoying Dad, I actually tried to take away or neuter Lathril, Blade of the Elves as a result of I know how Elf decks win is by getting a crucial mass of Elves after which pumping them up and swinging. As a consequence, I attempted to ramp out Ranar, the Ever-Watchful shortly and begin making tokens to dam. I additionally tried to carry up board wipes to ensure I may cope with his board.

In multiplayer video games, the deck was nonetheless superb, however not spectacular like it’s in 1v1 play. In multiplayer, the 1/1 tokens aren’t sufficiently big to often make an influence on the sport with three different gamers to cope with. I shortly realized that Ranar, the Ever-Watchful is considerably worse when it’s important to deal 120 injury to win. I used to be ready to make use of explosive playing cards like Day of the Dragons to pump up my tokens, and I additionally used Synthetic Destiny to polymorph my tokens into precise creatures with helpful skills from my deck.

Overall Thoughts

  • This deck is highly effective, well-built, and a very good worth for $20.
  • Foretell is a robust mechanic. I want there have been extra stable playing cards with Foretell within the deck. Hopefully Wizards will proceed to launch extra playing cards with this mechanic.
  • This deck is a really enjoyable deck to play.
  • It is a little bit sluggish, however no extra so than most Precons.
  • The deck is considerably depending on sure playing cards (Storm Herd , Brago, King Eternal, and so forth.) and well timed interplay

In abstract, this is among the finest out-of-the-box Precons I’ve ever performed. There are many various methods to play the deck, and every recreation reveals totally different traces of play. You can simply improve or downgrade the deck to any energy degree. I feel that numerous gamers will choose up this deck, play it as is, and be very pleased with it. Dad retains speaking about an improve and rematch; I say, “Bring it on.”

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