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(Sunscorched Desert | Art by Min Yum)


Your lips are cracked. Your legs throb. Despite your dehydration, your eyes water from the wind and from the stinging sand it carries. But you crest one other dune. This one has someway despatched all its ice to the leeward facet, as if it had been briefly deposited windward, then pushed over the apex by unrelenting, eroding winds. You take pause in your temporary shelter, this softer facet of a short lived mountain. Well, all mountains are non permanent, this one simply rather more so.

Welcome to Dual Shot, the deckbuilding experiment whereby we brew two decks on the similar time… in a single deck. The checklist got here earlier than the write-up for this one, and so now I remorse not doing a Deserts-matter theme inside a Snow deck, to really seize the unusual biome of Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes National Park within the winter – Blanca Peak, or Sisnaajiní, the Sacred Mountain of the East, additionally known as White Shell Mountain, or just The Dawn, swirling snow from its nice granite crown, creating the inconceivable phenomenon of snow-capped sand dunes.

I believe the countless subject of snow and sand and all of the wet-dry winds ought to nonetheless be suitably embodied by a subtheme of counterspells, introduced right here supporting a four-color… Sand tribal deck?

A Maze of Winds

While there are regrettably no Desert shenanigans right here, non-blue counterspells ought to show dehydrating sufficient. Refer to DougY‘s excellent article, which expounds on lots of the concerns within the usually much more restricted pool of Dune-colored counters. For this checklist, we went with… nicely, all of them, practically, and whereas some are terribly situational, we do make use of a small coterie of playing cards for exchanging the less-ubiquitous elements of your hand.

Most of our counterspells are restricted by both coloration or kind, which is harmful. And in contrast to a counterspell-focused checklist in blue, we will’t actually run any payoffs like Talrand, Sky Summoner, Glen Elendra Pranksters, or Guile. Instead, right here they’re extra meant to maintain our major theme alive and working: broad, combative tokens. With any luck, your commander will breathe a Desert into being, and your counterplay will maintain the sands shifting.

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Dune-Brood Nephilim isn’t precisely legendary. More on that later. For now, our major technique is connecting with our commander, making plenty of coarse, tough, irritating stuff, and getting it in all places. To that finish, we would like plenty of lands out. That means we’re prioritizing land-grabbing sorceries over mana rocks. This additionally implies that bounce lands are out. Instead, we’ll run lands that operate in fairly the alternative vogue.

Once you’re producing some quartz, it’s as much as anthem results to make your sand price reckoning. To that finish, we’re together with Gaea’s Anthem, Glorious Anthem, Cathars’ Crusade, Forsaken Monument, and Intangible Virtue. For further width, this checklist enjoys the corporate of Parallel Lives and Anointed Procession, however since these two playing cards collectively value as a lot as a PlayStation four wi-fi controller within the default jet black, contemplate changing the pair with instruments for added top as an alternative – issues like Akroma’s Will, Collective Blessing, or Glory of Warfare. Speaking of pricey replacements, an anthem like one of many former, or perhaps a lord (and multitool) like Trostani Discordant, will make a simple substitution for Akroma’s Memorial, which by itself prices as a lot as Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the Nintendo 3DS.

The reality is that there are a number of dehydrating playing cards on this checklist, so far as one’s pockets’s water ranges are involved. Since we used principally each counterspell we had entry to, fleshing out the token technique appears most instantly apparent when contemplating substitutions – but additionally attempt advancing looting, rummaging, and wheeling methods as a way of biking by the color- or type-specific counters that may be lifeless in your hand in a given sport or scenario.

Now that the physique of the brew is sufficiently smoothed by the sands of time, it’s time to crack open the commander and coloration id with a little bit of freezing water.

Not each playgroup goes to allow you to run a Nephilim. And that’s alright, as a result of solely a slight change in administration is required to facilitate some rule-following. Tana, the Bloodsower does an outstanding impression of Ravnica’s resident sand-monster. Saprolings are inexperienced, nevertheless, so that will imply swapping out issues like Vile Aggregate, Swarm Surge, and Forsaken Monument. Perhaps for Tendershoot Dryad, Thelonite Hermit, and Rith, the Awakener?

As for the Orzhov associate, Ravos, Soultender acts as a good lord, however his graveyard recursion falls considerably flat on this creature-light checklist. Tymna the Weaver performs properly with a military of Saprolings, and card draw means you’re extra prone to have a related counterspell in hand. One other thing to bear in mind, ought to we determine to button up our shirts and run precise legendary creatures as commanders, is that Tana’s token-generation isn’t land-dependent, however quite damage-dependent, so the land ramp bundle that was ready for Dune-Brood is much less synergistic on this new context. But past that, scarcely any tinkering needs to be required. There needs to be loads of anthem results within the brew to skirt the necessity for a Voltron technique in help of Tana, though a pair of shoes couldn’t harm.


Given sufficient time, even mountains are floor to mud. It’s unusual that the mounds of reminiscence which are left behind do a good impression of the stone they have been hewn from. And like reminiscence, the sands pile up, shift, and alter, pushing their gradients into the neighboring peaks and dusty valleys. It’s these surreal moments, usually caught up within the panorama, that make us query the veracity of our experiences and our expectations. Sand and snow. Uh, tokens and counterspells. Hmm, actually gotta attempt that Snow/Desert thought out.

That’s all for this version! When have you ever brewed with commanders that aren’t fairly commanders? How do you are feeling concerning the Nephilim? What are your opinions on sand? Let us know within the feedback beneath! Till subsequent time.

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