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(Hans Eriksson | Art by Ryan Pancoast)

The chilly climate has nicely and really set in, however that doesn’t imply we will’t stay up for spring. That magical time of rejuvenation, when melting snow provides option to the primary flower buds of May, regardless of how bleak the climate is now. Just just remember to listen for indicators of bears, moose, or worse within the woods close by, lest you find yourself like right now’s commander, Hans Eriksson.

Hans Eriksson features equally to Yuriko, the Tiger’s Shadow. He attracts a card on assault, with the potential to deal large chunks of injury, albeit to 1 participant at a time. Unlike Yuriko, nevertheless, Hans may also deal that quantity of injury to himself by preventing the creature he brings into play. We’re going to wish loads of methods to guard this jolly large from his personal good temper.

If we will shield Hans Eriksson, we will deal a daunting quantity of injury in a short time. His EDHREC web page comes with an aggressive lineup of huge creatures and high deck manipulation. Cream of the Crop units us up for large hits with Terror of the Peaks and Warstorm Surge. One card particularly from Hans’ web page that stands out, nevertheless, is Hua Tuo, Honored Physician.

Is Anyone A Doctor?

Hua Tuo, Honored Physician seems in 56% of the Hans Eriksson decks within the database, however these decks aren’t taking full benefit of Hua Tuo, or the graveyard. With sufficient creatures within the graveyard, Hua Tuo, Honored Physician turns into a free Worldly Tutor each flip. Gruul may not be the primary shade mixture you consider when somebody says ‘reanimator deck’, however there’s extra precedent for it than you may assume. 

Hua Tuo, Honored Physician and Feldon of the Third Path are highly effective commanders in their very own proper, however every additionally serves as good assist for Hans Eriksson. Hua Tuo units up the highest of your deck earlier than fight, whereas Feldon brings your creatures immediately again into play. If we examine Hua Tuo’s EDHREC web page with Hans Eriksson’s, they’re remarkably related. Lurking Predators, Cream of the Crop, and Call of the Wild all seem in a excessive proportion of decks for each commanders. There are even similarities between these two and Feldon of the Third Path. Blightsteel Colossus is well-liked amongst all three, though Phyrexian Triniform hasn’t caught on exterior of mono-red.

Making a Token Effort

It positively ought to, although. Both Phyrexian Triniform and Worldspine Wurm go away behind tokens after they die, so we gained’t have to fret about retaliatory assaults after we sacrifice them. Wurmcoil Engine does the identical, whereas Hornet Queen protects us in opposition to decks operating numerous fliers. Ancient Stone Idol is one other creature that we will choose up from Feldon of the Third Path that leaves behind a token with vital energy.

These tokens additionally assist us to dig by means of our deck. If not one of the high fifteen playing cards of our library are spectacular, we will sacrifice Worldspine Wurm to dig one other 5 deep with Cream of the Crop. Greater Good merely attracts these playing cards, whereas Altar of Dementia places them straight within the graveyard. This might be dangerous if we don’t have Hua Tuo or Feldon in play but, however Reclaim and Noxious Revival give us the possibility to get better. We may even pair them with Isochron Scepter to imitate the nice physician’s impact.

Creature tokens are additionally very, superb with the most effective sources of injury in our entire deck. I in contrast Hans Eriksson to Yuriko, the Tiger’s Shadow firstly of this text, and Terror of the Peaks is what makes that comparability potential. It successfully provides the creatures that Hans brings into play double strike. If we will sacrifice that creature on the identical flip, it might be dealing triple injury, and we’ll have the tokens left to dam with. With Hua Tuo, Honored Physician in play, we will do that each flip.

Observe All Posted Warnings

Of course, this doesn’t work if Hans Eriksson goes down in his first battle. Luckily, we have now loads of instruments to guard our commander and preserve the creatures flowing. Hammer of Nazahn and Magebane Armor are the proper Equipment for any expeditions into Lhurgoyf nation.

Going mountaineering with a companion can be an effective way to remain secure. Anara, Wolvid Familiar protects Hans even from herself, similar to Vigor. Vigor might be the most effective safety impact that we have now, because it additionally permits Hans Eriksson to develop right into a game-ending risk as he frequently fights our different creatures. And we don’t even have to fret about him finally beating them, as a result of we would like them to hit the graveyard.

You are in all probability conversant in Heroic Intervention, however we will look to older mechanics to guard our commander, too. Asceticism gives hexproof to all our creatures, and may regenerate any of them if somebody tries to Wrath of God all our tokens away. If you propose to depend on Regeneration to guard Hans, nevertheless, remember the fact that the battle occurs as a part of the decision of his impact. This means you’ll must regenerate Hans Eriksson earlier than you flip the highest card of your library.

Run, Hans! Run!

But what when you don’t need to wait till your flip to place large creatures into play. You don’t must. Since we’re not losing mana by casting our creatures, we will spend it on Call of the Wild or Zoologist, as a substitute. Impromptu Raid is a superb choice as nicely. Since our creatures go away tokens behind, having to sacrifice our creatures ultimately step isn’t a draw back anymore.

By far, the most effective card in any Hans Eriksson deck goes to be Lurking Predators, although. Much like Rhystic Study, Lurking Predators will make your opponents hesitate earlier than they forged any spells. This goes doubly when you can put a creature on high of your library with Hua Tuo, Honored Physician in response to the set off. Having out Seedborn Muse enables you to do that throughout every participant’s flip. You may additionally activate Feldon of the Third Path each flip, which is likely to be even higher. Feldon provides you the demise set off on Wurmcoil Engine totally free, and it doesn’t danger it getting caught wherever apart from your graveyard.

Final Mentions

That covers the core of the deck, however I need to go over a couple of much less flashy, however no much less impactful, playing cards. Courser of Kruphix and Radha, Heart of Keld are wonderful at organising the highest of your deck, particularly with a excessive land rely. They additionally make Nissa, Vastwood Seer significantly better, making certain she hits a land as a substitute of drawing Worldspine Wurm accidentally. Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t at the least point out Neyith of the Dire Hunt. She will normally draw an additional card when Hans Eriksson assaults and makes our large creatures much more devastating in fight.

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Hans Eriksson looks like a tough commander to construct round. Having to battle large creatures might be tough to work round, but when this deck will get going its not really essential to have him on the sector. Call of the Wild and Lurking Predators do an inexpensive impression, particularly with Hua Tuo, Honored Physician and Feldon of the Third Path bringing creatures again from the graveyard as a substitute of relying solely on the highest of our library.

But what do you assume? Does altering the main focus of the deck to the graveyard make it stronger, or weaken it? What playing cards have you ever discovered work nicely with Hans? Let me know within the feedback.

Ben was launched to Magic throughout Seventh Edition and has performed on and off ever since. A Simic mage at coronary heart, he loves being given an issue to unravel. When not shuffling playing cards, Ben might be discovered misplaced in a e book or snowboarding within the mountains of Vermont.

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