Commander Clash S8 E5: Companion Week w/ Joseph Schultz from EDHREC


Keruga, the Macrosaga vs. Lurrus, the Dream Den vs. Obosh, the Preypiercer vs. Zirda, the Dawnwaker

Companions have taken most constructed formats by storm, which made us wonder the obvious question: how busted are companions in Commander? To answer this question, each of us have built a deck using a different companion in the companion zone! Since none of the Goldfish crew has any experience with companions in Commander, we enlisted the help of someone who already has such a deck: Joseph Schultz, editor and content contributor at EDHREC and host of EDHRECast! Here’s what we’ve got:

Joey plays a slightly modified version of his personal Obosh companion deck, using the damage doubling to make his commander even more lethal, Greven, Predator Captain

Richard figures if Lurrus is banned in Vintage then it has to be pretty decent in Commander too, where it’s supporting Karlov of the Ghost Council

Seth will never miss an opportunity to build a Panharmonicon deck or draw cards, so when he saw the ETB card draw trigger of Keruga he knew what he must do, building Yarok, the Desecrated

Tomer avoids building Zirda as infinite combo or Cycling, instead doing some new, innovative, never-before-seen strategy with Tajic, Legion’s Edge

How fast will Joey kill his opponents? Will Richard make a good argument for Lurrus to be banned in Commander? Will Seth durdle and draw cards (of course he will)? Find out on this episode of Commander Clash!

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