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(Lurrus of the Dream-Den | Art by Slawomir Maniak)

Companions are a game-changer. They give us entry to a free card from the beginning of the sport in alternate for some deckbuilding restrictions (and, after all, they now have an additional three-mana tax). Here on Collected Company, we’re going to check out all of them and see how we are able to construct round their quirks.

Lurrus is a little bit of an oddball to judge as a result of it’s a card that had an unprecedented affect in each format besides EDH. Turns out a format that tends to go huge doesn’t admire having a CMC restriction. It’s additionally a bit awkward to discover a commander that meets this restriction, which depart us with a commander pool of simply three, and let me inform you, none of them really feel notably good.

That being stated, Lurrus’ package is loads of enjoyable to experiment; it really works like a mini-“Muldrotha, the Gravetide“, however the truth that we’re caught in Orzhov makes it a bit restricted in what we are able to really do with it. Being Orzhov with a recursive potential signifies that individuals will are inclined to go in direction of an Aristocrat construct, however that may be a bit troublesome as a result of we lose a lot of the extra highly effective payoffs. In the tip, no matter the place we put Lurrus, there’ll all the time be this pattern of lackluster payoffs, and this hurts Lurrus so much.

Win circumstances can be onerous to come back by, however we do have some highly effective combos which are permanent-based and are simply tutorable, like Painter’s Servant + Grindstone and Mindcrank + Bloodchief Ascension.

Notable Exclusions

Endless Possibilities

Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim might be one of the best Lurrus commander because it’s the one one which has any type of direct synergy with it. That being stated, the low CMC restriction makes it troublesome to get worth from the lifegain set off.

Notable Exclusions

Karlov of the Ghost Council doesn’t have a direct synergy with Lurrus, however having available recursion for among the lifegain items can assist out a bit. The pattern of shedding the payoff continues to be in right here and, like with Ayli, we have now some assist, however not sufficient repay. We do have some assist for Soul Sister results. and this might result in an fascinating construct.

Notable Exclusions

Like Cat and Mouse

One of the largest downside when utilizing Lurrus is that win circumstances are onerous to come back by once they have to be less-than-three-mana permanents in Orzhov colours. However, what if I advised you there’s a two-mana creature that we are able to simply construct our deck round that fulfills each necessities of being a win con and being underneath three CMC? Rat Colony is strictly that.

Rat Colony is without doubt one of the few methods to interrupt the singleton in Commander. Unlike Relentless Rats, although, it’s extra versatile as a result of its potential solely cares about having Rats on the sphere. However, one of many largest issues with Rat Colony is that, with just one toughness, they’ll very simply be traded with blockers, which makes it troublesome to strain our opponents whereas rising our board. That pressures us to have a great evasion suite, and that is the place Lurrus’ restriction hits us fairly onerous.

It’s troublesome to seek out permanent-based items that fulfill the requirement. Cover of Darkness is a superb various: it’s low cost, and intimidate will be near true evasion in a number of decks. Piper of the Swarm is a strong card that gives evasion and, in longer video games, can provide our Rats a lift by creating some tokens.

Commander selection is a bit missing (to say the least), however out of all of the attainable legends, I do assume that Livio, Oathsworn Sentinel has some potential as a assist to Lurrus. In a format with loads of highly effective exile-based removing, having a strategy to shield Lurrus will be the distinction between having the ability to grind out our opponents or not. Miara, Thorn of the Glade, our different Partner commander, is a bit lackluster in a deck with out some other Elf creatures; nevertheless, when contemplating that we even have entry to Lurrus, having a very unhealthy Egg impact might assist us to dig by means of some playing cards in a top-deck mode.

For consistency’s sake, we’re a working a cantrip suite that includes low cost artifacts that we are able to sacrifice to attract a card. They’re nice as a result of we are able to mix them with Lurrus to arrange an inexpensive draw engine. Don’t count on them to be close to nearly as good as the same old blue cantrip suite, after all, however they do give us a strategy to preserve going within the later parts of the sport. They are additionally environment friendly to play on curve, since there’ll be many turns the place we’ll have an odd quantity of mana, and having these one-mana cantrips permits us to curve out extra successfully whereas additionally permitting us to see extra playing cards.

Lurrus is a crucial piece to our deck, so we have to complement its recursion potential with some safety/redundancy of our personal. Luckily for us, Orzhov gives loads of nice choices for efficient recursion sources. Call of the Death-Dweller is a superb two-for-one for that. Sevinne’s Reclamation is weaker on the entrance aspect, but it surely’s a bit extra versatile; nevertheless, after we get to flash it again, we get much more worth. Animate Dead is much less efficient than the earlier two spells, however we are able to goal our opponents’ creatures with it as properly.

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This is the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

As I stated earlier than, our Rats are fairly weak to blockers, so one strategy to counter that may be giving evasion. Another manner is to spice up the toughness of our creatures to make it more durable for creatures to commerce. Tribal boosts like Shared Triumph are cheaper than the generic anthem impact, and this permit us to play them with Lurrus.

Having one or two additional mass reanimation spells might assist us get well from these video games the place we are able to’t set up a board. Rally the Ancestors is a neat strategy to give our Rats some out-of-nowhere potential.

Incorporating Miara into our curve may be an fascinating build-around. By having some sacrifice spells to focus on Miara, we might get a bit extra worth from our second commander and get entry to some results that we wouldn’t have in any other case. I do assume that they should have a big impact, like Diabolic Intent and even Village Rites, as a result of in any other case they gained’t be well worth the three additional mana that we have to connect to them.

Lurrus is a reasonably underwhelming Companion, however that’s extra on the format than the cardboard itself. That’s a bit unhappy as a result of its potential might have been a cool artifact-based Companion and even an aggressive one. It’s additionally a little bit of a let-down that it’ll be onerous to have new commanders (particularly with additional colours) for it. That being stated, Lurrus is a really enjoyable card to play; its energy is seen, and it feels actually good to grind out video games with it.

That’s it for Collected Company! What do you concentrate on this text? What are your ideas on Lurrus of the Dream-Den? Share your opinions within the feedback.

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