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Welcome to Challenge the Stats! This sequence relies on the superior EDHRECast phase the place we pick playing cards that we expect are overplayed, underplayed, or sleepers to problem EDHREC’s knowledge on a selected commander. Here on Challenge the Stats, we sometimes usher in a visitor knowledgeable, and this week I’m excited to have Chase, AKA ManaCurves, on to assist us problem the information for one in every of her favourite Commander decks: The Locust God.

Hi, Chase! Thanks a lot for speaking Commander with me in the present day! Let’s begin off with you telling us a bit bit about your self. How did you get into Magic, and the way lengthy have you ever been enjoying? 

I’ve been enjoying Magic for over 5 years now. I received into it after I was in school. My ex-boyfriend was enjoying, and I believed it seemed actually cool and fascinating. I used to be like, “Teach me, I want to I want to learn this game,” and ever since then, I’ve been enjoying.

Can you inform us about all the good stuff you do within the Magic group?

I’m a Commander content material creator. I stream paper Commander and deckbuilding on my Twitch channel, which happens Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays at 6 pm Eastern. I additionally write articles for TCGplayer about paper Commander as effectively, particularly deckbuilding. I deckbuild collaboratively with lots of people on my stream. I discover it to be a extremely enjoyable expertise as a result of it challenges the muscle of deckbuilding and actually places me out of my consolation zone. I’ve ended up constructing a variety of issues that I usually would have by no means touched.

Not solely do you get to problem your self when constructing collaboratively, however you additionally get to have a group have partial possession of one thing that you just get to publish. One of my favourite issues, after I write concerning the decks that I construct on stream, is that it’s not simply my deck – it’s Jason’s deck, it’s Muffin’s deck, it’s a variety of different individuals who take trip of their busy schedules in numerous time zones and simply sit down with me and we make one thing actually cool collectively.

Besides Magic, what sorts of issues do you love to do?

I’m a extremely massive online game participant. I’ve been enjoying a variety of Skyrim these days. I additionally like to play Among Us, particularly with people within the Magic group. I like to knit and I additionally actually wish to learn. I’ve been studying a variety of Star Wars books these days and I discover the lore actually fascinating.

Are you into Magic lore as effectively?

I’m, and I’ve among the books, however I haven’t actually been in a position to chip away at them simply because there are such a lot of. It’s such deep lore and I really feel like I want to start out initially. I at present have the Llorwyn block of books that they’ve launched. I’ve solely made a bit indent and I really feel actually dangerous as a result of Llorwyn is my favourite aircraft as a result of it has a few of my favourite creature varieties in Magic.

Who are your favourite commanders, and what new commanders are you constructing?

So, I’ve a variety of favourite commanders. I even have means too many at present. My favourite commander is The Locust God. I’ve had that deck for so long as I’ve been enjoying Magic. However, I do have a few different favorites. I actually love enjoying Emry – that’s one in every of my ones from [Throne of] Eldraine that I discover to be a variety of enjoyable and a bit bit extra aggressive. I actually like how fast-paced she is and the way infinite she will be able to go fairly rapidly. I additionally only in the near past constructed Rograkh and Kediss, the mono-red Partner pairs from Commander Legends and I discover them to be extraordinarily enjoyable, too. I additionally actually love my Chandra tribal deck, which is piloted by Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh, the flip-walker from Origins. Currently, most of my builds occur on stream, however there are a pair that made me wish to construct them in paper. Actually, I used to be simply writing my article about Svella, Ice Shaper. I’ve fallen in love with this deck. That price ticket is telling me “you probably shouldn’t build it,” however I actually wish to.

(Check out Chase’s Svella, Ice Shaper article here)

What brings you pleasure in a sport of Commander?

Weird methods to win are enjoyable, however I additionally actually like discovering enjoyable methods to lose.

So, I actually wish to play bizarre issues and see the interactions between them. I actually wish to encounter new methods to win. An instance being, in my Rograkh and Kediss deck, I didn’t know that Fiery Emancipation works the way in which it did in there. I ended up profitable a bit bit sooner than I anticipated, but it surely was so extremely enjoyable to see and do. Weird methods to win are enjoyable, however I additionally actually like discovering enjoyable methods to lose. I do know that sounds fairly bizarre, however I’d quite lose in an thrilling, bizarre, and funky means. It makes the sport extra fascinating, as a result of I’m on the sting of my seat, and I’m like, “How are they going to do this? How are they going to pull this off?” Seeing that interplay occur is extremely enjoyable, and it’s actually cool to lose in legendary methods.

How do you are feeling about the way forward for Commander?

I feel Commander is opening up increasingly. Commander has already been such an enormous format for Wizards and I feel they’re lastly beginning to see and perceive that Commander is a really massive driver within the sport, and so they’re beginning to cater to that extra. With the reintroduction of Partners, that opens Commander as much as a complete new viewers. Being in a position to customise your deck much more is making Commander extra accessible and extra thrilling to play, too.

Numerous product these days has been geared in direction of Commander gamers, which, as a Commander participant, I like. I positively see Commander persevering with to be an enormous a part of Wizards within the close to future, particularly since we’re in the course of a pandemic. Numerous organized play and occasions are not occurring, persons are not in a position to do aggressive matches like they’d usually, or journey to play in aggressive tournaments. So, Commander has been in a position to thrive in these circumstances by way of streams, Spelltable, and Discord. I positively suppose that these are the stepping stones to having Commander develop much more as a format.

Can you inform us about your deck and The Locust God’s common technique?

So, with The Locust God, I’ve two very exact targets on this deck. The first objective is to swing out with a bunch of Locust tokens by enjoying a variety of wheels. Whenever you draw a card, you make a Locust, and so they have haste, which makes The Locust God a really deadly commander. Now, if that’s not potential, the subsequent greatest step could be to deck ourselves with Lab Man or Jace results. Having these out is a extremely good backup plan. But, I’ve to recollect to not be so keen and play them after which have them get wiped off the board early.

When we’re speaking about wheels, I’ve to ask – what’s your opinion on Hullbreacher?

Hullbeacher is unquestionably good in your Locust God deck, however I like to recommend enjoying it very fastidiously.

The dreaded query! I knew it was coming. I like Hullbreacher. I’m of the thoughts that it’s tremendous cool. Hullbreacher is basically, actually potent in The Locust God as a result of we run playing cards like Winds of Change, Wheel of Fortune, Wheel of Fate, and Windfall. So, we’re going to be making everyone draw a variety of playing cards. Normally, that’s a really scary factor to do in Commander, however Hullbreacher shuts this down. Yes, that is wonderful and offers you an enormous benefit, but it surely additionally results in a variety of feel-bad moments. I really solely only in the near past put my Hullbreacher in my Locust God deck after proudly owning it for a month or so, simply because I felt responsible working it in there. I’ve performed it in earlier decks and it led to a variety of “this isn’t good” moments. I feel that sort of ties into the entire idea of when it’s best to tempo your self enjoying video games. I really feel like I’d solely play my Hullbreacher if I knew I used to be about to win, quite than enjoying it in the course of the sport after which robbing everyone of their probability to play, and that’s a lesson that I’ve discovered lately. So, Hullbeacher is unquestionably good in your Locust God deck, however I like to recommend enjoying it very fastidiously.

So stepping into difficult the stats, are there playing cards on The Locust God’s EDHREC page that you just don’t suppose needs to be there or could be a mistake to place within the deck? 

Yeah, so these are a handful. These are literally playing cards that I ran in my first iteration of The Locust God. He’s gone by way of many tweaks and lots of adjustments to make him extra streamlined. One of the primary playing cards that I see on right here that I’d advocate most likely not working could be Arcanis, the Omnipotent. He does provide the means to faucet and draw three playing cards, however he’s very excessive in [mana] value, being six mana, and that may be extraordinarily gradual on this deck, particularly given the truth that he doesn’t have haste. If we’re enjoying our playing cards proper, pun meant, we’re going to be drawing a number of playing cards per flip anyway. So for me, I’d most likely advocate not placing them in there simply because he feels a bit bit slower. I’d quite run a Bident of Thassa or a Teferi’s Ageless Insight over Arcanis simply due to the velocity.

Another card is Jori-en, Ruin Diver. I actually, actually favored this card after I first noticed her. I believed she had a shocking design. She’s three mana, so she’s actually low value to get on the market. But, the rationale why I took her out is that she solely triggers as soon as everytime you solid your second spell every flip, and I simply didn’t really feel like I used to be getting sufficient worth out of it. So, I in the end determined to chop her. She’s good for beginning out, and perhaps an excellent substitute for Hullbreacher, however I felt that she was simply not as potent as among the different spells which might be run.

It really hurts me to say this last one as a result of I liked this card, I had it in a foil, I believed it was the bee’s knees – and it’s Mindwrack Liege. Again, it’s actually up there in CMC at six mana. It buffs your Locusts as a result of your Locusts are crimson and blue – which is why I favored the spell as a result of it simply feels actually cool to swing with 3/3s within the air quite than 1/1s. But, that secondary means proper there, the place you’ll be able to put a blue or crimson card out of your hand into play, I discovered myself very hardly ever if ever utilizing that, and it simply felt bizarre to spend six mana to buff my creatures by solely two factors. Maybe if it was a four-mana…creature, I’d nonetheless run it. But, it felt like I wasn’t getting the payoff for that mana value and I ultimately needed to chop it out of there.

On the flip facet of that, let’s take a look at some playing cards that perhaps deserve a bit bit extra love. Are there any playing cards you suppose which might be lacking or under-appreciated on The Locust God’s web page?

So, this one was really very arduous for me as a result of props to the small indie web site often called EDHREC, they’re on high of it, as a result of a variety of the playing cards I noticed in there I went, “I run this or I think this is a good addition.” I used to be really very fortunately stunned as a result of I are likely to verify the EDHREC web site for Locust God fairly steadily.

There is one piece that I want to add right here as one in every of my private favorites. I used to run it, and I took it out, however I’m really considering of slotting it again in, and that’s Gravitational Shift. Yes, it’s 5 mana, so it’s one mana cheaper than Mindwrack Liege; nevertheless, I prefer it as a result of not solely does it influence our creatures positively, but it surely impacts everyone else’s creatures negatively. I don’t know concerning the beautiful individuals studying this, however I are usually a bit cavalier with my fight steps and go away up completely no blockers. I do know, I needs to be higher about that, I’m an expert, however I actually like to swing out and swing-out arduous. I really feel like Gravitational Shift is a type of playing cards that ought to get extra love, particularly in a deck targeted quite a bit round having fliers. They don’t need to be massive, beefy fliers, however typically that little additional oomph could make a extremely massive distinction in a fight step.

Another one which I actually like is Favorable Winds. I do see it’s on right here, however the purpose why I wished to speak about it’s as a result of it’s solely in 13% of decks, and that’s not quite a bit. I feel it needs to be carried out extra due to, once more, that additional added oomph. A two-mana buff for all of our creatures with flying is basically good. The Locusts can swarm and beat face, and that’s what I actually like. I additionally really feel like persons are much less liable to assault you if in case you have a Favorable Winds out versus a Shared Animosity. There have been occasions the place I’ll play my Shared Animosity – I gained’t even have any creatures on board, I simply wish to get it on the market as fast as I can – and I’ll find yourself regretting it as a result of that’s a really intimidating card, however persons are much less possible to take a look at you if in case you have a Favorable Winds out.

What are a few of your “pet cards” in your Locust God deck?

So, one in every of my favourite playing cards in right here is Nexus of Fate. It’s the one additional flip spell I’ve on this complete deck. I don’t sometimes wish to run additional flip spells, however I actually like Nexus of Fate as a result of it’s so ridiculous. I bear in mind slotting it in right here across the time when it was very arduous to get as a result of it was a foil and folks wanted it for Standard. I believed sliding it into my Locust God deck could be humorous, and it ended up being really actually good. I’d simply wheel, and it will go to the graveyard, and I might simply shuffle my deck, or I’d play it after which play a wheel, and get again once more after which play one other additional flip. I at all times thought it was actually humorous to have that additional little little bit of taste in there that was simply completely bananas. I do know that I ought to most likely take it out as a result of it doesn’t actually match effectively with the theme, but it surely’s simply a type of spells that I feel is ridiculously enjoyable to play.

Another pet card I’ve is definitely actually good to run on this deck. But once more, I run it as a result of it brings me pleasure and it’s private for me and it’s Distant Melody. It’s such an excellent card and in Locust God it’s excellent if you happen to title Insect. I needed to study the arduous technique to not title Locusts as a result of that’s technically not the creature kind of the token. I actually prefer it as a result of it’s from my favourite aircraft: Llorwyn, and it has my favourite creature kind on it: Fairies. I’ve had this card for a extremely very long time and I even have the printing from the Sliver deck the place the foiling may be very fascinating and bizarre. I simply take a look at it and it makes me actually glad. I’ve performed it horribly after I’ve drawn three playing cards off of Locusts and I performed it after I’ve drawn 30. I simply suppose it’s a type of spells that’s only a actually enjoyable tribal spell to solid.

And my final two playing cards which might be pet playing cards have particular arts. One of them is a model new one which was gifted to me by a buddy. I lately had a decide promo Wheel of Fortune on this deck as a result of I used to be attempting to foil it out. But, I ended up promoting it and I wanted a brand new Wheel of Fortune. My buddy Travis from Hipsters of the Coast drew me one off of these little gold-bordered empty playing cards that I feel is simply the cutest. It has actually The Locust God enjoying Wheel of Fortune, and it has the letters swapped out and it’s asking you, “What should you do?” and it says “Watch ManaCurves”. I simply thought that it was the cutest factor ever, and I used to be like, “This is my new favorite card. I have to run it. I don’t even care that it’s not even a legal card. I love it.”

The last piece I’d say is my foil decide promo Sol Ring. The purpose why it’s a pet card is simply because I received it signed by Mark Tedin. When I noticed he was going to be at SCG con, I used to be like “I’m going to have him sign my Sol Ring,” and I find it irresistible. It has been like a bit piece of Magic historical past for me.

Are there any new playing cards that got here out lately that you just’ve been excited so as to add to your deck?

Well, we already talked about Hullbreacher, which is one which I’ve slowly inched into right here as a result of I used to be very hesitant to fit it in. In phrases of different newer playing cards, I lately simply added in three model new playing cards. I added one of many modal flip lands in right here, Riverglide Pathway. I sometimes are likely to run extra fundamentals than not, however having an excellent mana base is a extremely good basis to construct your deck upon.

Another card I lately added was from the newer Zendikar Rising set – it’s Sea Gate Restoration. I initially seemed on the card and I used to be like, “It’s seven mana, and I don’t really feel like it’s that great of a card,” after which I performed in opposition to it and I went, “This is actually good.” You haven’t any most hand measurement for the remainder of the sport, and if in case you have a extremely massive beefy hand, you’ll be able to draw one other massive beefy hand, too. I felt like this was well worth the mana value to fit it in. Sometimes, whenever you take a look at the mana value of a card you may not suppose it’s value it, however then you definitely really expertise the cardboard and notice it’s actually good.

And the ultimate piece that I added is from Theros Beyond Death. So, it’s a bit bit older, but it surely’s throughout the previous yr so I’d think about it new – it’s Nadir Kraken. I used to be a bit forwards and backwards on including this card, however finally slotted it in as a result of it has the choice to not solely make a extremely massive Kraken, however you additionally get tokens out of it. It’s good to generate a variety of blockers as a result of once more, I’m so cavalier with my assault steps that will probably be good to have some our bodies as much as shield me. And, it’s only a actually massive Kraken that I believed was actually neat. As for stuff from Kaldheim, I haven’t actually seen something that makes me wish to add it to my Locust God, however I’m actually wanting ahead to seeing what else comes out within the close to future.

Is there anything distinctive or particular about your deck?

So I briefly touched on it, however one in every of my favourite issues about this deck is that, as a result of I’ve had it so lengthy, it’s turn out to be one in every of my favourite items I’ve owned. I are likely to cycle by way of decks fairly rapidly as a result of I are likely to get bored. But, I’ve had this for therefore lengthy that I started the method of foiling it out. And, I don’t wish to order playing cards on-line after I’m attempting to foil one thing out – I wish to hunt them within the wild. So, if I see it in somebody’s binder or in a show case, I snatch it up. I discover that to be a really enjoyable expertise, and it’s gonna sound bizarre, but it surely makes the deck extra private for me that I used to be in a position to uncover the items of it that I wanted. So, a enjoyable truth: I’m really attempting to get all previous lands, and the artwork doesn’t matter to me as a lot because the border. I like the previous foil capturing star lands. I feel they’re attractive. I feel they’re beautiful. I actually want that [Wizards] nonetheless did that. There’s simply one thing about them that feels timeless to me, and that’s what the vast majority of the lands in my deck are.

Thanks a lot for speaking to me, sharing your insights, and serving to me problem the stats, Chase! Where can individuals discover you and what would you wish to plug?

So, I’m a content material creator, I stream collaborative deckbuilding on my Twitch channel, Tuesdays at 6 pm ET and I stream paper Commander on my Twitch stream Wednesdays and Sundays at 6 pm ET. I’m really about to start out a D&D stream very quickly, so I’m actually enthusiastic about that as a result of it’s new territory for me. That’ll be occurring each different Thursday, beginning in direction of the top of the month. I additionally write articles for TCGplayer about collaborative deckbuilding and people come out each Sunday on their web site.

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Check out Chase’s Locust God deck under!

Also, right here’s a link to her decklist in case you’re studying this, in like, a yr.

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Thanks for becoming a member of us for this particular visitor concern of Challenge the Stats! We’ll be again to our common programming subsequent time and also you’ve already voted that I’ll be difficult Liesa, Shroud of Dusk. This was a extremely shut race all week, with Belbe typically trailing by lower than ten votes! I’m so excited Liesa gained as a result of she’s my new favourite commander and a private deck I’ve been enjoying since she was launched. See y’all in two weeks!

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