Monday, September 28, 2020



I see, so can I get a maybe on a kor planeswalker in Zendikar Rising? (:,

You do know there’s an existing Kor Planeswalker - Nahiri.

Any hope to get the Alara shards triomes any time soon?,

I do think we’ll return to Alara, but I can’t promise soon.

“Tales from the Pit” #2339,

“Tales from the Pit” #2339

Un-rules question: Do the Godzilla cards have their original name, their Godzilla name, a really long name comprising of both, or two separate names...

For Un purposes, they have both names which means when checking for things, you check both and when counting things, you count both.

“Tales from the Pit” #2338,

“Tales from the Pit” #2338

when one of your ideas truly doesn’t pan out, when do you usually stop pushing it?,

When it doesn’t pan out. I create a lot of things. That means I have to let go when something isn’t working.

Have you ever asked a squirrel if they like to be pushed?,

Sally?🐿 - I prefer to be gently nudged.

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