Monday, November 30, 2020



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Theros Beyond Death Trailer Reaction

I bought to see a cool trailer and make a video about it. What do you suppose? CoolStuffInc is COOL: Patreon: ... source

Budget Magic: $92 (18 tix) Abzan Rally (Modern, Magic Online)

With Faithless Looting and Hogaak gone, is it time for a grindy, Aristocrats-ish graveyard deck to work on a price range within the format?...

MagicalHacker ā€“ šŸŒŽ The Absolute BEST Cards from Zendikar Rising! ā€“ VAULT OF THE ARCHANGEL E10 ā€“ EDHREC Welcome to Vault of the Archangel! Today, Iā€™m unveiling the twenty six playing cards from Zendikar Rising that Iā€™m...

Easily BLING your Magic Cards!

If you wish to add some character to your magic decks then contemplate making an attempt a foil peel. It is a simple course...

Against the Odds: Mardu Lich's Mastery (Pioneer, Magic Online)

What are the odds of profitable with Lich's Mastey in Pioneer? Let's discover out! ā—¼ This episode of Against the Odds is delivered to...
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