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(Breena, the Demagogue | Art by Simon Dominique)

Hello, and welcome again to Archetune-Up, an article sequence dedicated to tweaking a deck with the assistance of the EDHREC Theme Pages!

Today’s Archetune-Up goes to be a bit completely different. Not solely is that this a tremendous premium Thursday Edition of Archetune-Up, however for the primary time, we might be venturing outdoors of EDHREC’s Theme Pages and using the location’s Precon Upgrade Page to assist tune up one of many preconstructed deck from Commander 2021!

The first precon that I ever purchased was Commander 2011‘s Zedruu the Greathearted Political Puppets deck, and, as such, I’ve a penchant for decks that need to play within the realm of politics.

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This 12 months’s Orzhov Silverquill Statement deck features in an identical vein to Commander 2011‘s Zedruu deck, because it needs to govern the board by way of favors and political maneuvers to assist shut out video games. Along with this, like a lot of the preconstructed decks, Silverquill Statement has a further theme baked into it; on this case, +1/+1 Counters. This extra theme permits for some inventive and versatile deckbuilding, nevertheless it’s essential that the listing doesn’t lose focus because it has a number of shifting elements.

With all that stated, let’s transfer to the Silverquill Statement Precon Upgrade Page and see how gamers have been tuning up the deck the previous two weeks!

Sharp as a Tack… Er… Quill?

EDHREC’s Precon Upgrade Page is among the most helpful instruments the location has at its disposal. It has pages for every preconstructed deck, starting from this 12 months’s Commander 2021 deck all the way in which to the aforementioned first ever Commander set, Commander 2011!

Each web page offers a short overview of what they comprise, damaged down into the next sections:

  • New Commanders
  • Top Commanders
  • Card to Add 
  • Lands to Add
  • Cards to Cut
  • Lands to Cut

By breaking your entire preconstructed deck down into classes like these, it makes upgrading a staggering 100-card pile lots extra digestible.

Normally, after I minimize playing cards for Archetune-Up, I do a straightforward ten playing cards in, ten playing cards out. With this text, I’m going to make it even simpler and easily pull out the highest ten playing cards from the “Cards to Cut” part of the precon web page that had been listed on the time of penning this.

While a few of these playing cards I would personally maintain within the deck, I’m going to comply with participant developments and nix all ten of those, no matter private choice. This naturally raises the query: what am I going so as to add in to exchange these playing cards, and why?

The very first thing that I needed to bear in mind about this deck was that it isn’t like the typical decks that I normally pull from the location. The common decks that the location generates are an mixture of years of decklist knowledge, the place as this time, I’m taking a look at a precon from WotC. What I imply by that is that whereas preconstructed decks have vastly improved over time, they nonetheless typically don’t have the quantity of ramp that you will notice from most decks within the wild.

Plenty of different folks should assume this as properly, since Talisman of Hierarchy, Charcoal Diamond, and Marble Diamond are a number of the most added playing cards on this precon’s web page. Smothering Tithe and Monologue Tax additionally present up on the web page, and whereas I didn’t add them because of value, additionally they do a very good job at showcasing how essential gamers really feel that ramp is for this deck.

Adroit Additions

When wanting on the playing cards I minimize, I wished to make sure that I added playing cards in that both did their job higher; both by being extra on-theme or extra environment friendly, or typically each!

Since I had pulled out a handful of elimination, I wished to remember to change it. Council’s Judgment and Merciless Eviction had been excellent suits on this regard.

Council’s Judgment is a incredible elimination spell basically, nevertheless it’s additionally proper at house in a political deck. Being in a position to persuade opponents to vote in sure methods can typically result in a couple of everlasting getting exiled, which may in flip then breed extra political conditions to capitalize on! Merciless Eviction is a good inclusion in any W/B/X deck due to its versatility and pure energy, however due to these items, it may also be leveraged as a strong political instrument. You may want artifacts to be gone, however maybe an opponent wants creatures gone? With Eviction, absolutely a deal might be struck that might make each of your lives fairly a bit simpler…?

Similarly, Sphere of Safety is a strong little bit of pseudo-removal. While Sphere doesn’t outright eliminate creatures, it does one thing extra essential: it turns your opponents’ creatures away from you and in the direction of each other. There are a handful of enchantments within the deck to assist it as properly, so including an additional two- or three-mana tax to attacking creatures can typically be the nudge your opponents must go after each other as a substitute of you. More importantly, by subtly guiding your opponents to have interaction each other in fight, they may set off Breena’s capacity and sow discontent, which is the principle objective of a construct like this.

Earlier, I stated that it was essential that the deck didn’t lose its focus as a political deck, however I believe there are specific nods that we may give to the deck’s +1/+1 counter subtheme, and The Ozolith is one in all them. One of the strains that Breena has to steadiness is ensuring that you simply’re in a position to sustain with the cardboard benefit that your opponents naturally accrue from her. This might be performed in a wide range of methods, however my private favourite is ensuring that the counters you get from her stick round for the remainder of the sport. The Ozolith allows you to stack up counters all through the sport, slowly letting you snowball. This line of play is gradual and delicate, letting you construct up over time, turning any of your creatures right into a game-ending menace in their very own proper, Breena included!

The Most Silver of Tongues

While the Precon Upgrade web page is a great tool to assist tune up Silerquill Statement, I additionally assume it’s essential to check it towards the face commander’s EDHREC Page. While most individuals might be upgrading the deck proper of the field, some individuals are constructing with Breena contemporary, that means their inclusions could not find yourself being added to the upgrades web page. By balancing each of those, you’re in a position to take the most effective of each and find yourself with a stronger, extra cohesive deck!

Due to +1/+1 Counters being a subtheme within the deck, I wished to ensure that I wasn’t going out of the way in which to work for them, and as a substitute ensure that they’d be working for me. This is the place playing cards like Shinewend and Bloodtracker are available in. Both creatures are serviceable on their very own, however when mixed with Breena’s capacity so as to add counters to our creatures, they blossom into potent results that the deck adores.

With the assistance of some extra counters, Shinewend turns into a repeatable Demystify, both maintaining enchantments beneath our management or functioning as an on-board instrument that opponents can name on in the event that they need to make a deal. Conversely, Bloodtracker is a incredible method to sustain with the cardboard benefit that Breena offers your opponents. Due to Bloodtracker‘s ability, if an opponent decides they want to draw a card with Breena, you’ll finally outpace their card benefit and draw double the playing cards they’ve due to the entire +1/+1 counters positioned on them!

The inclusion of Zetalpa, Primal Dawn in Commander precon decks has develop into a little bit of a meme at this level, however I promise, it was included for a objective: a means for the deck to finally shut out video games. While I admire WotC‘s tenacity for reprinting Zetalpa on the fee of Colossal Dreadmaw, I nonetheless was compelled to exchange it with a greater win con, and Approach of the Second Sun was it.

This deck is constructed to make the most of our opponents’ actions and slowly strangle them with the favors you’re offering. Approach is used as a method to shut out video games the place you’re in a 1v1 situation or when the board is completely beneath your management, and it does each handily, offered you’ve got the turns to attract it. Additional card draw is all the time a welcome addition to any Commander deck, and that goes double for decks operating Approach of the Second Sun, as every extra card draw is theoretically a flip skipped earlier than you get to solid it once more and win!

The Silverquill Special

One last item I want to contact on earlier than I am going is the “New Commanders” part on the Silverquill Statement Precon Upgrade Page. This web page lists the deck’s face commander Breena, the Demagogue, its secondary commander, Felisa, Fang of Silverquill, and a 3rd legend, which is from Strixhaven correct…

…this school’s namesake, Shadrix Silverquill!

I believe it’s essential to say Shadrix as a possible improve to Breena. When utilizing Breena, you’re completely on the mercy of the desk by way of whether or not or not her capacity will set off, even when she will set off a number of occasions in a spherical. If you play the sport of politics properly, or in case your playgroup indulges it, you’ll be rewarded handsomely; in the event you don’t politic properly, in case your group catches on to your plans, or if you find yourself in a 1v1 situation, Breena doesn’t quantity to far more than a measly 1/three flier.

Inversely, whereas Shadrix Silverquill solely triggers throughout your flip and can assist all of your opponents, the distinction is which you can depend on Shadrix’s capacity triggering every flip, and you may tailor your political items relying on what every of your opponents needs or wants. Where Breena offers your opponents management of your deck and the way it features, Shadrix places you again within the driver’s seat and lets you make no matter determination is greatest for you on the time.

What are your ideas, although? How do you’re feeling about these adjustments to Silverquill Statement or about EDHREC’s Precon Upgrade Page basically? What about selection of commanders? Would you persist with Breena, the Demagogue for this listing, or will you be making the swap to Shadrix Silverquill? I’d love to listen to you ideas down beneath, and if you need to see extra tune-ups of preconstructed decks! Make certain to let me know!

As all the time, you possibly can attain me on Twitter (@thejesguy), the place you possibly can all the time hit me up for Magic- or Jeskai-related shenanigans 24/7. Do you’ve got any feedback, questions, or considerations? Please don’t hesitate to depart them beneath or get in contact! Stay secure, get vaccinated, put on your masks, and maintain combating the great combat. I assist you. No justice, no peace.

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