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  • The new Strixhaven: School of Mages set is launched! See our most-latestState of the Game for full particulars.
  • You can now browse your sideboard mid-match


  • Adjusted pet places on cell for higher card visibility; they now depend as a part of the “creature row” and can slide with it
  • Fixed a bug on cell that might trigger the “Pass Priority” button to be non-practical
  • Fixed a bug the place Planeswalkers exiled by Banishing Light returning to the battlefield would have double their beginning loyalty.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place creatures with modal selection combat talents had been combating twice should you had one other creature with an analogous means in hand.
  • Creatures which have gained a capability, then misplaced that means had been nonetheless exhibiting VFX related to the gained means, although it wasn’t in impact. The consumer now shows this creatures accurately.
  • Fixed a difficulty with social the place gamers had been exhibiting as offline even when on-line.
  • Fixed numerous points taking place when reconnecting throughout sideboarding.
  • Fixed visible solely concern the place the HA4 bundle confirmed 1x as a substitute of 4x within the particulars view.
  • Targeting a Kelpie Guide with one other Kelpie Guide provides no time to your timer. We see you.
  • Channel, a card that’s banned in virtually each format, works accurately with Autotap.
  • Updated oracle textual content for “Activate this ability only any time you could cast a sorcery” to a a lot pithier template.
  • Cards that browse a subset of playing cards in exile now do a greater job of solely exhibiting related playing cards.
  • You can now toggle Full Control on whereas in a browser.
  • Clue tokens had been exhibiting a Modified Cost hanger, and didn’t have tender affirm. Both points have been addressed.
  • Players can now select the colour of the second mana produced when a land is enchanted by each Lithoform Blight and Glittering Frost.
  • Inspiring Statuary now accurately highlights playing cards in hand if they are often forged with Improvise, however not with mana.
  • Opponent emotes for lands with ETB selections as soon as once more play because the land is animating right down to the battlefield, as a substitute of totally earlier than it’s performed.
  • Fixed numerous points associated to 4×Three display screen decision and property.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place gamers with As Foretold in play had been in a position to forged playing cards exiled by Gonti, Lord of Luxury as in the event that they had been foretold.
  • Fixed a difficulty with the orientation of your opponents playing cards when exiling them from Graveyard.
  • Fixed concern in social the place blocking a consumer wouldn’t take away you from their mates checklist.
  • Fixed Korean Won forex character.
  • Enabled tooltips on cell.


  • Strixhaven introduces some vital new Oracle updates, largely round altering “Converted Mana Cost” to “Mana Value” and shortening most situations of “shuffle your library” to “shuffle”.
  • Enabled in-recreation shadows for some cell gadgets.
  • There are some updates to how autotap makes use of hypothetical motion prices that ought to make it extra prone to go away up mana for extra future actions.
  • Sideboard updates
    • Secretly one of the best new function: Click in your library, and select Sideboard to browse your sideboard in the course of the match.
    • You can now freely browse your sideboard at any time throughout a match.
  • Cards in Phyrexian
    • When a card model exhibits a language apart from your localized language (once more, assume Phyrexian), proper clicking by default exhibits it in your localized language, however should you select Printed Card, you’ll see it as printed.
    • If a card model places a card in a language apart from what the consumer has set (say Phyrexian) your opponent’s copies now present up localized in revealed home windows.
    • Smart stops are a bit confused about Phyrexian mana, and gives you stops even when Yasharn is out, or you’ve too little life to pay with life. You gained’t be capable of pay for it with life, however you’ll get a spotlight and a cease as if you would.
  • Self-animating non-creature permanents now show summoning illness, so you possibly can simply inform which of your Crawling Barrens entered the Battlefield this flip and gained’t be capable of assault, even should you animate it. If you’re animating permanents another manner, and it doesn’t give them haste, search for a hanger indicating that they entered the battlefield this flip.
  • We’ve added a wise cease round playing cards like Jaspera Sentinel with the ability to faucet certainly one of your creatures in instances the place one thing else would set off when that creature is tapped.
  • We now not autotarget modal triggered talents, to present gamers an additional probability to again out and alter the mode.


  • With Strixhaven comes a brand new rule for sideboards. Best of 1 sideboards have a max of seven playing cards, whereas Best of three sideboards keep the identical. Any format (like Commander or Limited) that has a special sideboard rule stays the identical.
  • The deckbuilder UI has been modified to raised allow gamers to curate a 7 card sideboard and a 15 card sideboard in the identical deck.
    • All playing cards within the sideboard are stacks of 1, for ease of choice and switching.
    • When over 7 playing cards in a sideboard, a divider can be current.
    • Players can transfer playing cards backwards and forwards between the 7 card and 15 card sections by clicking the arrow icon to swap locations with one other card.
  • Deck import and export will protect the primary 7 playing cards listed to one of the best of 1 sideboard. No adjustments are required from the exterior deck codecs.


  • Mystic Archive playing cards and STX classes might be extra rares inside a pack.
  • Sealed pack opening will now present a mixture of the usual 6 rares, Mystic Archive rares, and STX lesson rares.
  • Sealed pack opening may also inform gamers what number of rares they opened in a pack.
  • Pack opening within the Packs tab will current a random uncommon from the rares opened in a pack.

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Strixhaven has arrived! New packs, bundles, card types, and Set Mastery await, together with the mysterious Mystical Archive!


Strixhaven Stickers Bundle

  • Rowan Sticker
  • Will Sticker
  • Professor Onyx Sticker

Cost: 1,000 Gems or 5,000 Gold

Mila Bundle

  • Mila Pet
  • Mila, Crafty Companion Sleeve

Cost: 3,000 Gems or 15,000 Gold

Strixhaven Borderless Planeswalkers Bundle

  • Professor Onyx Card Style
  • Mila, Crafty Companion Card Style
  • Rowan, Scholar of Sparks Card Style
  • Kasmina, Enigma Sage Card Style

Cost: 1,280 Gems or 6,400 Gold

Borderless Founder Dragons Bundle

  • Beledros Witherbloom Card Style
  • Galazeth Prismari Card Style
  • Shadrix Silverquill Card Style
  • Tanazir Quandrix Card Style
  • Velomachus Lorehold Card Style

Cost: 1,000 Gems or 5,000 Gold

Mystical Archive Styles: White

  • Approach of the Second Sun Card Style
  • Day of Judgment Card Style
  • Ephemerate Card Style
  • Gift of Estates Card Style
  • Mana Tithe Card Style
  • Teferi’s Protection Card Style

Cost: 2,000 Gems or 10,000 Gold

Mystical Archive Styles: Blue

  • Blue Sun’s Zenith Card Style
  • Compulsive Research Card Style
  • Memory Lapse Card Style
  • Mind’s Desire Card Style
  • Negate Card Style
  • Tezzeret’s Gambit Card Style
  • Time Warp Card Style
  • Whirlwind Denial Card Style

Cost: 2,500 Gems or 12,500 Gold

Mystical Archive Styles: Black

  • Agonizing Remorse Card Style
  • Crux of Fate Card Style
  • Duress Card Style
  • Inquisition of Kozilek Card Style
  • Sign in Blood Card Style
  • Tainted Pact Card Style
  • Tendrils of Agony Card Style

Cost: 2,000 Gems or 10,000 Gold

Mystical Archive Styles: Red

  • Chaos Warp Card Style
  • Grapeshot Card Style
  • Increasing Vengeance Card Style
  • Infuriate Card Style
  • Mizzix’s Mastery Card Style
  • Stone Rain Card Style
  • Urza’s rage Card Style

Cost: 2,400 Gems or 12,000 Gold

Mystical Archive Styles: Green

  • Abundant Harvest Card Style
  • Harmonize Card Style
  • Krosan Grip Card Style
  • Primal Command Card Style
  • Snakeskin Veil Card Style
  • Weather the Storm Card Style

Cost: 1,800 Gems or 9,000 Gold

Mystical Archive Styles: Forbidden volumes

Contains Mystical Archive types which might be banned in Historic!

  • Demonic Tutor Card Style
  • Channel Card Style
  • Lightning Bolt Card Style
  • Counterspell Card Style
  • Swords to Plowshares Card Style
  • Dark Ritual Card Style
  • Natural Order Card Style

Cost: 480 Gems or 2,400 Gold


Now out there within the Store:

Card Styles

Now out there for buy via the Deckbuilder:

Depth Art:

  • Crush the Weak
  • In Search of Greatness
  • Behold the Multiverse
  • Demon Bolt
  • Feed the Serpent
  • Iron Verdict
  • Snakeskin Veil
  • Disdainful Stroke
  • Frost Bite
  • Raise the Draugr
  • Sculptor of Winter
  • Starnheim Courser
  • Bind the Monster
  • Bound in Gold
  • Dwarven Reinforcements
  • Struggle for Skemfar
  • Weigh Down
  • Aegar, the Freezing Flame
  • Firja, Judge of Valor
  • Harald, King of Skemfar
  • Kardur, Doomscourge
  • Koll, the Forgemaster
  • Maja, Bretagard Protector
  • Moritte of the Frost
  • Narfi, Betrayer King
  • Svella, Ice Shaper
  • Vega, the Watcher
  • Augury Raven
  • Breakneck Berserker
  • Infernal Pet
  • Sarulf’s Packmate
  • Stalwart Valkyrie
  • Alrund, God of the Cosmos
  • Esika, God of the Tree
  • Halvar, God of Battle
  • Toralf, God of Fury
  • Valki, God of Lies
  • Arni Brokenbrow
  • Orvar, the All-Form
  • Sigrid, God-Favored
  • Toski, Bearer of Secrets
  • Varragoth, Bloodsky Sire
  • Birgi, God of Storytelling
  • Cosima, God of the Voyage
  • Egon, God of Death
  • Kolvori, God of Kinship
  • Reidane, God of the Worthy
  • Draugr’s Helm
  • Dwarven Hammer
  • Elven Bow
  • Giant’s Amulet
  • Valkyrie’s Sword
  • Rune of Flight
  • Rune of Might
  • Rune of Mortality
  • Rune of Speed
  • Rune of Sustenance


  • Alrund, God of the Cosmos
  • Egon, God of Death
  • Esika, God of the Tree
  • Esika’s Chariot
  • Halvar, God of Battle
  • Harald, King of Skemfar
  • Kardur, Doomscourge
  • Narfi, Betrayer King
  • Sarulf, Realm Eater
  • Sigrid, God-Favored
  • Toralf, God of Fury
  • Toski, Bearer of Secrets
  • Valki, God of Lies
  • Varragoth, Bloodsky Sire
  • Vega, the Watcher

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