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Welcome again to MTG Arena Zone’s continued protection of the 2020 Mythic Invitational match! After two days of Swiss rounds, the sector has been narrowed all the way down to the Top 8 bracket, which can play out over the following two days. On Saturday, solely the Upper Bracket matches are scheduled – the losers in these should not eradicated however despatched to combat within the Lower Bracket as a substitute. On Sunday, we’ll see how that Lower Elimination Bracket performs out, and then will get to know the identify of the Grand Finals winner – the primary Historic Mythic Champion!

With a $250,000 prize pool and prime gamers from MTG Arena, the 2020 Mythic Invitational is the final step for Magic opponents on their path to the 2020 Season Grand Finals. Streaming dwell and performed on-line via MTG Arena, the world will watch the Magic Esports debut of MTG Arena’s Historic format as the following champion is topped.

The Top 8 is a double elimination playoff format, unfold out over the course of two days. In this text, you’ll find all the knowledge you want together with the decklists, textual content protection and dwell stream hyperlink.

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Top 8 Decklists


  • The broadcast of the Top 8 higher bracket quarterfinals, higher semifinals and higher finals commences on Saturday, September 12th at 9 AM PDT.
  • The broadcast of the Top 8 decrease bracket matches and the championship match commences on Sunday, September 13th at 9 AM PDT.

Top 8 Bracket

Quarterfinal 1

The first match of the Top 8 paired Grzegorz Kowalski’s Jund Citadel deck in opposition to Ken Yukuhiro’s Mono-Red Goblins. Both of those decks have been the only survivors of their breed – no different Citadel or Goblin lists have made it to the play-offs.

Mana-base consistency and strong creature ratio have served effectively for Yukuhiro, who has spoken out in opposition to together with Thoughseize into the Goblin construct. Meanwhile, Kowalski went in opposition to the grain this weekend and relied on Citadel in his Jund Sacrifice construct, regardless of that a lot of the opponents opted into extra aggressive Jund Sac lists. It appears like each gamers have made precisely the fitting choices on their climb to Top 8, however now it’s time to see how far their decks can actually take them.

Game 1: Both gamers have began with first rate seven-card palms, with a ton of early ramp and payoffs – Muxus and Citadel – on the prepared. Yukuhiro rushed a turn-3 Muxus with the assistance of Skirk Prospector, Wily Goblin, and Irencrag Feat, however managed to whiff utterly on the Goblin King’s set off. Jund took full benefit of that misfortune, going off with their very own Citadel combo for the win on flip 5.

Kowalski’s sideboarding:

Game 2: Ken didn’t have such a nuts hand this time, however was capable of successfully shut down the opponent’s first Collected Company output with a Goblin Chainwhirler set off. Kowalski slammed down a Mayhem Devil quickly after which made Goblins’ board improvement a really onerous process. Chainwhirler was tasked with all of the heavy lifting as Ken might discover neither his Muxus nor the ample ramp instruments. Using loads of time he was given, Kowalski efficiently arrange all his engines round Mayhem Devil and burned Yukuhiro down from 12 life in a single flip.

Quarterfinal 2

One of probably the most fascinating improvements in Historic after the discharge of Amonkhet Remastered is the Rakdos Arcanist archetype. Luis Salvatto took this listing and piloted extremely effectively, incomes 12 wins with it and claiming No.1 seed after the Swiss Round. The solely Sultai Midrange listing of the Top 8 was taken there by Seth Manfield. It is a really well-known archetype, capable of adapt to any matchup – although Manfield himself believed Salvatto to be a slight favourite within the head-to-head. Rakdos Arcanist goes after Sultai’s most valuable useful resource – its playing cards – and Kroxa is a really pesky risk to cope with.

Game 1: Salvatto opted right into a dangerous maintain, taking an opportunity with a hand with three lands, however no purple sources amongst them. The deck punished Luis, as he saved drawing Swamps with Young Pyromancer and Kroxa getting caught in his hand. Meanwhile, Seth was creating his ramp and casting larger and larger Krasises. Salvatto conceded on flip 6 with out ever discovering that purple supply.

Manfield’s sideboarding:

Game 2: This time Salvatto began with good mana and an ideal sequence: Thoughtseize flip 1 into Dreadhorde Arcanist flip 2. The Rakdos deck saved disrupting Manfield’s hand every flip, whereas additionally taking maintain of the board with the Elemental tokens produced by Young Pyromancer. Sultai tried to mitigate that with Krasises, however Seth didn’t have entry to sufficient mana to make his performs actually impactful. All his hopes have been on discovering both the Extinction Event or Languish it appeared, as Uro was the one the momentary impediment for Salvatto. Sure sufficient, a Spark Harvest quickly handled the stays of Manfield’s board, taking the match to sport three.

Game 3: Sultai began with a land-heavy hand, however Grafdigger’s Cage and Uro have been sufficient to coerce Manfield into a snug maintain. He ramped into flip 4 Nissa, however Salvatto had two Spark Harvest’s on the able to cope with each the planeswalker and the land that was animated. Meanwhile, Seth ended up being hosed by his personal Cage, as his Uro bought caught within the graveyard unable to flee. Rakdos managed to assemble a large board with the assistance of Young Pyromancer, whereas Sultai flooded out into the oblivion, forcing a concession out of Seth Manfield.

Quarterfinal 3

David Steinberg climbed into the Top 8 taking part in a relatively distinctive Jund Sacrifice construct for this match. He run no Collected Companies and no Citadels both, as a substitute going with Trail of Crumbs route because the essential mid-to-late-game card benefit engine. Korvold, Vraska and Murderous Rider are additionally there in Steinberg’s listing, which provides this Jund Sacrifice model a really distinct minrangey really feel.

Matt Nass stayed true to his combo playstyle affections and registered a Mono-Black Gift listing for the match. He ended up avoiding most of Leylines of the Void, and, backed up by the masterful play, after all, went on a powerful 6-Zero run on Day 2, which did put him into the Top 8 comfortably.

Game 1: Steinberg needed to go to six playing cards, and saved a hand that was missing a purple supply. As a trade-off, his cat-oven combo was on-line on flip 2. Meanwhile, Nass developed two Fiend Artisans that threatened to essentially get out of hand rapidly. Luckily for Steinberg, he managed to attract a purple supply in time to unlock three copies of Claim the Firstborn in his hand. On flip 5, he additionally drew right into a Mayhem Devil, and the pinging worth practice involving two Ovens has left the station at that time.

Matt Nass was capable of urgently reply it with Ravenous Chupacabra, although Devil did wreck the board state closely by that point. To make issues worse, Steinberg stole a Fiend Artisan and used it to fetch one other Mayhem Devil, sacrificing Artisan to Witch’s Oven afterward. This play led to an awesome benefit for Steinberg, who closed out the sport quickly after.

Steinberg’s sideboarding:

Game 2: Jund went to five playing cards, whereas Nass began out with an influence curve, culminating in a flip 4 Rankle and flip 5 Massacre Wurm. It was a clear and straightforward win for Mono-Black that was capable of aggro its opponent down.

Game 3: Matt Nass thoughtseized Steinberg’s Mayhem Devil on flip 2, however the opponent then topdecked one other copy of that essential card on the very subsequent flip. This one over time put the Gift participant to five life earlier than taking place, whereas the cat-oven combo did the remainder. Another sport that went a snowballing route, versus an extremely grindy and lengthy first sport of the sequence.

Quarterfinal 4

This one was a real mirror match – not solely these two Hall of Famers have been taking part in the identical archetype, however they did additionally registered the identical precise 75-card listing for this weekend – being the testing companions for the occasion. An aggressively slanted Jund Sacrifice model popularized by Crokeyz, it drops Bolas’s Citadel in favour of Cat-Oven and runs environment friendly early sport creatures like Dreadhorde Butcher, this listing did effectively for each gamers. Nassif, who is thought for his Azorius Control allegiances, picked up an uncharacteristic archetype however nonetheless piloted it masterfully. Meanwhile, LSV was all the time a giant fan of Collected Company so his selection was extra consistent with expectations.

Game 1: LSV began with a 2-lander, but additionally with the cat-oven combo able to go. Nassif drew two Butchers, however with a wholesome ratio of lands to spells. Unfortunately for the previous, he fell behind early after lacking his third land-drop. Gabriel Nassif did run away with the sport with a good looking curve-out not giving his opponent any possibilities of catching up.

Nassif’s sideboarding:

Game 2: This time we had an precise sport on our palms as each gamers have been good on mana. LSV on the play resolved a Mayhem Devil, however Nassif had Vraska on the able to commerce it for the Devil instantly. LSV drew right into a Korvold on the very subsequent flip, and this creature was an enormous power that finally pushed for deadly, with only a few methods for Nassif to cease it.

Game 3: Both gamers had entry to a plethora of sac pay-offs early, however no correct retailers. It was Nassif who drew into Witch’s Oven first, and with double Mayhem Devil on his aspect the ability was overwhelming. LSV did what he might to stem off the bleeding, however with out sacrifice retailers of his personal, his scenario felt hopeless and finally led to a match loss.

Upper Bracket Semifinal 1

Luis Salvatto needed to really feel fairly assured going into this matchup. Jund Citadel doesn’t have the identical pace as Cat-Oven Jund Sacrifice builds, and hardly ever places their opponent underneath strain early on. Arcanist is often capable of go after the Citadel, and being one of the best deck at utilizing (and re-using) Thoughtseize, Salvatto’s listing ought to consistenly choose off on Citadel and ensure that Kowalski would by no means get to resolve that centerpiece 6-mana black legendary artifact.

Game 1: Salvatto launched a Thoughtseize after Thoughtseize at his opponent, going for Kowalski’s mana ramp items at first, being assured that he will get to recycle the impact later with the Dreadhorde Arcanist. Unfortunately, Luis missed his third land-drop – he was nonetheless capable of manipulate his means into one quickly with the assistance of Village Rites, additionally attending to Kroxa away Kowalski’s Bolas’s Citadel. However, Salvatto did lose a great chunk of his life within the course of because of the strain from Mayhem Devil and Blood Artist. It regarded like he received’t capable of come again from that, however with the assistance of Lurrus’s lifelink Salvatto stayed within the sport for very lengthy. He even had a shot at possibly sneaking a win, however Kowalski topdecked the Claim and stole Lurrus for the deadly assault.

Kowalski’s sideboarding:

Game 2: Kowalski fell behind early as a result of not having an untapped inexperienced supply for his both Guilded Goose or Llanowar Elves flip 1. He then proceeded to overlook a 3rd land drop, whereas Salvatto saved choosing aside his opponent’s hand with Thoughtseize plus Arcanists. Luis had a humiliation of riches in his hand, whereas Grzegorz bought caught on two lands – it was simply one other non-game ultimately because of the mana points.

Game 3: This time Kowalski drew into an nearly good 7-card hand with Three lands and Llanowar Elves on the prepared. However, claiming the Mayhem Devil into Village Rites was an enormous swing of this early board state for Salvatto. Stitcher’s Suppliers milled Luis into Kroxa as effectively, whereas Grzegorz had completely nothing happening for him apart from a few mana dorks and Food tokens mendacity round. Salvatto closed out the sport quickly sufficient, advancing to the higher bracket finals.

Upper Bracket Semifinal 2

Going into this match, we in all probability anticipated to see Goblin mirrors within the Top 8 – and but, it’s Jund Sacrifice that put a bunch of copies into the playoffs. Steinberg’s listing is an effective bit heavier on the engines in comparison with Nassif’s construct. Will the Trail of Crumbs and further copies of Korvold show to be the deciding issue within the matchup or will the Collective Company find yourself being superior win situation?

Game 1: Steinberg missed on the third land initially, however Trail of Crumbs helped him catch up and draw into Phyrexian Tower. With a Mayhem Devil on the board and the cat-oven combo going, David popped off and began to dismantle Nassif’s board. Korvold adopted on the following flip, and as soon as once more Gabriel Nassif’s construct was compelled to fold unable to cope with that massive of a finisher.

Nassif’s sideboarding:

Game 2: Nassif bought the combo going by flip 4, with cat, oven, and satan threatening to run away with the sport. Steinberg’s early hand was extremely weak, and after deploying all of his mana dorks he was at mercy of the topdecks. He did draw Claim to cope with Mayhem Devil and received a while to doubtlessly draw right into a stabilizing Korvold and flip the sport. Steinberg ended up getting the following smartest thing – and that’s his personal Mayhem Devil. However, provided that Nassif saved drawing with Midnight Reaper all this time, it was solely pure he had one other Claim the Firstborn able to ship, eliminating all hopes for Steinberg to steal this sport.

Game 3: Gabriel deliberated for some time on a bizarre beginning hand that had all of the items, however was simply in need of optimum mana. He ended up muliganning right into a six-card hand that was marginally higher however improved significantly through the subsequent two draw steps. Meanwhile, Steinberg as soon as once more flopped on the motion. His two cats chilled within the graveyard with out Food to get them again, and Nassif destroyed them with a cute Scavenging Ooze topdeck. Another insane draw of Midnight Reaper along with the cat oven engine pulled the Frenchman within the closest attain of victory. Steinberg flooded out, and it was Jegantha who offered the deadly risk for him ultimately.

Upper Bracket Finals

This the place this present day of play culminates – the winner of this match will advance to the Grand Finals, the place he’ll await comfortably for his opponents to combat it out within the Elimination bracket. This head-to-head – Gabriel Nassif versus Luis Salvatto – is an extremely shut matchup, each when it comes to decks’ steadiness of energy and the participant expertise. Both execs are established masters of the sport and additionally working insanely sizzling this match, and it might very effectively be that they’d meet as soon as once more within the Grand Finals for a rematch.

Game 1: Both gamers’ mulligans have been unlucky, each taking place to six, and Nassif may as effectively have gone to five given the standard of playing cards he saved. All lands, a cat and a Claim will not be precisely the game-winning synergy. Meanwhile, Salvatto bought to develop his Lurrus to allow Kroxa however was rapidly punished by Nassif’s Claim. The sport unfolded very gradual for each gamers as their hand states have been too awkward, and they needed to work with very restricted sources.

The again and forth was happening for fairly a while – Salvatto began to tug forward with a good Claim to Fame play that allow him Bedevil Nassif’s Witch’s Oven off of Arcanist’s set off. However, Gabriel saved the hearth going with the cardboard draw from the Reaper. The sport was extremely clutch, with each gamers going to very low life totals, and it was a loopy line by Nassif involving a Collected Company that snuck within the win for him. If you have been to have time to look at solely the one sport from this tourney – watch this one!

Nassif’s sideboarding:

Game 2: In this sport, Salvatto resolved an early Hazoret along with a Young Pyromancer, and Nassif struggled onerous to maintain up with the tempo. The abysmal flooding didn’t assist the Frenchman, and the sport was nearly over at that time. Gabriel had lower than 10 minutes on his chess clock left however nonetheless determined to keep it up and play it out. Turn after flip, he managed to attract simply the piece to maintain him in it for a bit longer – a Collected Company, a cat, an oven, a satan – and refused to maneuver on. And out of the blue, after a number of turns, he discovered himself within the place to show it throughout and seal the win. An unimaginable match and phrases can’t pay sufficient tribute to how masterfully Gabriel Nassif performed! A must-watch!

Tune in tomorrow as we’ll proceed our protection of the 2020 Mythic Invitational!

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