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Welcome to MTG Arena Zone’s protection of the 2020 Mythic Invitational match! Here you can find all the data you want together with the dwell stream, VOD, and textual content protection of every spherical because the match progresses. Remember to refresh this web page frequently, as Drifter will probably be including his commentary because the day progresses!

With a $250,000 prize pool and prime gamers from MTG Arena, the 2020 Mythic Invitational is the final step for Magic opponents on their path to the 2020 Season Grand Finals. Streaming dwell and performed on-line by means of MTG Arena, the world will watch the Magic Esports debut of MTG Arena’s Historic format as the following champion is topped.

Live Stream

The broadcast of day 2 commences on Friday September 11th at 9 AM PDT and ends when spherical 14 of the Swiss is completed and the highest Eight is introduced.


Check out our day 1 coverage to catch up on all the buzz!

Welcome to the Players Tour Finals! We proceed our protection of the match – on this web page it is possible for you to to learn all concerning the occasions and matches of Day 2. Today is when the Swiss play stage of the match concludes. Only gamers who’ve collected had a 4-Three or higher document in day 1 have made it to day 2. Seven extra rounds and we’ll know the names of the Top Eight opponents! Players need to make 11-Three general, which ensures prime 8, whereas 10-4s will probably be topic to tiebreakers.

Day 2 PT Finals protection begins at 9 a.m. PDT.

Top 8

Scroll down in case you’d prefer to see round-by-round standings!

Round Eight: Grzegorz Kowalski vs Ivan Floch – Jund Citadel vs Jund Sacrifice

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Game 1

Kowalski leads with one among his greatest begins on the play in Goose -> Priest -> Devil + Claim Floch’s Devil, and takes Floch down to simply 7 life along with his a lot awkward all taplands draw. Floch fails to attract an untapped land for CoCo, and runs out only one Woe Strider which instantly will get machine gunned down by Mayhem Devil for a blazingly fast first recreation!

Game 2

Floch trims some Thoughtseizes for Abrades within the sideboarding, to take out opposing Ovens and Citadels.

Kowalski has one other Goose -> Devil draw, but it surely’s rather less spectacular on the play. Floch has a t2 Priest after which Claims the Devil and sacrifices it for an enormous blowout, with the ability to play a Woe Strider on that exact same flip with the additional mana from Priest. From there, Floch dominates a really one-sided recreation, buying and selling his Priest for a second Mayhem Devil and two playing cards with Midnight Reaper. We see a weak point within the Citadel deck this recreation, because it doesn’t have Collected Company to get well, so Kowalski’s flip Four of Blood Artist + Priest of Forgotten Gods to chump block isn’t essentially the most thrilling. Still, Floch attracts 5 lands in a row with all his Midnight Reaper attracts, which supplies Kowalski some hope, whilst he chumps along with his Priest quite than Blood Artist in an try to realize as a lot life as potential from a precarious 4.

Double Blood Artist pings actually begin to add up, particularly as Floch attracts his sixth land in a row, however he’s not less than capable of escape a Woe Strider as Kowalski performs to win quite than to not lose by going to 2 quite than chump blocking. Kowalski responds along with his personal Woe Strider, after which Floch attracts his 12th land of the sport in whole! Floch makes a desperation assault to attract some playing cards with Midnight Reaper, but it surely’s not sufficient to cease Kowalski’s second Woe Strider from dealing exactly deadly by sacrificing his board.

2-Zero to Kowalski, with Floch’s library scoring fairly the personal aim!

Ah, right here’s a deck near my coronary heart! Check out my Mono Green Planeswalkers guide for the news.

Game 2

Chris Leonard is beginning a recreation down, however he begins out the gate with a flip 3 Nissa, which is devastating in opposition to the Goblins deck. Leonard performs one other Nissa the flip after and does his utmost to kill his opponent shortly, however Kvartek is ready to jam a t5 Muxus which finds him a Chainwhirler to filter out Leonard’s Elves and a Matron to go looking up a second copy. Leonard’s assets are totally depleted, so he’ll be very a lot on the mercy of his topdecks – in common Muxus vogue, it has turned the sport by itself. Leonard chains some Explores into one another right into a Goose, which isn’t essentially the most spectacular into Kvartek’s second Muxus, which finds him Chieftain -> Krenko for excessive overkill.

Muxus simply doing Muxus issues for a straightforward 2-Zero on the Goblins aspect, however Leonard was 6-1 coming into this so don’t rely him out in opposition to Goblins simply but!

Two of the perfect gamers of all time, on the very same 75? Sign me up!

Game 1

This might be essentially the most sophisticated recreation of your entire match to cowl up to now, so bear with me!

Nassif begins off with a reasonably anaemic draw even on the play with Oven into Mayhem Devil, and Luis is ready to make him instantly sacrifice the Devil along with his t2 Priest of Forgotten Gods, however he loses each his Dreadhorde Butcher and Priest within the course of to the Devil pings. Luis is ready to land Collected Company on an empty board to seek out Midnight Reaper + Woe Strider, however Nassif topdecks a Claim the Firstborn to eliminate each with the assistance of one other Devil. Luis fires off a second CoCo to rebuild, selecting up a Devil of his personal and a Priest. Nassif elects to eat a few Food to blow away the Priest quite than forged his personal CoCo, displaying that he’s settling in for an extended and extra attritiony recreation, which Luis is comfortable to play with a 3rd CoCo on the prepared, netting him one more Devil alongside a Butcher.

Nassif fires off the fourth Company of the sport in response to Woe Strider, which might seemingly have ended the sport alongside the 2 Devils, which finds him a second Devil and a Midnight Reaper of his personal. Luis begins to sacrifice his board, and Mayhem Devil pings fly consequently – Devil nonetheless procs off opposing sacrifices! Once the mud from the million pings settles, Luis is left with a Woe Strider whereas Nassif has nothing. Both gamers begin to rebuild, however Luis pulls forward as he attracts considerably higher – whereas Nassif attracts a number of lands in a row, Luis picks up a 3rd Devil and all motion. Finally, Nassif is outresourced, and the sheer energy of triple Company had so much to do with it.

Game 2

Luis retains a one-lander with no black and doesn’t get there. Nassif resolves CoCo for Reaper + Devil earlier than Luis attracts his second land, and Claim the Firstborn is a reasonably impactful first play for him to take out the Devil, and start to attempt to rebuild on tempo. Unfortunately, Nassif attracts a second CoCo -> Double Devil and completely obliterates him earlier than he has an opportunity! A fairly free hold and clearly even LSV can’t at all times get away with it…

Game 3

Luis has a reasonably gradual begin on the play, beginning with a t3 Woe Strider into Nassif’s Cat-Oven combo with a t3 Midnight Reaper to start out drawing two playing cards a flip. Luis affords the commerce with Woe Strider, Nassif brings again the Cat to attempt to free chump, however Luis goes CoCo -> Reclamation Sage to blow away the Oven at instantaneous velocity and cease the Cat from being sacrificed! Nassif’s personal CoCo is extra disappointing, discovering only one Woe Strider, however that’s most likely the perfect single card he may get for disrupting Luis’s assaults and maximising the ability of his Dreadhorde Butchers. However, Luis lands a post-combat Devil to blow away the Strider instantly, now that the coast is evident and Nassif doesn’t have CoCo up, and Nassif is as soon as extra left with an empty board into Luis’s a number of creatures. Nassif tries to undertake a defensive posture with double Butcher, however will get one among them Act of Treasoned and LSV is ready to push by means of deadly!

A implausible technical recreation performed by each gamers, however Luis wins with slightly extra luck general; extra Collected Companies forged and extra Mayhem Devils rising from hell results in a convincing victory in each the video games by which he didn’t hold a one-lander!

Game 3

Nass has a quicker draw on the play and performs a controlling recreation, eradicating each Goblin to stop Emma from utilizing Phyrexian Tower to energy out Muxus. Nass lands Massacre Wurm to wipe the board, however Emma is ready to land Muxus nonetheless…. to select up one measly Goblin Matron! You dwell by the Goblin Grandee, and also you die by the Goblin Grandee… Emma shortly takes deadly afterwards as Nass, with all his additional playing cards from Cryptbreaker, is definitely capable of take away her two blockers and slay her with Massacre Wurm.

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-58-1024x514.png


Game 1

Salvatto leads off with Claim + Village Rites on a Conspicuous Snoop, and begins to make use of that useful resource benefit to discard Kvartek’s complete hand with Thoughtseizes and Kroxas aplenty. Critically, he takes out two Muxuses lengthy earlier than they’ll come down, and from there Kvartek is in topdeck mode, as Salvatto begins to take a colossal lead by means of flashing again spells with Arcanist and escaping Kroxa. Kvartek’s first topdeck is a 3rd Muxus, which he can’t forged with solely 5 lands! Kvartek has seen sufficient, because the Kroxa hit isn’t going to depart him lengthy for this world anyway.

Game 2

Kvartek boards out Thoughtseize, a reasonably poor card in a matchup the place the opposite aspect makes such good use of their graveyard, for some copies of Abrade.

Kvartek has the previous Snoop with Krenko on prime of his library combo this recreation, however misses a land drop within the course of and runs into Salvatto’s Witch’s Vengeance, placing him forward on mana and assets. Kvartek is ready to cope with Dreadhorde Arcanist, the perfect card in Salvatto’s complete deck, however isn’t capable of get well on mana sufficient to stop Lurrus, which brings the Arcanist again out, taking nice benefit of Kvartek’s missed land drops. Salvatto continues to disrupt Kvartek’s mana with Arcanist Thoughtseizes, however begins to flood out vastly, which is precisely what Kvartek wants. Eventually Matron -> Skirk Prospector permits Kvartek to lastly land Muxus, which finds a Lord however not a lot else. Finally, Salvatto finds Kroxa to swing the sport again into his favour, discarding each Salvatto’s copies of Krenko. It’s Kvartek’s flip to brick, which implies he shortly loses to a Claim topdeck, making a 7/5 Haste Demon to again Kroxa up.

Rakdos Arcanist displaying its unbelievable energy and resiliency this match, with Salvatto’s declare that it’s the perfect recreation 1 deck in the entire format holding up up to now, now on a 9-1 document!

Game 2

Nass is beginning a recreation up along with his implausible and modern God-Pharaoh’s Gift deck (take a look at our site’s guide to the deck!), however Levy has the precise draw to each disrupt and kill him shortly this time spherical, with Rampaging Ferocidon and double Scavenging Ooze obtainable.

Nass is shortly compelled into double chump mode, however is finally capable of land his Massacre Wurms, which might not be killing something however not less than they’ll block! Double Ferocidon locks Nass out of enjoying creatures along with his low life whole, which leads Levy to a deadly alpha strike shortly after, making good use of Ferocidon’s menace.#

Game 3

We can see that Levy has boarded in his Garruk’s Harbingers, particularly robust in opposition to a Mono Black deck.

Nass mulls to 5 however curves out with Cryptbreaker -> Lazotep Reaver, enabling him to instantly begin drawing playing cards and forcing Levy to play reactively and take the Breaker off the board. The Priest of Forgotten Gods follow-up is a nightmare for Levy, stopping him from enjoying a Three drop the flip after.

Nass capitalises on Levy’s inaction to convey the beats with Rankle. Levy makes an attempt to get well with Gruul Spellbreaker + Primal Might on the Rankle, making the most of the Spellbreaker giving him hexproof throughout his flip, however the Priest continues to be an enormous drawback and worse nonetheless, Levy begins to flood out; ever the bane of Gruul decks. Nass begins to attract a number of playing cards a flip between Priest and Castle Locthwain, and repeatedly having to sacrifice creatures shortly leaves Levy with no assets in anyway.

A implausible displaying for the Mono Black Gift deck, outgrinding the aggro participant in model!

One of essentially the most distinctive matchups on the complete match, this needs to be an fascinating one!

Game 1

Leonard has the important thing card of the matchup in Karn, Great Creator for Grafdigger’s Cage, which shuts down your entire Kethis Combo deck, and he has it as early as flip Three right here. BBD, not ready for such brutal hate g1, scoops his playing cards up on flip 3.

Game 2

Shockingly, the very first thing BBD does is put in a bunch of solutions to Cage.

BBD takes a mull to 5 off the awkward Kethis mana base, as Leonard retains a powerful 7 card hand which threatens a flip 3 Karn, the Great Creator. BBD’s draw doesn’t develop, missing blue mana, however he does handle to Ratchet Bomb away a Gilded Goose to gradual the Karn down a flip. Unfortunately, t4 Karn continues to be ok right here, shutting down BBD’s Mox Amber and looking up a Cage. The subsequent flip Leonard slams down a God-Pharaoh’s Statue

Close board state!

Easy 2-Zero for the Walkers deck, with some fairly absurd attracts from Christopher Leonard in an already beneficial matchup. For extra information on this candy deck, take a look at our site’s guide!

Game 1

Seth pulses a Conspicuous Snoop early on, which leads him tender to a flip 4 Krenko, which will get Aether Gusted to the underside of Palmiotti’s library. Palmiotti’s endurance pays off as he attracts Goblin Ringleader and is instantly capable of energy out a Muxus, which brings out sufficient hasty threats to instantly put Seth to 1. Seth untaps and Languishes, however loses in brief order to a topdeck Krenko + haste lord.

Game 2

Seth shortly takes the lead with an early sweeper and ramp from Uro, however fails to discover a second inexperienced supply to slam Nissa. Still, he’s capable of proceed to deploy sweepers whereas holding up Aether Gust however his life whole is slowly being chipped down by haste threats, and he finds himself on 2 life with a Thoughtseize in hand.

Seth decides to gust a Goblin Matron quite than permit Palmiotti to current deadly with Castle Embereth or a lord. Seth is ready to Escape Uro to lastly forged that Thoughtseize, taking out the Muxus searched up by the Matron. Seth is lastly capable of land Nissa -> Disdainful Stroke, and with Uro attacking, the sport doesn’t final for much longer.

Game 3

Seth has a implausible hand, with Growth Spiral -> Nissa and double Aether Gust obtainable, and he shortly takes the early lead, Thoughtseizing away the opposing Matron to stop Muxus for now.

From right here, he’s capable of Gust away a Goblin Trashmaster to cease Palmiotti from taking Nissa down, and all of it goes downhill for the Goblins participant from there. With the second Gust obtainable, Nissa goes from shaking the world to ending the sport in brief order.

This very hateful record of Sultai Midrange as soon as once more reveals off its nice matchup in opposition to Goblins, maindeck Aether Gusts aflurry!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-56-1024x418.png


Game 1

Leonard leads off with a t3 Vivien, but it surely instantly runs into Claim + Fame on Dreadhorde Arcanist to flash again a Bedevil as Stitcher’s Supplier kindly offered Salvatto. Leonard makes use of Voracious Hydra to take down the Arcanist, however he’s shortly working low on playing cards as these ramp decks do, whereas Salvatto has his Lurrus Companion able to internet him some extra gasoline. Leonard continues to topdeck Forests and low influence playing cards, whereas Salvatto regularly accrues an increasing number of worth from Lurrus and his higher draw steps. Leonard hangs on for expensive life for some time, however the worth finally overwhelms him.

Game 2

Leonard lands a flip 3 Karn into Salvatto’s highly effective Supplier -> Arcanist draw and chooses to get Tormod’s Crypt to stop him from flashing again Claim. Salvatto begins to get mana screwed, being unable to attract into a 3rd land to allow Bedevil for some time, which permits Leonard to untap with Nissa, however as soon as once more his deck doesn’t ship for a flip, drawing a few Forests. Salvatto lastly hits the third land and is ready to chain some card draw right into a Spark Harvest on Nissa. Leonard begins to get well with a Voracious Hydra, however Salvatto’s hand is stacked now that he’s out of the mana screw.

Salvatto actually is spoiled for selection when it comes to his choices at this level, and he’s performing 4 or 5 recreation actions for every of Leonard’s. As with Game 1, Leonard clings on for flip after flip, however is finally overwhelmed by sheer worth.

Rakdos Arcanist crushes Mono Green Planeswalkers 2-0, displaying off a weaknesses of enjoying this kind of ramp deck versus a extra constant deck that may simply outgrind you. With this victory, Salvatto is assured a slot within the prime 8!

Matt Nass vs Chris Kvartek – Mono Black Gift vs Rakdos Goblins

Game 3

Kvartek misses the land drop wanted for a flip 3 Muxus, however nonetheless has a implausible begin. Still, Nass manages to select up a Thoughtseize to take the primary Muxus, however Conspicuous Snoop begins to accrue some worth. Nass has a tough time discovering sufficient creatures to activate Priest of Forgotten Gods and begins to take some beats consequently, placing him to simply 6 life. Nass fails to discover a fourth land for Ravenous Chupacabra and loses a disappointing last recreation, the place his deck didn’t actually ship.

Round Thirteen: Gabriel Nassif vs Grzegorz Kowalski – Jund Sacrifice vs Jund Citadel

Game 1

Kowalski retains a one-lander with two Geese, doesn’t get there, and haemorrhages a variety of tempo consequently – in any case, Geese can solely faucet for mana as soon as… as soon as Nassif lands a Mayhem Devil and begins burning away the Geese, the sport is over.

Game 2

Both attracts are first rate, however Kowalski has a draw that scales a lot better into the late recreation with 2 Collected Company and a Klothys, whereas Nassif has a number of low influence playing cards in hand, reminiscent of two Cauldron Familiars with no Witch’s Oven. Kowalski is ready to use Priest of Forgotten Gods to energy out a fast Company and takes an early benefit, and from there he snowballs into a bigger and bigger board. Nassif finally finds a Mayhem Devil, the one factor Kowalski is missing, however is considerably behind on assets at that time and being crushed down for rather a lot. This is compounded by Nassif flooding out earlier than a Mayhem Devil topdeck from Kowalski finishes him off.

Game 3

Nassif agonises over some sideboard choices, reminiscent of what number of Korvold he needs, however he settles on shaving a Priest for one.

Nassif mulls to six and retains a tough opener, missing crimson mana, however recovers with a well timed additional draw from Priest, permitting him to energy out a Woe Strider and get an early benefit. He’s capable of convert this into creating the primary Devil at a very devastating time, taking out Kowalski’s complete board. A second Devil comes down and ends the sport, simply crushing Kowalski’s try at recovering with a Collected Company.

Nassif delivers in a 2-1 in a match that when once more showcases the ludicrous energy of Mayhem Devil in these Sacrifice decks, simply machine gunning down board after board!

Tiago Fonseca vs Matt Nass – Sultai Midrange vs Mono Black Gift

Game 3

Fonseca has his greatest hate card prepared in Leyline of the Void however Nass is ready to make him sacrifice it with Pharika’s Libation. Still, Fonseca is ready to land a strong Growth Spiral -> Extinction Event to take out Nass’s Priest of Forgotten Gods, however Nass attracts a Thoughtseize and takes away Nissa. Elder Gargaroth comes down and will get instantly Ravenous Chupacabra’ed. From there, Tiago’s hand is depleted and he will get crushed to dying by Nass’s little swarm of canine and zombies whereas he floods out.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-77-1024x615.png
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-78-1024x573.png

Two contenders play the identical deck for the highest 16 on this last spherical, enjoying the identical deck however with a number of key variations!

Game 1

Floch leads with Priest -> Strider, however he’s dealing with a implausible hand from Luis with the Cat-Oven combo, a Mayhem Devil, and a Collected Company. Floch is ready to disrupt the t3 Devil with Claim the Firstborn, however loses Priest of the Forgotten Gods to the pings generated by Cat-Oven within the course of. Luis untaps and slams a Company, but it surely finds only one Dreadhorde Butcher. Still, Floch begins to flood out a bunch into the Butchers, finally with the ability to commerce with one however having no reply to the second, which runs away with the sport.

Game 2

Luis as soon as once more attracts the Cat-Oven combo, however Floch has the higher attract Priest -> Devil, which counters the combo whereas in play. Luis is compelled to make use of Act of Treason as a removing spell to eliminate the Devil earlier than it does any extra injury, but it surely prices him his complete flip not like Claim. Luis begins to attract two playing cards a flip with Midnight Reaper, whereas Floch’s personal Reaper appears to be like so much much less thrilling with out the Cat-Oven combo. Floch’s lead begins to dissipate consequently, with Luis casting a number of spells for every of his. Eventually, Luis finds a second Oven and the Cat-Oven stress is changing into insurmountable for Floch. Luis finally finds the Mayhem Devil he must hammer the nail firmly into the coffin, proper by means of Floch’s try at coming again with a Korvold!

A robust 2-Zero displaying from LSV, which is able to catapult him to a prime 16 end!

Seth Manfield vs Chris Kvartek – Sultai Midrange vs Rakdos Goblins

Game 1

Manfield leads with Growth Spiral -> Extinction Event, blowing away Kvartek’s early board, however Kvartek nonetheless has loads of motion with double Muxus in hand, Snoop in play, and a Krenko on prime of the library. Seth is ready to go Nissa -> Giant Krasis, however nonetheless has to take care of Muxus no.1… which principally bricks, simply discovering a Matron and Gempalm quite than something large. Seth finds the proper attract an Essence Scatter for the second Muxus, and now 6/6 Krasis/Nissa are about to be an enormous drawback for Kvartek…

With no assist from the highest of his library, Kvartek shortly succumbs to the large flying jellyfish.

Game 2

Seth has a handful of wraths and reactive playing cards however no method to disrupt Kvartek’s two copies of Muxus, the primary of which presents a large board, however fortunately Seth is ready to Eliminate the Goblin Chieftain to stop dying on the spot, and untap and Languish to clear the board. Unfortunately for Kvartek, the second Muxus bricks fully, discovering 4 lands and one other Muxus, and giving Seth a possibility to play Nissa. Still, Kvartek’s hand continues to be nice and he will get to expire Chieftain -> Krenko to instantly assemble an enormous board and take out Nissa, just for Seth to play one other into Eliminate on the Chieftain.

Third time’s the allure, for the reason that final Muxus is effectively past deadly!

Game 3

Seth curves out quickly on the play, Growth Spirals and Uros flying round. Still, Kvartek has a stable hand as effectively with Thoughtseize -> Chieftain, however he runs into an early escaped Uro, which finds Seth an enormous attract Essence Scatter for Kvartek’s Muxus after which Thoughtseize for the second, simply throwing a Nissa on the market alongside it. Kvartek makes an attempt to get well with Warchief -> Krenko, however runs straight into Witch’s Vengeance, which permits Seth to swing over along with his Uro and Nissa lands for exactly deadly!

2-1 to Seth Manfield, as soon as once more obliterating the matchup he was most ready for.

Thanks for watching! Remember to examine again in for Day 1 of the Top Eight tomorrow at 9 AM PDT, for which my coworker Rainmaker will probably be taking up the commentary.

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