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MTG Arena’s month-to-month replace is now reside! As outlined within the December 2020 State of the Game, this patch is concentrated totally on bug fixes (sorry Scute Swarm…), gameplay enhancements, a lot of occasions to tide us over the vacation break and new retailer objects to match. As at all times, we are going to hold the Event Calendar up to date for this patch.

Learn extra from the complete official patch notes beneath:

  • Winter Event Series! Stay secure, and keep heat with loads of methods to play, together with per week lengthy Historic Brawl occasion extra greatest-of-three choices for drafting!
  • There is now a restrict of 250 tokens per participant. Tokens you try and create past that simply received’t be created (and so they received’t set off something, both!
  • Text and icons elevated dimension (and disappearance) on playing cards is confirmed a factor of the previous.
  • Matches remaining rely now shows accurately in greatest-of-three occasions
  • Additional bug fixes beneath


  • There is now a restrict of 250 tokens per participant. Tokens you try and create past that simply received’t be created (and so they received’t set off something, both!
  • Intention traces ought to not subtly flicker when mousing over playing cards.
  • Players can now accurately assault a number of Planswalkers tokens (versus solely the one stacked on prime).
  • Modal double-confronted card labels ought to now show accurately when being forged/performed via another card impact (e.g. Light Up The Stage)
  • Cleaned up code round taking part in lands! The previous model was inflicting some lands to pause or transfer very slowly when transitioning from the hand to the battlefield.
  • Rapidly clicking on an opponent’s avatar not causes the the mute backside to seem seemingly at random.


  • Fixed points with Rashmi, Eternities Crafter not interacting with different sides of modal spells (like break up playing cards or Adventures) accurately.
  • If you managed to have Shielded Aether Thief block two creatures (maybe through Act of Heroism) it was triggering twice. This has been mounted. (Why have been you doing this?)
  • Vito and Exquisite Blood used to have rely badges that… didn’t rely something. Now they don’t!
  • Fixed an error with Skyclave Apparition and exiling mutate piles.


  • December 12 – December 13
    • Day 1: Both Historic and Traditional Historic choices accessible
    • Day 2: Traditional Historic (should advance from both Day 1)



  • December 11 – December 25: Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths
  • December 25 – January 15: Zendikar Rising
  • January 15 – January 29: Core Set 2021
  • January 29 – February 12: Zendikar Rising


  • December 13 – January 1: Arena Cube Draft
  • January 1 – January 8: Guilds of Ravnica
  • January 8 – January 15: Ravnica Allegiance
  • January 15 – January 28: Tinkerer’s Cube Draft
  • Until January 28: Zendikar Rising


  • December 13 – December 20: Traditional Arena Cube Draft
  • January 15 – January 22: Traditional Tinkerer’s Cube Draft
  • Until January 28: Zendikar Rising


  • December 19 – December 25: Standard Shakeup
  • December 26 – January 1: Historic Shakeup
  • January 9 – January 11: Omniscience Draft
  • January 23 – January 25: Historic Challenge


  • December 11: Historic All Access
  • December 18: Pauper
  • December 25: Treasure Singleton
  • January 1: Historic Brawl Showcase
  • January 8: Standard
  • January 15: Artisan


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Card Styles

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Depth Art:

  • Having a Switch Pro Controller related will not trigger X values to alter quickly.
  • Historic Friend Challenges and Historic Tournament Challenges ought to not expertise points when choosing decks.
  • Quantity textual content now accurately shows for Player Draft token rewards.
  • Highlights for Daily Deal avatars now shows accurately
  • Core Set 2021 lands utilizing Showcase card types as soon as once more have a amount indicator when utilizing the horizontal deck builder.
  • Adventures utilizing the Showcase card type solely exhibiting the creature value in hand till you moused over. This has been mounted.

Source: DEC 10 – Patch Notes

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