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MTG Arena’s month-to-month replace is now stay, having been postponed for a week as a result of technical points. As outlined within the State of the Game, this patch is targeted totally on bug fixes and gameplay enhancements apart from the standard occasions and retailer objects.

As a reminder, there seems to be some new visible bugs launched within the replace, significantly with the favored Unsanctioned Basic Lands displaying incorrectly in recreation.

Update 8:30 PM PST: This has now been addressed within the hotfix, please click here for extra info and different points that has come up for the reason that newest patch.

Learn extra from the complete official patch notes beneath:

  • Festival of Adventure – Earn Zendikar Rising showcase card kinds by taking part in these restricted time occasions!
  • New pets and beauty objects in retailer, together with the Black Lotus pet and Euro Lands.
  • Gameplay enhancements and bug fixes!



  • You can now group choose blockers for creatures with Menace.
    • . . . Yes, we all know this is among the most evident occasions to wish to group choose blockers.
    • Yes, we have been pissed off too.
  • The loop detector is now higher at discerning when a loop is definitely going someplace and what the ultimate recreation state will probably be.
    • Say your opponent has 100 life and you’ve got a really s l o w Vito/Exquisite Blood combo ticking away. You’ll be capable to get there!
  • Mousing over both participant’s hand/graveyard/exile to show zone counts now shows the counts for each gamers.
    • Now you may test who’s profitable the mill race with out shifting your mouse!
  • We’ve tweaked the best way we show textual content so playing cards are a lot much less prone to overflow the kind line, or require you to scroll.
    • Obviously in the event you add a ton of textual content by way of enchantments, mutate, and many others. you’ll scroll as regular.
  • Replacement results which might be going to maneuver a card to a different zone (battlefield, exile, and many others.) at the moment are weighted to, by default, come sooner than different substitute results.
  • Cards with a “must be blocked” annotation that solely applies “this combat” now get a hanger similar to playing cards that “must be blocked” without end.
  • Ability textual content on the stack now solely modifications shade if there are two distinct skills with distinct targets.
  • Mana icons in card textual content and again-facet trace packing containers at the moment are backside aligned. (We assume this seems to be nicer, personally.)
  • We’ve added affirmation for discarding, even when you choose the max variety of playing cards.


  • Demonic Pact now has a guidelines hanger displaying which modes have been chosen.
  • The immediate displayed when an opponent’s Honden of Night’s Reach prompts now lists the variety of playing cards to discard.


  • When you disconnect or unexpectedly exit whereas constructing a deck, you may return to the deckbuilder to renew your progress the place you left off.


  • October 16 – October 30: Theros Beyond Death
  • October 30 – November 13: Zendikar Rising
  • November 13 – November 27: Throne of Eldraine


  • September 17 – Winter 2020: Zendikar Rising
  • October 23 – October 30: Throne of Eldraine
  • October 30 – November 6: Theros Beyond Death
  • November 6 – November 12: Ikoira: Lair of Behemoths


Note: FNM Home begins the Thursday earlier than at 4:00pm Pacific (23:00 UTC)

  • October 16: Historic Brawl
  • October 23: Momir
  • October 30: Super Standard
  • November 5: Brawl


  • October 17 – October 20: Zendikar World Tour
  • October 24 – October 26: Cascade Singleton
  • November 1 – November 4: Mastermind
  • November 7 – November 12: Mini



IMPORTANT NOTE: Daylight Saving Time could have an effect on be part of home windows for this occasions. Please observe be part of occasions rigorously in case your stay in a area the place the clocks alter on November 1!

  • October 31: Arena Open Day 1. Standard Best-of-One or Best-of-Three
  • November 1: Arena Open Day 2. Standard Best-of-Three
    • Players could qualify for the Day 2 occasion utilizing both Day 1 occasion. See full guidelines for particulars.



Black Lotus Bundle

  • Black Lotus Pet
  • Black Lotus Exquisite Sleeve

Price: 3,500 Gems or 17,500 Gold

Euro Land Bundle 1

Price: 2,500 Gems or 12,500 Gold

Euro Land Bundle 2

Price: 2,500 Gems or 12,500 Gold

Euro Land Bundle 3

Price: 2,500 Gems or 12,500 Gold

Individual objects within the Store

Pets – Black Lotus

3,000 Gems or 20,000 Gold

Sleeve – Black Lotus Exquisite Sleeve
1,200 Gems

Card Styles

Now obtainable for buy (by means of the Deckbuilder):


  • Zendikar Borderless Planeswalkers
  • Green Showcase Bundle
  • Elementals Showcase Bundle
  • Borderless Pathway Bundle
  • Basic Lands – Return to Ravnica
  • Basic Lands – Rise of the Eldrazi

Note: Response emotes (Oops/Sorry, Nice/Thanks) are quickly disabled. They will return quickly!

  • There is now a server-facet throttle on hover messages, which ought to forestall them from slowing down both participant’s means to reply.
  • Dreadhorde Arcanist not permits enjoying the land facet of an modal double-confronted card (MDFC).
  • “Favorite” decks will stay favorited after modifying the deck.
  • The Ashiok avatar from the FNM codes ought to now seem correctly
  • Nethroi’s mutate set off can now goal creatures with unfavourable Power, which is a factor that may exist.
  • Fixed a bug that might trigger some browser buttons to develop into unresponsive after displaying a considerable amount of triggers.
  • Kicked and non-kicked shows for Sea Gate Stormcaller triggered means not stack within the show
  • Fixed collision on the Amonkhet Remastered battlefield, which implies click on impacts and intention strains work correctly once more

Source: OCT 22 – Patch Notes

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