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Check out the complete detailed patch notes for the August 2020 Amonkhet Remastered replace under. Be certain to take a look at our guides for additional info on the foremost options of this replace:

Unfortunately, there are not any codes without spending a dime packs with this launch however gamers have been granted the refreshed New Player Experience decks to their assortment. Note the brand new and altered Arena Base Set playing cards in these decks – a few of them are fairly playable! They don’t rotate however can solely be used for finest-of-one Standard.

  • Amonkhet Remastered is now obtainable!
  • Renewal Season begins! Standard 2021 queues obtainable till September 17!
  • Refreshed New Player Experience (NPE)
  • Amonkhet and Hour of Devestation return to MTG Arena in mixed set Amonkhet Remastered
  • Amonkhet Remastered might be obtainable for restricted and Historic constructed play
  • Includes new playing cards and paintings beforehand unavailable
  • Full Card Gallery is available, here!


  • Updated logic round creatures that Must Attack so you may declare an Exerted attacker earlier than declaring the creature with Must Attack.
  • We reworked the UX for declaring an attacker as exerting. Now, while you click on on an eligible creature you may swap instantly from attacking to exerting or undeclared, exerting to attacking or undeclared, and undeclared to attacking or exerting.
  • Cards with Aftermath now present solely the face that may be forged in hand (or within the close to hand castables, for the Aftermath facet). In each different context they present the break up card.


  • August 13 – August 21: Sealed
  • August 13 – September 17: Premier Draft

Head to the Event Calendar web page for extra upcoming occasions!


  • Available August 13 – September 17
  • Format consists of playing cards authorized in Standard after rotation, from Throne of EldraineTheros Beyond DeathIkoria: Lair of Behemoths, and Core Set 2021.
  • The banned record is the Standard-banned playing cards nonetheless in these units: Cauldron Familiar; Fires of Invention; Oko, Thief of Crowns; and Once Upon a Time.
  • Play and Ranked are each obtainable with matchmaking equal to how every are usually used


  • Adjustments to matchmaking for the Brawl queue, particularly with how we weigh sure commanders.
  • Players ought to have extra matches the place they and their opponent are enjoying decks constructed with the identical degree of competitiveness.


  • Autotap will now want to depart up a various unfold of mana, even while you don’t have something you may presently do with it.
  • Autotap is now higher at discovering options that contain sacrificing a everlasting. Be conscious!
  • We now present autotap’s resolution when mousing over the Activate Ability button for activated skills with mana prices.
  • Legendary permanents by no means stack beneath any circumstance.
  • When a fundamental land will get all different land sorts added, as a substitute of itemizing 5 mana skills, it will get “T: Add one mana of any color.”
  • The Browser that lets you choose any mixture of an quantity of mana larger than 1 has been revisited and up to date.
    • Grand Warlord Radha gamers, rejoice!
  • Mill VFX now play for self mill as a price.
  • When permitting simultaneous triggers to auto-order, Sanctum of All now goes earlier than another Shrine.
  • All set mechanics now use a gold icon.
  • Sparky AI has been improved for blocking and attacking conditions with a number of an identical playing cards
  • Color Challenge content material has been refreshed for 2021
  • The new Color Challenge and mono-coloured NPE decks use playing cards from the Arena Base Set: A brand new set of non-rotating playing cards that can be utilized in Arena’s finest-of-one commonplace codecs
  • All gamers will obtain the brand new base set playing cards of their assortment and single-coloration decks
  • Updated challenges for the 5 coloration paths, utilizing the brand new base set playing cards
  • Dual-color NPE decks have additionally been refreshed, which may even be added to gamers’ decks supervisor. Any playing cards wanted for these decks that gamers haven’t collected but might be granted.
  • Players which can be presently half-approach by way of the colour problem will obtain the refresh for what they’ve already unlocked
  • Players which have completed the colour problem should still play the brand new content material from the study extra web page
  • Deck rely added to the Deck web page


  • We’ve eliminated the secondary affirmation when crafting non-Standard playing cards.
  • All non-Standard playing cards will nonetheless have the “Important Note” when crafting, however we’ll now not be asking a secondary “Are you sure?” affirmation.


New Terms:

  • a: or artwork: or artist: Search by artist title
  • m: or mana: Search by mana price
  • m:x (all “X” spells)
  • m:”G/W” (inexperienced/white hybrid playing cards)
  • m:GG (Cards with gg within the mana price)
  • f: or taste: Search by taste textual content
  • loy: or loyalty: Search by Planeswalker loyalty

New Traits:

  • ?commander ?companion
    • Search for playing cards that can be utilized in particular slots
  • ?booster
    • Search for playing cards present in boosters
  • ?rework ?break up ?journey
    • Search for sorts of “double” playing cards
  • ?spell ?everlasting
  • ?styled
    • Search for playing cards that may be kinds
  • August 21 – August 27: Standard 2021 Artisan: Get your begin in Standard 2021 with the simply commons and uncommons!
  • August 29 – August 31: “Turbo” Draft (Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths): Draft with bots, however keep in mind while you draft that your entire spells price much less!
  • September 4 – September 17: Tinkerer’s Cube Draft: A brand new dice on MTG Arena!
  • September 5 – September 7: Historic Challenge: Win a number of Amonkhet Remastered packs while you show your ability at Traditional Historic!


  • August 7 – August 21: Core Set 2021
  • August 21 – September 4: Throne of Eldraine


Follow social distancing tips, and keep linked together with your native sport retailer as you take part in FNM Home on MTG Arena!

  • August 14: No particular occasion: Whatever occasion you’d like on MTG Arena. We recommend Amonkhet Remastered or Standard 2021!
  • August 21: Mastermind: Play with a big offered deck. No lands, as a substitute discard a card as soon as/flip to make land tokens that faucet for any coloration.
  • August 28: Standard 2021: Get a head begin on publish-rotation Standard with Standard 2021.
  • September 4: Historic Brawl: Bring your favourite deck with a commander – however on this occasion it’s not restricted to Standard!
  • September 11: Historic: Check out the Mythic Invitational and play some Historic together with the professionals!


  • Amonkhet Remastered packs are actually obtainable inside the shop! Travel to the desert aircraft of Amonkhet and harness the ability of gods and the everlasting military.
  • In celebration of Amonkhet Remastered, the Basri Ket Avatar is now obtainable contained in the “Avatar” retailer part.


Full Art Land Bundles of Amonkhet.



  • Eldraine Borderless Planeswalkers
  • Theros Borderless Planeswalkers
  • Ikoira Borderless Planeswalkers
  • M21 Borderless Planeswalkers
  • Unstable Land Bundle
  • The clear background on some browsers was falling in need of the sting. This has been fastened.
  • Surveil SFX for Jumpstart packet now stops looping
  • Win checkmarks on the Jumpstart occasion now show accurately
  • Companions and Commanders have been showing facedown within the deck builder horizontal view

Source: AUG 13 – 1.11.00

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